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Old 2013-12-24, 15:09   Link #81
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Originally Posted by GreyZone View Post
The best example of "fooderizing" is Luffy one hit-KOing Bellamy. The fight was over in an instant, after the loser was built up to be supposedly very strong. Other examples are Zoro vs Mihawk, Luffy VS Alvida and Enel VS anyone but Viper and Luffy.

Sanji vs Vergo did not have such a thing. Sanji's normal kicks were obviously weaker than Vergo's, but "fooderize" could have only been said, if Vergo's kicks instantly broke through Sanji's kick and KOed Sanji.

I'd even go as far as to say that Straw Hat Pirates + Lola Pirates VS Kuma was only "fooderizing" the ones who were KOed by the blast (excluding those, who were KOed or worn out at that point in time anyway, i.e. Moria and Luffy), but not "fodderizing" those who were able to maintain consciousness.
im not gonna beat a dead horse but you know as well as i do if vergo went full power based on what happened to sanji leg in one kick (that sanji was ready and in full defence for) vergo would have broke sanjis legs so bad sanji would have to quite being a pirate and or get a peg leg
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Putting aside the (ugh) power level arguments for now, Oda made a little Christmas strip for OP! Credit goes to AP's Redon for the scan, and Aohige for the translation:

I wonder who would be more fitting as a Grinch in this case: Buggy, or Luffy?

Edit: Looks like we've got another early Christmas present: SPOILERS! Come and get 'em!

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