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Spoiler for Shin Seka Yori:

Spoiler for Monster:

Spoiler for FMA:

Spoiler for Madoka:
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Originally Posted by ahelo View Post
Spoiler for Madoka:
Spoiler for Rebellion:
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SSY had an amazing ending, perhaps for that final scene with the MC in the museum. The villain and the villain speeches though? That's all been done before. It really wasn't anything so fresh or spectacular.

Last Exile actually had a pretty good ending, I thought. I'm putting aside the weird fantasy stuff and looking at, primarily, the plot and characters. For all its weird, Last Exile's ending did a lot of things right. That ending answered the questions it needed to, and it felt like a legitimately good conclusion. It ended the plots, and it provided some legitimate 'happy ending' closure in this final sequence. Plus, the final combat and the defeat of the villain was good stuff. There was a character death in there that I was perfectly OK with, because it truly worked. It's a bit bold to call it a masterpiece, but it really was a good ending.

This is a difficult post to respond to, though. Any ending that does what an ending should do is a good ending to me. Shows like GoSick and Kamisama no Memochou fit what I look for when determining a good ending. So what makes a masterpiece ending? This is one of those annoying, subjective things. I'm not sure I've even seen a masterpiece ending, because a lot of my favorite anime haven't truly ended. Every ending of Banner of the Stars is good, but the series isn't over. The same for Natsume Yuujinchou. I guess I'll stick with what I think is good.

I thought the ending of Psycho Pass was done well. It did what an ending really should do in that case, and it gets a bonus for keeping the characters consistent.
Spoiler for Psycho Pass ending talk!:

I can kind of see the Zeta ending as being good compared to my liking the Psycho Pass ending. It was a grim sort of thing that was the opposite of expected. I've always felt that it takes balls as a writer to write a conclusion that people wouldn't have expected. Typically when you do that, it means you're doing something that's going to be seen as controversial. Controversial endings and happy endings are really the only things you'll get, though. I prefer the former by leaps and bounds, with some exceptions (See: Banner of the Stars, Last Exile, and the others I mentioned in this post).
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Old 2014-03-07, 04:51   Link #24
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The final scene of Diebuster was amazing, totally lifted it up a level for me, as perfect a final scene you'll find in anime.
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Old 2014-03-11, 22:13   Link #25
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The most impressive endings to me were Code Geass, Cowboy Bebop, and Shinsekai Yori. People who've seen Geass and Bebop surely know why those stuck out and are still remembered after all these years. Those final episodes also reinforce the iconic status of their main characters. As for Shinsekai Yori,
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Old 2014-03-12, 09:27   Link #26
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I really like Katanagatari and Bakemonogatari S1 (ep 12 not 15) endings. I also second Code Geass ending! Although when I watched it in high school I was mad haha
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