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Old 2014-08-03, 21:49   Link #41
reading #hikaributts
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There are plenty of potential male seiyuus who can do younger males to a certain extent (like Kaji Yuuki, Souma Saito), however your criticism is that you think that females don't do a good job at that

also not sure how this is even related to your own topic

Originally Posted by Kadmos1 View Post
A hypothetical is if they were to make a faithful anime version of the Odyssey.From the Spark Notes Odyssey article, the "Analysis of Major Characters" describes Odysseus as:

A character like this I see having the voice of Madara Uchiha from Shippuden.
Since that the only anime (somwhat) with Odysseus that i know off is Ulysses 31, in which Ulysses (the latin name of Odysseus) was voiced by a man
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Old 2014-08-03, 22:01   Link #42
≠epic failure
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Not exacly true. Hideyoshi, Kagari/Homura, and Naruto I feel were convincing with female voices.

The Homer point was that I think it would be a miscast to have a woman play Odysseus based on his personality.
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Old 2014-08-03, 23:54   Link #43
AS Oji-kun
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I'm not sure I see the relevance of The Odyssey here, but I'll point out that all the roles in Greek theater were played by males. Even today all the roles in Japanese kabuki are played by men despite the fact that the kabuki theatrical form was originally created by women.

Frankly I have a harder time imagining the suspension of belief required to accept males voicing females than females voicing young boys.
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Old 2014-08-04, 01:09   Link #44
≠epic failure
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Okay, I might adjust my thinking a bit and say that I think if a woman can voice a guy using a more boyish/androgynous voice (Example: I'm fine with a character with Naruto's voice but not that with the voice of that wuss from Mirai Nikki), then I might be more tolerant of it.

However, Armin and Yukiteru-type voices I think wouldn't really work for a teen.
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Old 2014-08-04, 09:11   Link #45
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There's also worth noting, that here's some voice actresses, who voices more males than females, like Mayumi Tanaka or, to lesser extent, Romi Paku.
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