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[Wii] Haruhi Suzumiya no Gekidou dance game

so i got this on my wii... has anyone else played it? I either don't completely understand the controls or they're picky as hell. Up, down, and the diagonals seem much easier to hit than left or right, but that's not saying much. I can hit left once in a blue moon, but I've never hit a right note. Up and down i can hit maybe 40-50% of the time. Forward is also finicky just as much as left/right i believe. i assume i just have to be holding/reaching with the wii remote in that direction when the sillouette lines up with the white outline all the way on the left. when theres a button/2 buttons i just press them as well when it lines up, and hold them for the holds. Also, is there a purpose to the ones that are just circles? is it just like a neutral beat? Lastly, what exactly is the wavey hold thing. I've just been going through the lesson/practice things w/ koizumi, but my jp isn't good enough to fully understand what it says/if i'm doing anything wrong .
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