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Old 2013-10-10, 20:14   Link #21
Senior Member
Join Date: Sep 2012
Originally Posted by Gundamx View Post
it look like Cain who train L-Elf was not real Cain but Vampire who switch body with him
Didn't saki have Magius mark in last episode of season one?
(Same one Dorssie leader have now after his body personality been switch with Magius)
Here's my take on it.

Since people get the Magius emblem when turned into Magius, their bodies and minds are taken over from other Magius of the past. ( They transfer DNA/Spirit/Rune into the person they bit). But, I'm betting that Haruto is going to start a whole new race/generation of Magius considering, Saki said "the first of us, the Founder, lost many of his comrades in battles for Module 77 " in episode 12 of season 1. Otherwise, she wouldn't refer to the first of "us" as the founder.

I'm also betting the four other pilot' VVVs are Haruto's VVVs children, which allows him to start a whole new generation/race of Magius. It's called a revolution for a reason.

Saki gets Pinion( I think thats her name, whatever the female VVV is called)
Haruto gets Prue after transferring Pinion to Saki.

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Old 2013-10-10, 22:08   Link #22
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Fantastic opening episode.

This is thus far my favorite opening episode of the season (yes, even more than Kill La Kill).

Valvrave is just such a fun-filled thrill ride. But this episode managed to add some awesome depth and seriousness to it all. This is due to the following...

1) Very nice character development for Shouko and Haruto. I like how Shouko is slowly becoming more like her father. I like how she can look at that family picture of the two of them and smile over pleasant memories and tightly-connected shared destinies, only two months after her father's passing. I like how Haruto blends his idealism with practicality - He becomes a monster so nobody new has to.

2) I like the subtle hints at Shouko/L-Elf, and the more obvious hints at Saki/Haruto. I like how the narrative is continuing to force Shouko and Haruto apart. While I do think the two childhood friends have good chemistry together, I also think they tend to make things easier for each other. By losing each other, we see both move more out of their comfort zone. It'll lead to better character development, and this time apart will make it all the sweeter if they ever get back together. If they don't get back together, Shouko/L-Elf and Saki/Haruto both come across well to me.

3) The show did a great job of picking up where the finale of Season 1 left off. I liked the conclusion of Col. Cain's raid. Sure enough, his main objective was getting that particular Valvrave, and he does appear to have safely made off with it. The big fight between him and Haruto's Valvrave did not disappoint.

4) I love the new uniforms, and the new attire for Shouko and her Cabinet. It all looks very classy, and serious. At the same time, though...

5) I like the touch of ARUS diplomats/politicians/cabinet members pushing around the Neo-JIOR kids. It felt very realistic to me, and it reflects how Neo-JIOR doesn't have much leverage here.

6) I loved how the big, secret meeting wasn't quite as Illuminati-esque as I thought it would be. The heads of ARUS and Dorssia may secretly be aligned, but they clearly don't know everything going on with the Magius group. The Dorssia head being turned into a magius while the ARUS head looks on in total shock and disbelief was a very powerful scene that shows that you can never be too sure of where Valvrave is going next.

7) The two-month time skip was a good call. It made the characterization changes easier to buy. It made the maturation of the young main cast stand out better.

In any event - Welcome back, Valvrave! This show is just getting better and better.
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Old 2013-10-10, 22:18   Link #23
II Maestro
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Nice 1st episode! You gotta love how Shouko is trying her best to be a prime minister, Like how Haruto makes up his mind to learn about the valvrave and about the curse.
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Old 2013-10-10, 23:18   Link #24
Cosmic Eagle
Join Date: Jan 2009
Well...Looks like L-Elf long beat anyone else to Haruto...

And why do I get the feeling the whole JIOR vs Dorssia fight is a major inter-school clash since it seems 90% of Dorssian military are high school graduates from the academy that produced L-Elf (Kriemhild too apparently)

す べ て の 想 い に  巡 り 来 る 祝 福 を
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Old 2013-10-10, 23:46   Link #25
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Originally Posted by Cosmic Eagle View Post
Well...Looks like L-Elf long beat anyone else to Haruto...

And why do I get the feeling the whole JIOR vs Dorssia fight is a major inter-school clash since it seems 90% of Dorssian military are high school graduates from the academy that produced L-Elf (Kriemhild too apparently)
It's not a surprise actually, Jior is self-explained, Dorssia is a Military nation, and if the adult is capable commander, the children who freshly graduated is much more expendables in comparison, most newly graduated will enter as soldier, expendable one coupled with non experience make them much more obedience so it makes a lot of sense when throwing them into the battlefield and those survive can be reach higher ranks, the dead can be replace with a new batch.
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Old 2013-10-11, 00:10   Link #26
Cosmic Eagle
Join Date: Jan 2009
I was thinking more of how it would be funny if midway through the vampires are defeated and it becomes all out school vs school death match that spanned centuries

す べ て の 想 い に  巡 り 来 る 祝 福 を
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Old 2013-10-11, 00:31   Link #27
Deadpan Rambler
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So I guess the Magius organization doesn't like the idea of having Valvraves ruining their plans, huh? Not only that, but Dorussia getting the technology to one-up them at their own game.

Still, even though the Dorussia emperor becomes a vampire, he will be killed by Cain eventually. And then, he'll take over the organization. But that's my

BTW, I have a feeling that Thunder is slowly being demoted. Poor Yamada...
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Old 2013-10-11, 01:58   Link #28
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Well, well, well, after almost 4 whole months, Valvrave the Liberator has come back.
And it was glorious...

Now, interestingly enough this episode lacked the twists it's predecessors had, but that didn't limit the awesomeness. First things first, we learn that the vampiric species known as the Magius, have a Council of 101 that the leaders of the world answer to, however, they usually don't mess around with human affairs. So pretty much, as long as you remember who's the boss and stay in your place, the Magius let you do what you want. You cross them, and there will be consequences. From the way they were talking in the beginning, Dorssia had some part in the Valvrave's creation, that they tried to do behind the Magius' backs. However, they caught him and made him one of them. One thing I noticed was that that though Amadeus had a clover symbol on his cells, he still have the Triple V symbol on his skin. My theory is that the symbol on the cells is a specific clan symbol (Cain talked about different clans in the last episode) and that the Triple V is the symbol for ALL Magius. Haruto has the three VVV's on his cells because he was infected by one the original Magius progenitors which is Pino.

We see a nice reunion between Pino and her elder brother Prue ("Pino" is Italian for "pine", and "Prue" is Italian for "prow". I don't know if that has any relevance, but I thought it interesting.), but poor Prue's Valvrave body isn't mature enough to withstand battle, so he and Cain retreat. However, it's interesting that Prue knows about JIOR and hates them. I wonder how much there's mecha faeries know and how much they're involved?

As for Neo JIOR, they arrive at the moon sanctuary and spend two months there in peace, reinforcing their image as heroes of peace and justice. Shoko has her hands full as the new PM and she's beginning to see how hard politics actually is. The kids really do know nothing on how to run a country which is really why the ARUS is running all over them. I mean, how you expect to run a country kids, when not ONE of you knows anything about accounting?! So, in order to find more information on their fellow countrymen and on the Valvraves, L-11 (who takes a large backseat in this episode) organizes a plan for them to head to Earth for answers. However, Haruto's vampiric hunger is getting worse and worse and he's falling apart.

We find that he's really the conduit for ALL the Valvraves, and that he must feed on human information through their blood that comes in the form of runes, in order to power the machines. Because he signed the contract, he no longer has a choice but to attack humans and feed all 5 mechs. However, that makes me question why the others had to sign contracts as well, if Haruto's the only one who has to feed and the only one who is affected by the machine's power drain. And what was will his condition when he was with Saki, he looked completely different then with red eyes and claws. And he didn't bite her neck even though he had opportunity. So what happened there?
Well, anyway, Haruto has chosen L-11 to be his living battery and will feed off of only him when needed. L-11 needs the Valvraves to work for his own purposes, so he allows this. I don't know how long this symbiotic relationship will last though, especially if L-elf and Haruto are somehow parted. And what will be the long-term effects on L-elf. We see that one of the key factors in changing a human into a Magius is the exchange of runes via the biting of the neck, all that's left is weird alien magic chants to be spoken. However, since Haruto was infected by a progenitor, will the multiple exchange of runes be enough? Also, if Haruto must feed to power Pino, who powers all the Valvraves, will Cain have to feed to power Prue for his own set of VVVs? I don't think our powerful blond will have a problem with that, but it's interesting seeing more and more information on these machines and the aliens that power them.

Other than all that we just learn some other minor things like the Dorssians are making their own Valvraves, Cain's last name is Dressel, H-9 is more suspicious than ever, but he's not going to find much support from his colleagues. L-11 may have taken a liking to Shoko, but I don't know how far it will go. Shoko can become friends with anyone, but I think she still has eyes for Haruto. She's still unfortunately, one of the most oblivious characters here.

Lastly, Haruto wants to find a way to become human again and destroy the Valvraves, though we already know from the time skip that that's not going to happen. Becoming a Magius is pretty much a permanent thing, and since the Magius are still in charge more than two centuries into the future, then I'm going too say that they are more than likely going to join them in the long run.

This was a very good first episode and I am ecstatic as to what is in store. I give this episode an 8/10. The best is yet to come.
"Someone who cannot forgive lies or secrets, will never trust another."

- Major Kyosuke Hyobu
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Old 2013-10-11, 05:29   Link #29
Wrath of Her Fury
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Through with the first ep of the second season.

>All right, Saki and the rest of the VVV pilots, though they're somewhat vampires and possess body-swapping abilities, are not classified as magius, not just yet. Amadeus being turned into one proves this theory as a curse seal was soon embedded on his hand and a magius emblem was imprinted in his system. Eventually, he's now immortal and one of them. Saki and the rest don't have any particular seal embedded on their bodies. Besides, Cain saying something about Haruto being from a third generation means that he is still far from being a superior vampire. Anyhow, jitters crawled all over my body when I saw Amadeus being fang-raped by that creep. That face lol

>ARUS and DORSSIA are nothing more than nations in the making. Both leaders are acquainted with the magius council, and seems to have been dominated by the race's influence. Humans are simply nourishment for vampire suckers since they are the main source of runes. In order to rule above humans, they need to expand their influence through silently inflicting fear to those who are aware of their existence and turning someone from a government into a magius. The Magius council 101 manipulates and control the balance of the nations' power. Just like a bunch of Illuminati?

>Moving on, everyone was right with their conjectures of Haruto's vampiric urges. When the runes are depleted, just replenish it by assaulting humans. Saki is not enough since she's also a vampire. What Haruto needs is a human--L Elf--to gather runes for himself and the Valvraves. In other words, when hunger strikes, prey on someone.

>L Elf and Shoko! L Elf is being polite and thoughtful towards Shoko, and Shoko caught him off guard again when she asked if he's worried of her that he avoided her stare and looked away. He admitted that YOKKAN tasted good. He displayed a stoic expression to hide his soft side as to Shoko getting associated with him and some serious issues. He would be seen looking at her just like what he did during the campaign or election in the first season, unknown to viewers of what he's currently thinking when gazing at her. And I just noticed in the op. . . Shoko and L Elf are always positioned on the right. It's no coincidence for me. This is how chemistry really works. Gawd! L Elf is just so *bursts* hot with his half-naked body hued in a shade of blue. He and Shoko are placed on right, alternating Haruto and Saki on the leftg

>Haruto and Saki. Saki is simply being Saki and Haruto being Haruto. Well, yeah. . . romance, no rape. . . . Moving on--

I'll continue this perhaps with some other time. I have to rewatch season 1 again to feel the episode more.

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Old 2013-10-11, 05:33   Link #30
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Originally Posted by Allium View Post
And as of this episode, looks like Haruto and L-elf are the OTP of this show.
I couldn't stop giggling at the Vampire BL route they took!

I'm a bit disappointed at the lack of action an twists in this episode, too much time was spent introducing the new scenario I think. And still no Liselotte in sight. >sigh<
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Old 2013-10-11, 05:34   Link #31
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Maybe the reason why only Haruto attacks people is because he is the only one who "died" Like get stabbed brutally and lost a lot of blood. And thus has less runes inside of him due to it and needs to recharge more often.
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Old 2013-10-11, 06:27   Link #32
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Originally Posted by Meltyred View Post
Maybe the reason why only Haruto attacks people is because he is the only one who "died" Like get stabbed brutally and lost a lot of blood. And thus has less runes inside of him due to it and needs to recharge more often.
That doesn't explain why all the units shut down when Haruto's out of juice though.

On another note, looks like the L-11 x Shoko pairing is becoming more and more viable with each passing episode.

The Dorssians don't seem to realise that any platoon without Cain as the commander is cannon fodder to the Valvraves.

H-neun and x-ein last remaining classmates? What does it mean?(scratch that. Terrible subs)

Haruto's determination (and hard-headed ness) is better shown in season 2. Not to mention he gets a lot more presence this season compared to being constantly overshadowed by everyone else last season. I like it.

A more cheerful Shoko is hot, but a more matured Shoko is steaming!

Looks like all three mc underwent quite some changes in those three months.

L-11 show more of your dere dere side please!

The scene where Haruto declares that he will only feed on L-11 is somehow reminiscent of their first contract scene. How nostalgic.

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Old 2013-10-11, 07:32   Link #33
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Enjoy the first episode of the new season.

The plot seem to be developing well, also like how the Valvrave will have enemy soon that can match their power.

This season looks good so far.
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Old 2013-10-11, 07:52   Link #34
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Haruto's Valvrave is special, because of Pino. Pino is tied directly into Haruto's Valvrave, but perhaps she also redirects energy to other Valvraves based on what Haruto consumes.

This means that Saki and the other VVV pilots are getting one really great deal. All the benefits of being a VVV pilot but not the horrible drawback that Haruto has to deal with.
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Old 2013-10-11, 08:35   Link #35
Mad Pierrot
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The episode was a bit disappointing after season 1's finale. Looks like the cliffhanger was just made because the fight's end was really anticlimatic and that would upset season 1's viewers. I guess I was expecting something like the end of Code Geass' 1st season. As ridiculous as it was the whole Euphemia incident due to the poorly handled twist, it left a big impact on the characters and it all felt like a season finale.
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Old 2013-10-11, 10:35   Link #36
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I just ran into a tidbit about this episode over at Fandompost forum thread on the show that I thought needed to be shared. It seems the building that the Magius are shown in is a real place - something called McLaren Technology Center/Paragon building in England. Props to Ingraman from that forum for catching that one
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Old 2013-10-11, 14:03   Link #37
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So the Magius are a secret society of information vampires that leaves humans to their own affairs till they encroach on them or go against their agenda.

So JIOR and Dorssia create their respective academies for their own Magius Sakimori Academy and Karlstein Institute. The Magius got wind of it for Dorssia. Through Dorssia they learned that JIOR has Pino in a new mech called Valvrave.

Given the glimpse into the future now it makes sense why that guy Saki was fighting called her Valvrave obsolete. His mech is a massed production version the Valvrave descended from Dorssian versions. But his MP unit is still no match for one of the Valvrave prototypes.
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Old 2013-10-11, 15:57   Link #38
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I liked the chapter, all at a good pace. I kept thinking if L-11 will die soon due to give blood to Haruto
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Old 2013-10-11, 16:50   Link #39
I disagree with you all.
Join Date: Dec 2005
So what does L-11 lose when Haruto harvests runes? Vocabulary? And does he get cancer?
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Old 2013-10-11, 17:22   Link #40
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Originally Posted by Anh_Minh View Post
So what does L-11 lose when Haruto harvests runes? Vocabulary? And does he get cancer?
As far as I know he loses control of his body in that Haruto could body switch anytime he wants. Correct me if I'm wrong guys.
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