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Old 2016-03-12, 10:29   Link #1
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New light novel idea!

Hello everyone! I'm sorry I was away for so long, but I wanted to find some inspirations, when I came up with a different plot! Hope you read it and if possible give me some advice on what I should do to make it better.
The light novel is called "Hakken to seikatsu e no tabi" ( Journey to discovery and life)

"Papa, Mama don't leave me!!!" As time goes on, people can change. Hanazawa Chihiro, a young girl, had learnt this the hard way when a certain accident on a certain day had her parents passed away. Chihiro, who had lost the ability to feel any emotions at all, is living with her brother, Hanazawa Itsuki.
however, a few months after she had turned 12, Chihiro's life had turned upside down when Itsuki had entrusted Chihiro to his friend, Yuudai Ryuunosuke and had disappeared without a trace. Now, Chihiro must live with Ryuunosuke and his three sibilings. Along the way, secrets will be revealed and obstacles will occur.
Will Chihiro learn to trust, love, and smile at someone ever again? Or will that fateful day always haunt her memories?

Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance (maybe)
Hope you enjoy!

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Old 2016-03-12, 12:43   Link #2
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From the sound of it seems to be a fusion of Naruto and Fairy tail. Whilst I won't say it won't work the objective of being the best has been played way to hard in too many things I feel. Which means you'll definitely have to give the MC a good valid reason for having such a thing.
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Old 2016-04-09, 09:03   Link #3
Join Date: Dec 2015
Location: I Wish I Could Live In The Anime World
Characters (main will add some more later): Hanazawa Chihiro, Hanazawa Itsuki, Yuudai Ryuunosuke, Yuudai Hinata, Yuudai Yuuki, Yuudai Kyousuke

Setting: Undecided, will be travelling around places.

What: Summary will tell you

When: Present

Why: just have to wait

Ps: This will NOT have incest and there might be some character development (can't promise you a nything) please feel free to ask if you have any questions)
Pss: Oh and also the characters will grow so don't think they'll just stay kids!

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