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Originally Posted by Flying Dagger View Post
I don't think 4k displays would be the driving force, but rather multi-display setups (I personally do not see a reason why a 24 inch 4k display is a logical object of existence). Instead of how anime is right now, with the characters taking maybe 40% of the screen size, they would take up maybe 10% of screen size, with the extra spaces being part of the environment to help with immersion as if you are "inside the anime". Think IMAX films.

Who knows, maybe 20 years from now the prices of displays would be so cheap that everyone can afford to have an IMAX theatre in their living room.

Which reminded me: rmb all those 3D TVs a few years ago? Those never took off even though the manufacturers keep trying to turn them into the next big thing.
For watching anime, I agree. But a 24 inch? I saw few 30s and up which is certainly amazing for graphic designing and other works. I don't know about anime. But once 4K monitors become mainstream of 400-600 USD, that's when I'll get my first monitor and only with an IPS feature. IPS is just damn good ... unless they release something like an OLED.
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