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Old 2013-08-20, 09:20   Link #121
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Just another friendly reminder. DO NOT search for any Danganronpa goods, namely the figurines. I have friends who thought it was safe, with the anime halfway done. It is NOT safe.
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Old 2013-08-20, 16:03   Link #122
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Originally Posted by Jan-Poo View Post
To make another example. If a guy is of black and asian descent and I said "he is of african descent" I am not lying. But if I say "he is of african descent only" then I AM lying. Adding a simple adverb such as "only" to a sentence can completely change its meaning.
Yeah except if you ask me, the sixteenth stand doesn't mean anything other than sixteen people fit in there. Whether there IS a sixteenth person or not is not something you can derive from the number of stands. No one asked "Is there a sixteenth person?", all they asked was "Why is there a sixteenth stand?". The answer is "So that it accomodates sixteen people.". It's not like he said there wasn't a sixteenth person.

I don't think I can explain it any better than this. If you insist on seeing it as a lie, rather than the manipulative choice of wording that it really is, I guess it ends here.

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Old 2013-10-26, 22:53   Link #123
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Everyone, hi there.

Due to Halloween approaching, I'm right now rewatching Danganronpa and taking chance to post about the episodes that I missed to give my comments the first time around.

Not much to say except that Celes, a.k.a Takeo, plan was well drawn up and planned ahead, though blurting things to thin air ahead of time caused her downfall, and she bared all of her real personality for public display. Too bad also that her execution didn't go as she wished for due that MonoBear won't allow the punished to feel a single trace of relief; despair is what graduating, the classroom trials, and the executions are meant for but only for MonoBear's pleasure.

And, yep, the masked one whom ambushed Naegi was sort of a creepy surprise the first time around after Naegi took a peek on the documents hidden in the secret room behind the 2nd Floor Boy's toilet room.
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