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Old 2013-10-04, 04:55   Link #1
Myssa Rei
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Desktop Stuck at Windows XP Loading Screen

As the title says, this afternoon my desktop suddenly stopped functioning for the most part, so I restarted my PC. However, after that point, it won't get past the Windows XP loading screen. I've tried using both "Use Last Settings That Worked" and Safe Mode, but so far no go. I'm worried that the boot drive has finally given up the ghost, but I don't want to give up on it yet.
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Old 2013-10-04, 06:49   Link #2
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Have you tried creating a partition then installing Windows on it?

You have to do a full format already. Just retrieve your important files using the method and reinstall on a fresh run.

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Old 2014-02-18, 02:02   Link #3
Suzaku No Miko
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i have the same problem ... only to find out that my hard disk is corrupted and have to buy a new one
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Old 2014-02-18, 06:43   Link #4
Tiberium Wolf
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When I have this situation it's either software or hardware. The hardware part can be the HDD or some other part. I once had a PC with failed network in the MB and that was causing it to stop there. Just take the HDD and link to another PC or use some sort of booter to save what you need to save (assuming the HDD is good) and then do a clean install. If it goes wrong in the install then it's hardware.
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