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Originally Posted by philip72 View Post
Oda's health has been quite poorly lately. Hopefully soon he'll be fighting fit and ready to resume a regular release schedule.
I think this is one of his regular breaks. Every 3-6 weeks he takes one week off to do other One Piece related things like work on movies, make One Piece characters for games or shows, oversee one piece related projects like the art exhibition and make prizes for talk shows and many other things.
One Piece has as only Manga series 2 Editors. One only for the Manga, the other for everything else related to One Piece and there is a lot. It is immensely huge popularity wise in Japan.
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Originally Posted by philip72 View Post
It used to be once every several months.
This break is far to close to the last batch of breaks, particularly considering that the manga is the main vehicle, for it to be for attending to merchandising matters.
Maybe like 5 years ago. For the last couple of years he's pretty much consistently taken a break once every two months if not once a month.

I don't blame him either. The word on the street is he works seven days a week and sleeps 3 or 4 hours a night. I'm sure as the most succesful mangaka in Japan by a land slide he has the leverage to take an occasional day off more frequently than most.
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Break is over guys, so you know what that means....
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Originally Posted by marvelB View Post
Break is over guys, so you know what that means....
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