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Old 2007-01-21, 08:40   Link #1
Kakashi sensei
Join Date: Jan 2007
The 10 best jutsus of naruto!!

give your opinion of the ten best jutsus


1. Do not give an useless opinion
2. Don't say:''that is not good but this is(cause its a opinion

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Old 2007-01-21, 10:38   Link #2
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Originally Posted by Mr. Johnny 5 View Post
My list:

But i really like to see Naruto with these jutsu's or master them:
Spoiler for my list:
Spoiler for manga:
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Old 2007-01-21, 10:44   Link #3
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This should be a manga thread, there are too many spoilers here. Of course in part 2 everybody gets stronger, so that the jutsu used are stronger, so i think making a list of anime-only jutsu and making a list of manga jutsu in spoiler tags would be a better option. Are there any non-idiotic strong jutsu in the anime fillers?
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Old 2007-01-21, 11:22   Link #4
Hentai Guy
REdiculous (see profile)
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Age: 34
In my personal estimation:

10. Rasengan - Alright...I put this here only because it has some versitility. It can disable or kill, damage people or objects. It does have some heavy drawbacks such as the fact it's REdiculously hard to learn, and it can often be difficult to hit your opponent with. While's very far from perfect.

9. Four Violet Flames Battle Encampment - Not only is it impossible to's seemingly impossible to breach...great for catching troublesome ninja. Only drawback; it takes 4 people.

8. Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique - This technique, while little used, has been enough to render people incapable of fighting (as seen when Oro used it against Sasuke and Sakura in the Forest of Death)

7. Cutting Whirlwind Technique - Temari's slicing tornado is both powerful and effective, not stopping for trees, rocks, people in its way.

6. Most Summoning Techniques - In trouble? Why not summon a giant slug/snake/frog/monkey/weasel/dog/gate?

5. Shadow Bind/Mimic - Useful in many ways. What other technique simultaneously renders multiple opponents immobile with minimal difficulty to the user?

4. Shadow Sewing - All the benefits of #5 plus more versitility.

3. Body Flicker Technique - Being able to move without your opponent seeing you? Always good.

2. Shadow Seal: Release - I'm surprised this hasn't been used more...not only can you find a use for all that extra chakra you don't use throughout the day, but you can unleash it and totally own all who oppose one said it had to be used for Creation Genesis.

1. The Replacement Technique - Ok, this is number one because it's the single most useful technique in the whole series. How many times has someone evaded death simply because they replaced themselves? How many opponents have been bested because they were looking one way when they should have been looking another. This is, far and above, the single best jutsu out there.

I thought fairly long and hard on these...I stayed away from techniques like Chidori and Shadow Clones because, while undoubtably effective, they are limited to the point where they aren't all that useful (for example, only a Sharingan user can effectively perform Chidori, or the fact that Shadow Clones divide your chakra). I also stayed away from Bloodlines...otherwise that's all the list would be.

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Old 2007-01-21, 11:58   Link #5
Luminion Lancer
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Location: Location is all relative.

-I'll guess I'll take a crack at this as well.

1) Tajuu Kage Bunshin no jutsu/Regular Kage Bunshin no jutsu: I decided to give this jutsu a lot of props considering what you are capable of doing with it. You can use it for scouting, ganging up on your opponent, having multiple-kawarimi no jutsu in place, make the good little clone(s) explode (as Itachi so elegantly proved it to be true) and as the manga would prove

This is the series' true multi-purpose jutsu. No wonder it's Tajuu counterpart is forbidden.

2) Hiraishin no jutsu: Yondaime Hokage's trademark jutsu. You know, originaly I wanted to make this one the #1 jutsu but I opted against it when I realised that only Yondaime Hokage knows it (at least for now). Want to get behind the enemy instantly and kill them before they hit the ground? Then Hiraishin is the jutsu for you.

3) Rasengan: A jutsu that certainly deserves the #3 spot. On it's own it is capable holding back even the Chidori, Kakashi and now Sasuke's trademark jutsu. What's more is that this jutsu
Spoiler for manga:
This jutsu is difficult to learn but gives great results.

Spoiler for #4, 5 (manga):

6)-Hakeshou: Kaiten/Hakeshou: Dai Kaiten: A very good absolute defence jutsu. So far there's has been nothing that came even close to penetrating it's defencive capabilities. It loses points though because it cannot be maintained indefinetly (or longer than a few seconds).

7)-Chidori: Kakashi's personal jutsu and that is all the reason it needs to be in this spot. It loses so many ranks because it requires the Sharingan to be at it's most useful.

8)-Kawarimi no jutsu: Really, count how many times this jutsu has saved a ninja from countless assaults to the body by kunai or shuriken. My last nomination for the #8 spot.

9)-Harem no jutsu/Orioke no jutsu: Who said that girls should have all the fun seducing? Any man can now do it too with these jutsu for quite effective results. (-)points for morals.

10)-Shiki Fuujin: Yeah it's a sure kill move but it kills you in the process. Oh well it took down Kyuubi so that's enough to have it at this spot I guess...
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Old 2007-01-21, 13:09   Link #6
Senior Member
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1) Kawamiri no Jutsu. It's a simple jutsu that Academy Students are forced to learn, but it can beat almost any other Jutsu. Sasuke smacks you with a Chidori? Whoops, he hit a log!! Jiraiya pounds you with a Rasengan? Nope, another log! Naruto attacks with his new Super Special Awesome Jutsu? LOGGED!!! Not sure if it'll work on a Tsukiyomi, it'll allow you spend very little energy avoiding a high energy attack.

2) Bunshin Varients. Similar to Kawamiri, a Bunshin can easily be used to fool your enemy, cause him to attack something else while you setup your real attack, and for taking on other enemies. Plus they make good distractions and cannon fodder. Pretty much all Bunshin except for the regular Bunshin is useful in this role. Kage Bunshin is the most powerful, but also uses a lot of chakra.

3) Hirashin no Jutsu. I'm including this more for its strategic advantage than anything else. Drop a kunai at a supply depot, and you can restock as many times as you want in battle. Stick kunai on VIP you're guarding, and you'll always be able to protect them. In over your head in battle? Use this to retreat and re-stock. The only reason it's not number 1 is because it's apparently pretty difficult to learn, since only one person can do it.

4) Kuchiyosei: Kirikiri Mai. The ultimate in "Dodge This!" Most ninja tend to avoid their enemy's attacks instead of trying to tank them head on. However, there's no avoiding this move! The move does massive damage to a large area, the largest AOE we've seen except possibly for Deidara's city buster or Ryuusa Bakuryu. This isn't counted as part of the regular "Kuchiosye no Jutsu" since it's a one-shot summon and not a persistant one.

5) Kuchiosye no Jutsu. Instant allies!! For a nice chunk of chakra, you can summon animals to fight for you, from small tracking animals to large building-sized ones. From what we've seen, there is a large number animal types you can summon, making sure you always have the right allies for the right situation. The downside: large chakra consumption. Kakashi never summoned anything bigger than a car, and only the most powerful of ninjas can summon the building sized ones.

6) Kagemane no Jutsu. The main selling point of this Jutsu is that, unless the opponent knows what to look for, its very difficult to detect. It can be done from hidden locations, and executed without sound. It can incapacitate multiple ninjas of high strength, long enough for your allies to chop them to pieces. The problem with the jutsu is that it's not too good if you use it alone. Kage Kubi Shibari might help in a pinch, but using this technique in a teamwork setting is what makes it shine.

7) Kagemane Shuriken no Jutsu. This technique is actually better than the Kagemane no Jutsu. It doesn't require the user to stand still or consume chakra, so he can pin his opponent's shadow, then finish them off however he wants to. Why is this ranked lower then? It requires special chakra knives which apparently aren't standard issue, while the Kagemane doesn't require equipment. Also, throwing kunai at ninja would probably trip their danger sense.

8) Tsukiyomi. A one-shot kill which is easy to connect, this technique will let you beat just about anything. Just make sure it's not a bunshin or something. The downside is that you need a specialized form of a specific bloodline limit AND a ton of chakra to pull off. However, this is the closest thing to a one-shot kill in the series.

9) Healing Jutsus. This is once again for long term strategic use. Your best ninjas can't do anything if they're dead. Healing jutsus allow your ninjas to stay alive, gain experience, and grow. In fact, Tsunade's idea of one medical ninja per three normal ninja was instrumental in Konoha's victory.

10) Monster Strength. Allows people with good chakra control to deal massive damage, so you can have all the benefits of good chakra control, AND hit harder than dedicated Taijutsu masters. Of course, it doesn't give you the speed, endurance, or technique of Taijutsu masters, but being able to crack open the earth the opponent stands on is something to be feared.

When compiling the above list, the following things were considered.

1) How powerful is the technique?
2) How much chakra does it consume?
3) How easy is it to connect? How easy is it to avoid? What happens if it misses?
4) How easy is it to learn? Can anyone learn it?
5) Does it depend on equipment? How rare is the equipment? How easily can the equipment be made?
6) How much time does the technique need to wind up. Does it need special preparation? Can it be executed without the enemy noticing?

This is why a technique that is powerful, but requires a lot of chakra, is hard to learn, and requires touching the opponent in order to be effective, would not make it on the list.
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Old 2007-01-21, 17:03   Link #7
Mr. Johnny 5
Konoha's ANBU
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Originally Posted by Yogi View Post
I admire your devotion and spare time to write such an article...on these forums...
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Old 2007-01-21, 23:31   Link #8
gg, uninstall
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plz explenations for those who dont speak japanese/ memorize jutsu's

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Old 2007-01-22, 20:35   Link #9
Chains of Heaven
Sasori's Puppet
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1)Ameterasu (instant kill.Hope we'll see someone burning with it soon)

2)Tsukuyomi (just a blink and youre way of rescuing yourself with old empty-head techs..youre done for..)

3)hiraishin (teleport thats all)

4)Body Binding (its orochimaru's little nice way..i paralyzed you? you going kyubi? ha!)

5)Chidori-Rasengan (die fanboys..theyre pretty the same:chidori is piercing weapon and rasengan is blunt weapon: im not gonna get into a useless conservation about how uber rasengan can be uypgraded,my %12 finished rasengan devours the world cool!--what im gonna say didnt even see chidori you seriously believe sasuke is going to use old chidori against wind rasengan?! get over with this rasenganchido zomglolrofl! already..)

6)summon things (unless its somehow dispelled..good way to shock enemy

7)Water prison (drowning thing kisame did..slowly dying while looking at your killers face)

8)Kage-bunshin (i'd use it just to shock enemy)

9)Kawarimi (can save you from death and one ıf most important jutsus ever)

10)Immortality (orochimaru's immortality jutsu..they chopped your hand? who cares? go change your body like changing a swimsuit! 2 years is shorter than it seems)
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Old 2007-01-23, 16:53   Link #10
Ultimate sand beast
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1) Kage bushin (to be able to make a exact copy of the user that can foll even the byakugan and can do any tecnique the original person can... just perfest)

2) Fushi Tensei (Oro's body change tecnique, well you can steel any body so you can get there kekkai genkai and become immortal)

3) Rasengan (doesn't need seals so it's a freakin fast tec. and can be used with any element to become strong as hell)

4) Hiraishin (being able to teleport a cm from your opponent is just plain awsome and gives you a great advantage over anyone)

5) Al cloning tec. (to make a flesh copy of a person that can be used long range so you don't have to be in real danger in a fight and doesn't have the fragility of the kage bushin)

6) summuning tecs. (gives you strong allies to fight with in a battle being them giant animals(like Gamabunta), smal but strong (like Enma), or shinobi (1st 2nd hokage)

7)Ameratsu (burn everything in sight, but requires sharingan and screws the eyes)

8)Kakashi's MS (teleport anything to another dimension, but requires sharingan and screws the eyes)

9)Tsukuyomi (Powerfull genjtsu that can only be blocked by someone with MS and destroys a person mentaly, but but requires sharingan and screws the eyes)

10)Magen: Kyōten Chiten (Can counter any genjutsu and reverse it, but requires sharingan)
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Old 2007-01-23, 18:46   Link #11
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1. chidori with sharingan .... i picked this cuz with sharingan u can dodge stuff and use it

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Ultimate sand beast
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Originally Posted by Chidori99 View Post
1. chidori with sharingan .... i picked this cuz with sharingan u can dodge stuff and use it

wth? 1st you're sposed to write the 10 best
2nd you can't dodge anything with the Chidori, it's the Sharingan that allows you to do that !
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Old 2009-12-15, 21:19   Link #13
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My Top Five naruto JUTSUS (only elite justsus)

1. Chibiku Tensei ( Nagato's Deva Path)

Arguably the strongest most crazy jutsu. Easily raised Konoha to the ground and it could contain Nauro's six tailed state and eight tailed state (if Deva Path wanted to).
Just look at a picture of it in the manga, looks like an oversized spirit bomb and it could withstand a six tailed menacing ball.

2. Wood Release (First Hokage NOT Yamato)

Could control all the tailed beasts like they were his pets. Overpowered a full power Madara Uchiha with the Nine tailed fox. Definitely rapes. Konoha's most feared technique.

3. Iron Sand (Third Kazekage)

My favourite technique in the whole of naruto because it is so awesome. Iron Sand World Gathering is probably the strongest. Elder Chiyo (who basically knows everything) said that Iron Sand was the Wind Country's most feared technique so it has to be on the same level as Wood Release.

4. Summoning Impure World Ressurection (Orochimaru)

Ok we can all agree that Orochimaru is more hated than Bin Laden and that we all personally detest him but seriously, being able to summon the First and Second Hokage is one hell of a technique and there are no drawbacks.

5. Red Secret Technique: Performance of a Hundred Puppets (Sasori)

Some people don't agree with me but this technique is something that i would not mess with. I mean, he took down a whole country. Firstly Genjutsu doesn't work against puppests and taijutsu is too hard against 100. Ninjutsu is the only way to go. There aren't many that can take down 100 elite puppets.

SPECIAL MENTION: Susano'o (Itachi's Susano'o not Sasuke's)

An extremely powerful technique that can act as an absolute defense and attack. Mangekyou Sharingan technique.

That is my list, make comments on it!
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One more thing

People who put stupid stuff like Chdori and Shadow Clone in top five WTF???

doesnt even compare to stuff like Iron sand and wood release and Chibiku Tensei

Get your facts right
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Old 2009-12-16, 00:40   Link #15
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Ok let's see...

10. Meisai Gakure no Jutsu: Camouflage technique seen in Kakashi Gaiden. For stealth operations, this jutsu is tremendous

09. Chidori: Cuts through anything and is one of the most useful close-combat jutsu

08. Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu: For it's amazing usefulness in training and in gaining knowloedge quickly

07. Sennou Sousa Jutsu: Used by Sasori to brainwash the guard at the Hidden Sand village. Can get you information or an ally in combat

06. Sanjuu Rashomon: Orochimaru's ultimate barrier jutsu, it was able to alter a 4th-tailed Kyuubi blast

05. Shirahigi Jikki Chikamatsu no Shuu: Chiyo's ultimate puppet jutsu...Those puppets are just deadly

04. Inyu Shometsu: Kabuto's instant healing jutsu, precious to recover from physical damage

03. Akahigi Hyakki no Souen: Said to have brought down a whole country, Sasori's army of puppets is one hell of a jutsu

02. Gamaguchi Shibari: Jiraiya's inescapable jutsu (unless you have Amaterasu), this summon is a surefire jutsu

01. Edo Tensei: The most impressive jutsu i have seen. In exchange of a sacrifice, you can summon anybody you want and have him fight for you. Wish someone would use it to bring Oro-sama back
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Old 2009-12-16, 20:21   Link #16
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Originally Posted by AkatsukiWV View Post
One more thing

People who put stupid stuff like Chdori and Shadow Clone in top five WTF???

doesnt even compare to stuff like Iron sand and wood release and Chibiku Tensei

Get your facts right
The shadow clone is a forbidden jutsu that allows you to learn at a ar enhanced pace and gain knowledge from multiple areas at once. It's pretty dang powerful. As for the chidori, it is a high ranking jutsu as well, capable of cutting through lightning. Kakashi's only original jutsu, and one of three living people capable of using it without getting tunnel-vision. I'd say both are great choices.
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Old 2011-05-13, 15:52   Link #17
crazed vamp
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The best of all time is Sage Mode: Wind Release: Rasenshuriken
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Old 2011-05-13, 17:10   Link #18
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I still think Hiraishin no jutsu is such a badass Jutsu.
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Old 2011-05-13, 23:25   Link #19
Diamond is Unbreakable
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okay, da box's gonna take a crack at this

although i'm not sure how reliable my info is

10. rasengan - just how many movie variants have we seen?

9. lightning armor - A had speed comparable to minato at this point, and even took a chidori to the chest

8. susanoo - itachi's was insane, sasuke's not so much

7. gate release - who knows what'll happen when you release the gate of death

6. reaper death seal - downside is you die too, oh well, i heard orochimaru's arms are the life of the party

5. demonic statue of the outer path - this dude sucks your soul out, 'nuff said

4. flying thunder god - hhmm, i'd rate this higher if he didn't have to put a seal on the destination

3. dust release - oh come on, madara had to step in and teleport sasuke so he doesn't turn into dust, scary ass jutsu

2. space time migration - madara really does have a handy space time jutsu no?

1. izanagi - yeah, danzo was quite lame with it, but madara did better, and i cannot imagine what the sage of the six paths could do since well, he did come up with this, then of course there's the ten tails and well, you get my point

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Old 2011-05-14, 07:08   Link #20
Aqua Knight
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I think Sasuke's variation of Chidori is the most versatile, you can use it at long/mid/short range as throwing/piercing/slashing weapon. You can channel it into the sword/kunai/whatever, or just use with bare hands. Combined with sharingan and deadly accuracy - it's a certain win.
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