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Harem/fanservice manga/anime that meets these requirements

Trying to find harem/anime that might be devoid of various popular harem tropes.
Harem where the lead girl has these traits: Busty first girl shown that becomes the chosen girl
-Strong yet caring and smart personality (like Bleach's Orihime or FT's Lucy)
-Isn't really shy/freak out/faint out when asked if she likes the MC dude (this statement also applies to the MC guy)
-The 1st person to both lip kiss the MC dude and to admit her feelings for the MC dude.

The MC dude: Gets beat up by mostly by the other girls (sometimes the lead girl beats him up).*
-While he may been in love with the other girls, it's the lead girl that he aims to be with.
-Fanservice accident prone.*
-More of the mature harem lead guys (Kanon's Yuuichi or Ai Yori Aoshi's Kaoru).
-Save for when he's a child (or has to crossdress, androgynous, or gets turned into a girl), he's not voiced by a woman (I'd be less distracted by hear a girly-voiced guy).

The series: completed all episodes/chapters of the main story (that is, a side story might be be released after this thread is made).

-No episode or chapter is devoid of them appearing and this includes if they are only in a few panels or get at most 2 minutes of screentime.

-Though they have various Moment Killers, they do get an uninterrupted intimate moment where they do kiss and do get a love scene (the type that's what you'd see in a Jame Bond movie).

-Saying is "suki", "suki desu", or "daisuki" is allowed because "aishiteru" or "koishiteru" (this is the romantic "I love you") being found essentially is SOL.

-Marriage proposal/wedding is shown.*

*means optional but the rest are absolute.

The only things that need to be met in exact order is that they kiss before or after they confess and the love scene is before or after either or those. ad.

While I know these are very specific, it's got to be less hard to find than the initial criteria I had for my "anime you folks are aware of that meets these romance requirements":
1. Lead hero is childhood friends with protagonist female.
2. They have to look in each other's eyes and say aishiteru or koishiteru or one of the variations of either (however, "aishi" or "koishi" needs to be in the dialogue). It is preferable in a romantic setting like a sunset or a rainstorm.

3. Before/after#2, they have to have a kiss on the lips shown and it isn't obscured or zoomed out.

4. As far as them sleeping together (before or after confession).
5. There needs to be a marriage proposal even if it is a flashback.

6. Wedding has to be shown. That is, even if it brief, they are shown getting wed. Photos or videos don't count. Flashbacks, even brief, are allowed.

7. They have to be shown by the series end with at least one kid. Pregnant mother is also allowed. Newborns shown is favorable. Same ruling as above.

Excluding #4, all must be met in exact order as described. However, I prefer if all 7 are met.

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Old 2014-07-05, 02:39   Link #2
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Seriously, this is way too specific. I was going to say that Ai Yori Aoshi is pretty close, but you actually listed it as one of the examples. I've watched a ton of romance anime over the years (it's probably my favourite genre), but the amount of shows that even actually portray the relationship to the extent you want (particularly a love scene) isn't all that large. The amount that go beyond that to all the specific details you want are even fewer. I won't say for sure that there are none that qualify exactly... but this is like finding a needle in a haystack as far as anime goes, when you don't even know that there's a needle in there at all.

This is my cop-out answer (and someone alluded to this in your previous request thread), but you should see if you can get into bishoujo games/eroge, because this sort of overall premise/setup is actually rather common in many games in at least one of the routes (to the extent that it basically is itself a trope), and they all portray the romance aspect much more clearly/fully than most anime. I know a lot of romance anime fans that expanded into (story-centric, romantic) bishoujo games due to the larger repertoire of works and more complete portrayal of romance than your average anime.

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