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Old 2004-04-26, 22:48   Link #1
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Computer restarts randomly

Ya hey, i posted up a thread along time ago about tis same problem, except it was wen i downloaded, I jus lowered my RAM, got it fixed and then lata on i reformatted my comp to XP, works so much betta.

Iono if some otha ppl have this problem but whenever im on my comp, sometimes out of no where is jus restarts... And like im not usually doin nutin...maybe i jus click once on a video or sumthin but tats it... and BT's not even on too.

Iono wut it could be? Any Suggestions?
It would help alot, thx in advance.
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Old 2004-04-27, 14:08   Link #2
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The next time it happens, take a note of the exact time, go to Controlpanel/Administrative Toold/Event Viewer and look for any abnormalities in the logs. If you can't find anything unusual then maybe it's some hardware thing. Malfunctioning fan, thus overheating? Get some program that monitors cpy/mb/hd temperatures and see if they're above normal. If not, then open your comp and check that everything is firmly fitted in place.
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Old 2004-04-28, 18:58   Link #3
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ok if your using BT while this happens than i have the same problem, i think it may be a parity error (completly unavoidable) yeah the people at BT have alot of bugs to work out still (last i heard)

also if the problem starsed once a new peice of hardware was installed your power supply may not be able to handle it

for example:
power supply is rated 150 watts all equipment adds up to 140 watts from factory, you add in a DVD burner rated at 15 watts, it works fine until you insert a dvd and power consumption goes to 155 watts which is more that your power supply is rated at.

but the power problem isn't probally what your experiencing.
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Old 2004-04-29, 14:14   Link #4
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