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Old 2013-10-20, 17:43   Link #1
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Reply to sender *and* fellow recipients (for PMs)

Every so often, I'll send out or receive a multi-recipient PM on a specific topic of interest for a few different people.

When a person replies to one of these multi-recipient PMs, s/he may want the reply to be sent to the sender *and* fellow recipients, to ensure that everybody is kept in on the full conversation.

Right now, the only way to do this is to press the reply button, and then manually add-in all of the AS names of your fellow recipients into the Recipient Username(s) field.

I wonder if it would be possible to get some sort of button that would enable a quicker way to reply to sender *and* fellow recipients.

Now, of course, this is pretty small potatoes, so I don't care a huge deal about this. But if it's something that could be equipped without much difficulty, adding that tiny bit of convenience might be worth it.
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Old 2013-10-25, 13:30   Link #2
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Hey mods, I'm interested as well
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Old 2013-10-25, 20:47   Link #3
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This is just me, but I'm honestly not sure if I want to spend effort on private group communication when the whole thrust of this site is public group communication or semi-private in Social Groups. While vBulletin allows mutli-recipient PM messages, they don't have a Reply All option. The etiquette of Reply All is often an issue in emails too, with some people being annoyed that they end up being included on a whole ton of emails they don't need just because the original sender included them in the CC and everyone else is "Replying All".

So anyway... personally, I'm not really too keen to install a plugin for this or to write my own. I'd say if you really want to include everyone, just re-copy them, otherwise use the Forum or Social Groups for group communication since that's what they're here for.
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