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Old 2013-12-01, 11:13   Link #21
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Originally Posted by Deathscyther View Post
It's not important for the overall story at all. Let's just say that it took Riki, Rin and Masato more effort to find out about Kengo's lie in the VN. It was a very funny scene.
Spoiler for Lawrence scene. VN spoilers. Only open after watching the episode:

Also, in the VN they hadn't seen Lennon for some time and Rin was pretty worried about him. After hearing from Kyousuke that Kengo was lying about something, Rin thought that his lie was that he had kidnapped Lennon and that he was building a cat kingdom somewhere.... They actually look for the cats in his room after this.
You just made me wanna go and install little busters! again...
Lawrence aside, this is the first time I actually like the anime version more. I dunno, I just couldn't connect with Kengo during this part of the game...
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Old 2013-12-01, 15:05   Link #22
Dark Faith
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Originally Posted by Leo_Otaku View Post
Really fantastic episode it actually had be crying! I loved what they did, even if Lawrance was left out!
Even though I loved that moment, I'm glad they left it out. It was a funny scene that wouldn't fit with the mood this episode tried to set too well, imho.

Out of the original Little Busters', Kengo's always been my favorite so I'm very happy that his episode was as great as I had hoped.
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Old 2013-12-02, 08:42   Link #23
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This Kengo episode did a good job of following up the Masato episode.

It was good to see Kengo and Kyousuke talk openly about what many have speculated about for awhile now. Even if Riki remains largely in the dark, it's good for the narrative itself to finally be a bit more clear about what's going on here.

While I found Masato's episode (Episode 8) to be the more amusing/entertaining one, I found Kengo's episode to be the more emotionally engaging. Kengo's characterization was a bit easier for me to "get", as I could totally understand his thinking, and where he was coming from, throughout the episode. His more emotional moments also rang true to me. It was also a nice touch to have Rin briefly remember the other Little Busters from previous loops.

This narrative does feel a bit telegraphed to me, so I'm going to prepare myself for an anti-climatic ending. As with many Key narratives, the journey is probably more important than the final destination, anyway. Looking at it that way, Little Buster's journey has certainly been very well and richly portrayed, with great emotional resonance and slow, impressively meticulous development.
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Old 2013-12-04, 09:28   Link #24
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The ending is really telegraphed but I think even still this series can hit the point of not feeling anti-climatic. I can say for me, I completely spoiled myself on the ending before reading the visual novel, and still when I got to the end I was blown away. Even though I knew what the ending would be, the presentation was so powerful.

Anyway this episode made me cry and now I'm worried about what the last few eps will do ;_;
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Old 2014-01-08, 02:43   Link #25
Marcus H.
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Was it the Little Busters who forgot? Or was it Riki and Rin who lost their memories of their friends?

So it's confirmed that Riki and Rin lost their memories of the CHEAP TRICKS game and pretty much everything else that has something to do with the Little Busters baseball team. Kengo is trying to protect the siblings from the "secret of the world", but was defeated not only by Rin's fastball, but also the determination of Riki to rebuild the Little Busters.

The four have finally reunited, leaving Kyousuke to regain the light of it all.
But as someone who know the "secret of the world", would the light be just as bright?
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