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Old 2006-06-19, 02:27   Link #41
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When I make the connection of fan service, I like to think of it as something the animaters/writers put into an anime episode, entirely for the purpose of pleasing a fan, rather than it being an actual part of the original story.

An example of this would be, a Rock Lee fight that wasn't in the manga against a character that "is" part of the main story, thus not rendering the fight "filler". I believe a fight like that is fan service because it caters to a Rock Lee popularity.

While I think fan service is most always usually a female character showing skin, I think it extends past that.

So I guess in the end, I believe the strongest use for it is "primarily sexual related, but secondarily related to fan play at all".
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Old 2006-06-20, 19:41   Link #42
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Originally Posted by Nameless
So I guess in the end, I believe the strongest use for it is "primarily sexual related, but secondarily related to fan play at all".
I believe the term itself was coined in reference to a direct quote from an employee who was talking about "sexual related" so.....
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Old 2006-06-20, 23:45   Link #43
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Is it just me, or does this same topic come back about every five or six months?
I don't really understand why we couldn't just stop with what the wiki says.
Fanservice should be exactly what it says, service to the fans. In other words it's things that fans are interested in but no one else would be. I think the confusion for most people is that it usually doesn't refer to fans of the show, but fans of whatever it was adapted from. I'd also like to point out that this _is_ the definition given by the wiki.
It is also the most overused word for sexual "stuff" in an anime considering we have an easy enough word to use for that near at hand: ecchi.
Originally Posted by Kamui4356
That said, I also don't think fanservice should be limited to sexual things like panty shots or bouncing breasts. Something like a character who isn't introduced until volume 8 of the manga appearing in a crowd during episode one of the anime are clearly done just for the fans. Stuff like that should be considered fanservice, even though they aren't sexual.
The best example of this kind of fanservice that I can think of is the inclusion of Tsubomi in the anime Shuffle. She serves absolutely no purpose. She has no speaking parts. She's never even named; however, every fan of the Shuffle game recognizes her and knows exactly who she is. That's service for the fans.
Originally Posted by Tiberium Wolf
I think panty shots or bouncing breasts are more easy to spot that a char in a crowd.
Cameos, in-jokes, homages, etc aren't that much noticable by the common viewer.
But that's the whole point. That's why it's fanservice. It's not supposed to be easy to spot. It rewards the die hard fans.

An American example: Stan Lee has been shown prominently on screen of just about every Marvel movie made (Spider Man, X Men, et al), he occasionally has a speaking part, but he's not an actor. Probably 50% of viewers don't even know who he is (he came up with the ideas for most of Marvel's most popular heroes). His inclusion is service for the fans. The X Men movies in general are LOADED with fanservice, tons of little bits and mentions and in-jokes that only fans get. And, on top of that, you get Mystique walking around naked half the time (something she doesn't do in the comics). Another kind of fanservice.
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Old 2006-06-21, 03:03   Link #44
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How can anyone call himself a purist when he/she believes in the american version of the word "Fanservice"? Americans had quite a dominant anime market aside the Japanese one for the last 15-20 years, so the fans took over words and reshaped their meaning so that they don't necessarily mean the same in the japanese environment. No, I believe the term "purist" should be for people that go for originality.
The japanese definition of the word "Fanservice" definitely isn't referring to only sexual content. Everything was pretty much said already, but if we take moe elements for example - they're not sexual elements at all, yet they are considered as a type of fanservice found in almost every modern anime.
Moreover, is perhaps an anime conversion from a novel or a game considered as fanservice? It really depends for who. Take a casual anime fan, who just happened to watch Fate/stay night. Could he think the show itself is fanservice? No. What about a long term TYPE-MOON fan? He could think of it as fanservice, of course: he was able to see his favourite characters animated, he was able to hear them voiced, perhaps with a super popular seiyuu like Kawasumi Ayako... the things anime-only watchers take for granted were only seen by primary franchise fans as things from a distant dream.
The question remaining is: Do fans choose what is fanservice or do the creators do that? The word kind of implies that creators should have the biggest word in validating content as fanservice, but I think everyone of us can remember at least one occasion where a company did a huge disservice to the fans when they were trying to service us. (*cough*MahouSenseiNegima*cough*)
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Old 2006-06-21, 13:10   Link #45
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Arrow pointless forums?

Originally Posted by rooboy666
Is it just me, or does this same topic come back about every five or six months?
That's what forums are all about, isn't it?

Originally Posted by rooboy666
I don't really understand why we couldn't just stop with what the wiki says.
Well, Wiki isn't the end of knowledge either. As everyone says, it's made by people like you and me. I mean look at Nirvana "Love Buzz" single's article. They don't even mention that's a cover. What a blasphemy.
I'm to lazy to edit it though.
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Old 2006-06-21, 14:28   Link #46
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What is fanservice, you ask?

I generally define fanservice as a dividing line between showing anime girls in decent clothing... and showing anime girls' bare chests and lower genitalia. Fanservice generally just "teases" the viewer with an image of an anime girl showing her underwear clearly, or showing that she has no covering for her private parts other than her hands or other body part. (I generally prefer the latter)

Oh, and... FANSERVICE = WIN!!!
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Old 2006-06-24, 10:07   Link #47
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Someone forgetting Girls Bravo and DearS?
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