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Old 2013-10-01, 10:41   Link #1
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Help with RPG Maker 2003

So I'm making a game (it's going to be long and involved). I'm also currently trying to make (what I thought) was going to be an easy and simple animation of 2 NPC sprites/events jumping at each other to simulate them fighting... basically doing the same simple move (jump forward, play clashing sound, move back), and have them alternate.

Well I got the first alternation down fine (#1 moves then #2 moves and #1 moves again) but then #2 failed to repeat the action again after that and #1 kept repeating it with no pauses.

I can't find any tutorials on how to do this even with the later versions of RPG Maker (which was weird), and I was wondering if anyone here knew how.

This how I set up my event switches:
Spoiler for Event#1:

Spoiler for Event#2:

Any help at all would be appreciated. I've been banging my head against the wall for hours at this point trying to do something that I thought would be relatively straightforward. I've tried countless permutations of switches, variables, and parallel process combinations and I feel that I'm really close to what I'm looking for, but I'm obviously missing something and I just don't see it.

I'm not concerned with basic eventing procedures, since all of the RPG Maker versions are pretty much the same, with later versions having a bit more finesse. It's just somewhere I'm missing something to allow this to loop infinitely like it should. And I'm fairly certain it's possible.

Thanks in advance.
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Old 2013-10-02, 09:17   Link #2
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I have not used RPG Maker before nor heard of it so I'll use my questionable C++ knowledge to try to help.

I'll go through the flow of what you've done and maybe you can figure out what happened before I reach the conclusion. Firstly, #1 moves forward then back to it's original position. After that, a variable is changed and switch Sparring1 is turned on. I assume that the variable is a place-holder for something bigger so no problem with that.

Now that the variable is not 0, event 1 will not trigger. However, preconditions for event 2 are satisfied since Sparring1 is on and the variable is 1(which I will stop talking about from here on). Since you want #1 to do nothing, the event page is fine as it is. Moving on to #2, it jumps to attack #1 and moves back. After all that, switch Sparring2 is turned on.

Now we arrive at the problem. Switch Sparring1 is not turned off which causes events 2 and 3 to trigger due to both Sparring1 and Sparring2 being on. Following that logic, both #1 and #2 should jump to attack each other and move back but you observed that only #1 moves. My guess (from googling) is the ticked 'Forbid Event Overlap' caused only #1 to proceed with the event as having both of them do the event would cause them to overlap each other which is forbidden. From then on, #1 infinitely repeats the loop by itself since no preconditions are changed.

To solve it, only one event (2 or 3) should be triggered at a time. The trigger conditions and preconditions are fine but it's the event commands which are tripping you. Switch Sparring1 and Sparring2 are both turned on which causes events 2 and 3 to trigger. Thus, when you turn on Sparring2 (#2's event 2), switch Sparring1 needs to be turned off (in the same event page). Following that, when switch Sparring1 is turned on, the event command below it should be turning switch Sparring2 off.

I'll go through the logic now.

Sparring1 is on and Sparring2 is off. Event 2 is triggered while event 3 is not. #1 does nothing while #2 attacks. Sparring1 is turned off and Sparring2 is turned on.
Sparring1 is off and Sparring2 is on. Event 2 is not triggered while event 3 is. #1 attacks while #2 does nothing. Sparring1 is turned on and Sparring2 is turned off.
Loop continues.

Hopefully that solves it.
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Old 2013-10-03, 05:30   Link #3
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Originally Posted by darkhalo191 View Post
Spoiler for Response:
That was it EXACTLY! I just had to add commands to turn them off in an alternating sequence, as well as untick the Forbid Event Overlap. So that's what I was doing wrong.

You my friend, have my eternal gratitude. Now that I see that, it seems so obvious. But I'm not a programmer so sometimes (actually most of the time) I'm not 100% sure of what I'm doing.

On the plus side, now I'll never be unsure of how to do all the nuances of looping sequences again.

Thank you so much. My words on the internet cannot express my gratitude, truly.
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