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Old 2013-08-26, 23:00   Link #121
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That could be true, yes, except the Seaney Bean history was about in the 15-16th century, which would put it much closer to us than people had originally assumed (saying this is 2000 years in your future would've put it back at the birth of Christ.)

But at the same time, this is the first "hard"(in universe) reference to anything in our real life history at all. Before that, one could easily believe that this was all happening on a different planet, not exactly Earth itself.
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Old 2013-08-27, 04:19   Link #122
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Well I guess there were sublte hints about it being real life earth in some form, considering that Mikasa orginates from the "orient".
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Old 2013-08-27, 11:18   Link #123
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Yeah you're exactly right, that's probably the only other reference to our world. But "Orient" simply means "East". In our world that refers roughly to the Asian continent, but it's not hard to imagine that it could just be a translation; that is, on another planet with different continents, there could still be an "Eastern" people who are different from the "Western" ones. The combination of that plus Mikasa's Japanese-sounding name strongly implies that this story does in fact take place on the planet Earth.

But that's still what I'd call a "soft" reference, something that implies, but doesn't necessarily mean. However, saying a proper name like Sawney Bean, in universe, is akin to...well, suppose Hanji had used a better-known example, say she named the first titan Adolph, and the other one, Hitler.

In that case, there wouldn't even be speculation among the readers--everyone would automatically assume that yes, this story is taking place in our world, no real doubt about it.

You're still right in that it could be a branch-off world instead of our future one, but it pretty firmly cements that this story is taking place in the future, not the past.
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