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View Poll Results: Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren - Episode 12 [END] Rating
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7 out of 10 : Good 7 14.89%
6 out of 10 : Average 6 12.77%
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4 out of 10 : Poor 1 2.13%
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Old 2014-03-27, 20:25   Link #21
Cinderella Gang or Die
Join Date: Jun 2011
Best thing about this finale was the multicolored litter of kittens. lmao

And I can't believe Satone was degraded to help out Rikka in such a pitiful manner. It was pathetic.
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Old 2014-03-27, 20:59   Link #22
Marcus H.
Impervious to Blessings
Join Date: May 2009
Location: the Philippines
Blue and green kittens?

And I can't believe Satone was degraded to help out Rikka in such a pitiful manner. It was pathetic.
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Old 2014-03-27, 22:09   Link #23
Senior Member
Join Date: Apr 2004
Age: 32
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Originally Posted by Kanon View Post

This season was very average and a completely unnecessary sequel. Some episodes were fun (mostly the ones focusing on Shinka) but the rest was flat and boring. It's kind of a waste of Kyoani's talent.
Blame Jukki Hanada? It feels like that guy has been holding back their usual talents or made bad decisions of how the series should be constructed.

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Old 2014-03-27, 22:28   Link #24
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2006
Originally Posted by blakstealth View Post
Best thing about this finale was the multicolored litter of kittens. lmao

And I can't believe Satone was degraded to help out Rikka in such a pitiful manner. It was pathetic.
I agree. I read how the novel went and I prefer that ending. But nope :/
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Old 2014-03-27, 22:46   Link #25
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2006
argh wtf Chunnibyou Ren S2, so dumb.
This episode should have been what the 1st episode of this season should have been like, then the rest of the series has this as the starting point for developments.

Feeling Nibutani's frustrations so hard. wtf. Nothing changed at all. Knew they should have just stayed at season 1

Seems the whole season, this board felt the same way, with each episode averaging less than 70posts each. Which is nothing for a series that has its own subforum. Nothing happened each episode.
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Old 2014-03-27, 22:59   Link #26
Join Date: Oct 2010
Well, I sure enjoyed this season more than the previous, mostly due to lack of melodrama that didn't work out. Simple SoL approach works better for me anyways.
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Old 2014-03-27, 23:22   Link #27
Dr. Casey
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2007
Location: Tennessee
Age: 29
Some of the highlights of the episode for me were:

- Isshiki having more of a presence than he did any other episode this season, not that he was treated particularly well here
- Shichimiya being the only main character in this series with a flippant attitude towards sex (see her casual "Oh no, not that" when clarifying the contract to Nibutani and Dekomori). Why is she so perfect?
- Rikka's freakouts where she screamed and blew the hairdryer in Nibutani's face
- Nibutani trying to reinforce how serious the contract was at about the 11:55 mark, but somehow coming across as more cute than intimidating in the process.
- The whole final scene between Yuuta and Rikka - which, though I was also disappointed at the cell phone cop-out, was a nice scene overall.

It was somewhat aimless, but on the whole I can't join the ranks of those disappointed with Chuunibyou Ren. I enjoyed the series a lot, probably just as much as the original.
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Old 2014-03-27, 23:48   Link #28
Join Date: Jul 2012
Don't expect any kiss from Tamako movie .
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Old 2014-03-28, 00:26   Link #29
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2005
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Originally Posted by HandofFate View Post
Which is nothing for a series that has its own subforum. Nothing happened each episode.
I stopped after episode 4 as i realized nothing was happening and this was a pointless sequel. Then i decided to wait for it to end and see what people had to say...and it seems it really went nowhere.

Just watched this last episode anyway, and i didn't feel like i missed much skipping 7 episodes.
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Old 2014-03-28, 00:46   Link #30
Gravitas Free Zone
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2012
Nibutani's "After I raised you at least I should get to watch!" reaction is but a tiny fraction of my own frustration with the non-kiss. I've experienced real relationships that moved slowly, but anime drag-outs are annoying.

My main reaction to the season is that I actually really like the supporting cast for being so... supportive of the slow lovebirds. Particularly Nibutani, who is the behind-the-scenes glue for everything, but the others all contributed.
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Old 2014-03-28, 03:26   Link #31
Awakened One
Join Date: Aug 2007
Location: Northern Italy
I don't understand what is it with KyoAni's no-kiss policy.
If memory doesn't fail me, we haven't had a proper kiss on the lips from them since Kanon.
Haruhi had a kiss but it was shot from such a far angle that you could see next to nothing.
The most glaring example is Clannad After Story. Tomoya and Nagisa got married and even had a child but they never kissed on screen. Why, KyoAni, why?

Final comments. The reason I enjoyed this season, despite the very slow advancements in Rikka and Yuta's relationship, is because I like this cast of characters.
Satone was a good addition to the cast, even though I think that her problem was resolved too easily.
I absolutely love Shinka. The way she always tries to make her friends happy is very endearing. And her constant tsundere bickering with Dekomori is so much fun.
Kumin is a nice supportive side character but I could have done without the siesta episode.
I feel sad for Isshiki. There is a point where constantly throwing sh*t at a character is not funny anymore, and I feel that KyoAni passed this point with poor Makoto.
My final rating is 7 out of 10.
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Old 2014-03-28, 03:55   Link #32
Lord of Fire
The Voice of Reason
Join Date: Feb 2010
Location: The Netherlands
Age: 40
Could someone tell me what KyoAni has against kissing characters? Or rather, what anime as a whole seems to have against it? The only recent show that showed girls kissing (as far as I recall) was Sakura Trick and in that show, I thought the kissing was a bit overkill eventually, especially when nothing else went on.

Anyway, the non-kiss and the phone interruption (a cliché that has worn me out since Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, where they pulled this stunt several times across its three-season run) were annoying, but overall, this episode was entertaining.

One thing that bothered me about this show, and which I agree with Yuuta on is, why does everyone, and Shinka in particular, feel the need to tell them how to act as a couple? Why do people expect them to kiss and/or have sex on their first night out? And why does everyone have such a problem with Yuuta being the perfect gentleman, who has the patience of a saint towards his girl, who is (still) delusional to the max? I kinda like how he doesn't force himself on Rikka, and gives her the space she needs to sort things out on her own.

Oh, and on the subject of interrupted phone calls, why didn't they just continue where they left off? Chimaera's situation wasn't an emergency (I'm sure Kuzuha was perfectly capable of handling a few kittens), so I don't see why they couldn't just try again, especially since she was the one who wanted it so badly. The only explanation I can find is that the actually didn't really want it, but felt a bit of pressure from her friends and/or classmates to advance their relationship. That might explain why Rikka was so nervous and scared and actually started crying when he tried to kiss her.

I'm a bit on the fence whether or not this season was worse than the first one. I wasn't such a huge fan of the drama in S1, but the snail's pace at which Rikka and Yuuta's relationship develops was a bit grating to watch (even if I do understand why).

Maybe I'll just rewatch S2 later, and see if I can make a definitive opinion then.
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Old 2014-03-28, 06:57   Link #33
Anime Online
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2006
Season 1 was more enjoyable due to the resolution of Rikka's memory of her deceased father. It felt more impactful when Yuuta and Rikka got together.

In comparison, Season 2 really had a weak ending. The story went all over the place and the whole gold coin search felt nonsensical. To top it all off, the usual "whole gang running off into the sunset" ending.
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Old 2014-03-28, 07:06   Link #34
Join Date: May 2007
Location: gs series
Age: 27
finish watching it yea poor tomoki jr yea got wonder why s2 is treating him as the "chew toy" yea got demoted a lot to living prop to point he got "brokeback" treatment if s3 come back with a vengeange?

whole rika & yuta doing to point have nibutani, deko, kumin, & satone make them kiss to expand their contract.

yet almost happen til chimera cat now got 7 little kitties oh well the chuu-life go on yea wait if for s3 anyone?
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Old 2014-03-28, 07:33   Link #35
Junior Member
Join Date: Mar 2014
Should've just ended at ep 11 really.
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Old 2014-03-28, 07:34   Link #36
Haters. Gonna. Hate
Join Date: Apr 2009
Location: UK
Age: 26
Originally Posted by Dr. Casey View Post
- The whole final scene between Yuuta and Rikka - which, though I was also disappointed at the cell phone cop-out, was a nice scene overall.
Yeah same, the mobile phone interruption was a very lousy cop out (especially when it's one of the oldest ricks in the book and especially when it's not even a good enough excuse to begin with), but overall, I actually enjoyed that scene. Although I think their overall chemistry sucks I don't have any issues with Yuuta taking things slowly in terms of intimacy (there are plenty of other ways of producing romantic chemistry after all). It's a little unrealistic for a high schooler and it plays very conveniently into the safe zone KyoAni stubbornly refuses to leave, but for the characters themselves, I don't mind it at all.

I also liked the episode overall. The gags were highly amusing. It's disappointing that KyoAni decided to shaft the only other male character pretty hard because he was absolutely priceless this episode. And Nibutani further underlined her status as a really admirable friend for everyone.

I was heavily disappointed with how Shichimiya's character was resolved last episode for pretty much the same reasons I was disappointed in the ending for the last season. The show is trying really hard to convince me that chuunibyou delusions can solve things but I'm just not buying it, and ultimately it seemed to like they regressed Shichimiya's character by forcing her closure to rely on it. Which is especially unfortunate when the show proves it can handle interactions between characters very well when it wants to (Like we saw in the argument between Yuuta and Nibutani).

On a separate issue, I don't even know why chuunibyouism would be such a barrier to romance in the first place. The anime medium is pretty much littered with romances that appeal to the escapist/fantasist. Can't Takanashi just think of one to frame her relationship with Yuuta? It would even double as a source for meta humour that most Light Novel adaptations feel the need to have a high quota for. I wouldn't blame it for going down that route here.

But overall, I did enjoy the series. The comedy works for me and the characters (mostly) work for me too. Shichimiya ended up being a very good addition to cast as well even if her greatness did heavily undermine the romance between the canon pairing. And I'm not really bothered about it being more aimless than the last season as long as the comedy and the characters work, which I think they did.
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Old 2014-03-28, 15:34   Link #37
formerly ogon bat
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Location: Mexico
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Originally Posted by Lord of Fire View Post
Could someone tell me what KyoAni has against kissing characters? Or rather, what anime as a whole seems to have against it?
Japan in particular see kissing as foreplay, you wont see over there people kissing even on the cheek as a greeting (even if they are family members, it seems they only kiss babies). Which is very different on this side of the pond where you will often see couples kissing in the lips all the time in plain sunlight where all can see. I think they want make a portray of innocent/puppy love, since in their minds once you start kissing, copulating is near (remember they have no christian mind blocks about having sexual relations outside wedlock) so it turns serious too quickly (after sex marriage/end of the relation is not far away).
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Old 2014-03-28, 17:28   Link #38
Join Date: Jul 2012
This must be the most boring "couple" of the last years seasons with no doubt.

Like the post above says, why the hell their society acts like christianism on the mid age where kiss is almost a sin out of marriage? Japan is a non-christian country for Allah's sake
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Old 2014-03-28, 18:29   Link #39
¡Gracias Totales!
Join Date: Jun 2013
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Age: 24
My dislike of this season steams from my dislike of Rikka, in S1, there was a reason to her chuu2byou, and even if it was unhealty, in the end she finally acepted what was hiden behind her chuu2, and so I expected her to at least drop part of the delusion, and then we get this season, and she's the same, maybe even worse regarding her delusions, wich in turn gives the impression that there's nothing behind that chuu2 mask, as in, no personality/real thoughts besides those related to her delusions, and, at least for me, that's a deal breaker.
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Old 2014-03-29, 03:03   Link #40
The Shermain
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So, after 12 episodes, nothing happened. Chuu2 syndrome is still going strong with Rikka being completely insane (after making much progress last season with reconciling her Chuunibyou and the real world), the relationship has barely progressed, and most of the season was filler.

Not sure what happened, but this second season has really fallen flat. 6/10 for me overall.
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