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Old 2013-08-03, 04:57   Link #1
Dante of the Inferno
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Deleting All HDD Partitions

A friend of mine just recently bought a Lenovo laptop that has Windows 8 installed. She wants nothing to do with Windows 8, and instead wants me to erase the hard drive and install a copy of Windows 7 that she purchased beforehand.

After loading the drive in GParted in Linux, I see about 6 - 7 partitions, half of which show a key icon next to the partition names. I don't know if those partitions are locked or encrypted, but GParted will not interact with them at all. They seem to have something to do with the EFI and Lenovo recovery. The laptop supports EFI and Legacy mode, so wiping all the partitions (eventually) shouldn't matter to the computer itself.

So, how can I delete even these locked partitions? The only thing that comes to mind at nearly 4 AM is D-BAN, but I don't know if that destroys the HDD hardware as well or if it just writes a bunch of 0's.

Any help is always appreciated.
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Old 2013-08-03, 06:04   Link #2
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DBAN does not destroy any hardware. Just make sure to choose the "Quick Erase" method to not waste any time with multiple rounds.

Before you do that you might want to look into how it would be possible to use the shipped Windows 8 later (for whatever reason). Sometimes there is no cd key for these kinds of oem installs and you might need to backup some data from the hdd if you don't want to lose your Windows 8.
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Old 2013-08-04, 17:04   Link #3
AS Oji-kun
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Before you delete everything, I would recommend using the included utilities to create a set of Win8 DVDs just in case your friend ever wants them.

I don't know why gparted would ignore partitions, but I bet fdisk won't care. It comes on most Linux installation images; I know it comes with Ubuntu. A quick "fdisk /dev/sdc" as root should open the drive; you should then be able to delete the partitions with the "d" command.
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d-ban, gparted, hard drive, hhd, legacy

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