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Old 2004-04-29, 03:01   Link #1
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Announcement: Can an IT professional help out here?

Yeah I've just about completly taken control of the forum. i am finding security flaws in there site, and i have totally peiced their forum apart. i consider myself an unofficial mod there, hell if i wanted to i could ban the mods...
I'm trying to help them though, I want to make their site better for personal reasons

any way the point, I want to do the same here i want to use my Superior Computer skills to help

why? because this site is not half-assed like saiyaman's, and i have a serious contribution to make

this question goes out to this forums Moderators/Admins

Is there any room for a true IT professional here??
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Old 2004-04-29, 03:47   Link #2
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We already have an IT professional on staff named Mb81. He keeps our site running and does an awesome job of chasing away those nasty script kiddys. I can't speak for the site though and another member of our fine staff might feel differently.

There's not that fine a line between willing suspension of disbelief and something just being stupid.
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