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Status of comic depictions (including lolicon/shotacon) in US/Canada

Since I'm kinda tired of replying to the same questions/comments over and over again, and since it might be better to get your information from legal advisers (aka, probably not me even though I was a law student)'s one of the, if not the MOST, useful article when it comes to lolicon/shotacon, ecchi, fanservice and what have you in the US/Canada.

Legal document on the status of lolicon/shotacon in Canada;

Travel advisory;

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The legal brief on Canada is interesting, because it mentions what the leading case and legal test for the defense of legitimate purpose relate to (among other things) art, as opposed to the old test of whether the material itself had artistic merit under the pre-2005 Criminal Code. I didn't actually realize things had changes quite that much, let alone know what the new leading case/legal test was.

So from what I'm seeing with the new case (and again, I'm not an expert), if you try and claim that you're possessing (or accessing) the material for an artistic purpose (collecting art, I guess?), they're going to look at whether your actions are objectively related to the purpose - ie. does it actually look like you were trying to collect/access art (often interpreted broadly in the freedom of expression context in Canada) and not just fap material - and then whether your possessing the material poses an undue risk to children.

On the flip side, I imagine you're probably a bit screwed if they can show beyond a reasonable doubt that your collection is best characterized as just fap material.

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subbed for updates...

very enlightening ty
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