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Old 2014-03-02, 22:38   Link #101
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How has Franky been badass? I don't understand.

Neither he nor Zoro have taken on anyone of consequence.
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Old 2014-03-03, 03:16   Link #102
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^I wasn't talking only about fighting big guys.

Regarding Zoro, I meant his introduction into the NW, where he split that huge galleon Mihawk-style in two or when he defeated the leader of the New Fishman Pirates under water with a one hit K.O..
Franky, without any sense, suddenly shooting down the killers of Dressrosa and single-handedly, without much effort, fending off two of Doflamingo's underlings was, in my eyes, pretty impressive back then.

Of course, regarding all these actions we have to take into consideration that the enemies weren't that strong, but Sanji in comparison didn't have any cool moment like this in the last 150 chapters - his enemies weren't suited for that. That's why I'm saying, I can understand why some people think, that the old strength hierarchy is shaking.
Personally, I believe Franky, in general and in General Mode, did receive a huge power boost, which puts him clearly below the Haki users but also even further away from the rest of the crew.

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Old 2014-03-03, 04:51   Link #103
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I would say that's because Oda has made a fool out of Sanji post time-skip,although I know this will change once we get to a more serious arc,but to be honest he did go overboard with the whole nosebleed fountains where he needed blood from Jimbei to recover.

In the last arc,Nami heavily damaged his body.

So that's why I think people get the impression that he didn't shine,it's because he actually didn't,but he will get his moment soon I'm sure.

As for Franky and Zoro,I've expressed my opinion multiple times already,they got to shine,but not against opponents that are worthy to mention.

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Old 2014-03-03, 06:41   Link #104
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^Exactly. That sums it up pretty good. I hope he gets his chance either against Big Mom's guys or, via some unpredictable Oda scenario, an Elite Officer.

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