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Snowbound - A Magical Girl Manga

- Snowbound -

Imagine if you lived in a world where a simple thing seen by millions of people every year simply didn't exist anymore. Where something people saw as both beautiful and terrifying, depending on the conditions, were to just one day vanish? This is the world of Yukino Maeda, a teenager who lives in a world that is just about identical to ours, right down to the names of places. The only major difference is it hasn't snowed in over a hundred years for her.

One day, Yukino comes to a startling discovery; she has the power to create and control both snow and ice, a gift from a strange being. However, with this gift comes a price as creatures known as daemons begin to swarm her city. Though she doesn't know it yet, these creatures are after her to take the power she has. Lying deep within her power lies something deeper, something that should be kept from the world.

With the help of her friends, Yukino must master her powers so she can protect those she holds dear. She must learn what the daemons are after and what power she holds deep within her.

Snowbound is a magical girl manga designed to take place in the real world. It's a character-focused story based in Toronto, Canada, the home of the story's creator and writer. The world shares all of the history and events of our world, making it virtually the same world.

Main Cast

Left to Right: Chung, Aly, Tallara, Yukino, Erick, Tamsyn, Maria

Yukino Maeda

A Japanese teenager who recently moved to Toronto to live with her older cousin, Yukino is friendly and open, though is often quiet and rather introverted due to past events in her life.

Erick Laos

A monk from a temple known as the Carsepholus Temple, Erick has come to Toronto to deal with the growing number of daemons in the city. He's a bit two-faced, sometimes being stoic, quiet and serious and at other times being a brazen show-off. He's generally a nice guy, though, always helping others.

Maria Salamova

A genius inventor who is known to study things like aerospace engineering, computer science and particle physics in her spare time. Maria is rather anti-social and has a rather high IQ. She has few friends due to her not wanting to be around people she thinks are stupid. Oddly enough, her best friend is Tamsyn.

Tamsyn Cruz

Both active and sporty, Tamsyn is often the life of the party. She's incredibly social, sharing a large number of friends though she considers Maria her best friend. She's a bit boy-crazy and loves to get attention, but is always willing to help someone out even if they're a stranger.

Chung "Chu" Luu

Born in Australia, Chu is known for her love of video games, art, and of the macabre. A tough girl, Chu won't put up with anyone's nonsense. She's quick to protect her friends from trouble, and likewise she can be pushy with them if they won't keep her in the loop.

Aly Davinoth

A rich girl who has anything she wants, Aly is a bit of a ditz. Despite her incredibly friendly personality, she can be rather dumb to an almost stereotypical degree. She doesn't mind, though, since she accepts that everyone else has their own strengths and weaknesses.


An Inuit from the northern reaches of Canada, Tallara is proud, arrogant and very stubborn. She's the greatest hunter in her village, which says a lot given she only has a few years experience. However, she's helpful to those she respects, and she respect those who show great bravery.


The artists I'm working with all work in art for a living, so you can expect a professional level of quality in the manga. However, it'll read from left-to-right as Western comics typically do. While we love the style, we felt that, since most of our readers would be from North America, we should make everything read as people from North America and Europe are used to.


Alright, there we go. I had some issues with this post as... well, truth be told I wasn't aware of some of the forum rules and some of the links I posted weren't allowed. Everything's fixed now, though! My apologies to the admins!

I'm posting this up to get feedback on my up and coming manga, Snowbound. Along with thoughts on the general story and the characters, I'll be posting up more artwork, more story details and possibly even the first chapter script to hear what people think of them!

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Interesting. I hope this takes off.
Good Luck
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Your friend should also have told you that we do not permit public or personal advertising campaigns on our site, as listed in the forum rules:

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So I've been super distracted and never got around to making a second post here. I had some free time today, though, so thought I'd share a few things. This'll all be artwork focused. I'm gonna make another post in a few days or so to share more story stuff.

This is the finished version of a piece I posted up above.

A wallpaper that was made for a campaign I ran a few months ago, though obviously a much smaller version of it.

Inked character art taken from random panels strewn throughout pages 12 to 18 of the manga. We're a bit behind schedule, otherwise this would include a lot more.

I don't have any full pages I can share at this time, mostly because none of the pages behind our first 11 are finished. As said above, we're behind schedule here so we've been a lot slower getting full pages made. However, with that said I hope you enjoy it and I'd love to hear what you all think so far!
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Everything's good and dandy ... just the ... awkwardness of having ... anime-style, and then shifting the read style the opposite ... Totally not anime-style, but has the anime characters. I don't know. Awkward? ... I'm not sure :/ If you wanted to capture American-based people, shouldn't it have been more Americanized ... cartoons? Like Iron Man or something? I've read a lot of manga and I enjoy reading it the way it was meant to be. This is interesting, but it feels off. Just my feelings on it.
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Anime is a style, not a genre. As such, what's wrong with using anime-style to depict a western story? Anime as is doesn't really capture the look of Japanese people anyway, and it's not like anime hasn't done settings based off other countries. Hell, more often than not anime often depicts fantasy settings too.

As to the manga itself, hoping to see a completed work soon, this should be interesting.

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You have a point, LoweGear. Though what I stated the way I felt and my pure opinion of it. No harm done from a group who see it that way.
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By reading style, do you refer just to reading left-to-right as opposed to right-to-left, or something else?

Personally, I felt that the western style for comics wouldn't fit the story type. There are all sorts of expressions that come out of anime style that just can't be done otherwise. In fact, when western shows try to employ those elements the show always comes off looking like an anime anyway (Teen Titans, Avatar: TLA).

If you ARE talking about reading left-to-right as opposed to right-to-left, I had two things influence that decision. The first was my first drafter, who drafted those first 11 pages. She made a convincing argument about reading left-to-right that is summed up as this: It'll primarily be western audiences that read the comic, and they already read left-to-right. Why make it confusing for those people? And yes, I know that manga fans read right-to-left like in the original manga but that's a group that is capable of reading both ways without a problem. If I were to attract non-manga fans into reading, they would be confused by the idea of reading right-to-left and it could turn them off.

The second thing was... actually seeing this happen. I ran a rather unsuccessful webcomic a few years back. It was done in a manga style and was made right-to-left. However, I often had people who weren't manga fans tell me it was confusing to read (Or they would tell me their friends thought it was confusing to read, and said friends wouldn't continue reading). I had even set up the buttons for previous and next pages to match the reading and again people thought that was confusing.

When the drafter made the argument to make this story left-to-right, I thought I'd go with it and see how it worked. While I've had some manga fans say they had to remind themselves it was left-to-right, there hadn't been any problems thus far.
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