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Old 2004-05-07, 12:46   Link #1
Mad Yoda Steez
Join Date: Feb 2004
Age: 35
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Question Any thoughts?

I am looking for any and all suggestions about a new anime to catch up to/ watch in entirety once I am caught up on One Piece. I really love Naruto, FMA, One Piece. I also really enjoyed some of the more obscure but really sweet (as in kind of cute ) animes like Secret of Cerulean Sand, Future Boy Conan (and anything else that Miyazaki has done for that matter). LOVED Cowboy Bebop and Trigun. Any thoughts? (Oh, I also do not particularly enjoy the Evangelion/Gilgamesh types, though if you really think that there is another that I should see, I'm open to possibilities -_0) Thanks!!!
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Old 2004-05-07, 13:55   Link #2
Senior Member
Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: A realm beyond that which is reality.
Age: 35
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Well its obvious you like the mainstream anime going around so I'll mention Inu-Yasha its over 150 episodes thus far in so you may wanna check that out. Another one you can find about thats 100+ episodes is yu yu Hakusho its a cool series, comedy, fighting much like the ones you like. If you want shorter series with action check out:

- Shadow skill
- Tokyo underground
- Air Master
- Condor Hero
- Konjiki no gash bell
- Scrapped princess
- Avenger

for romance, drama, dark, and sometimes comedy blah blah check out:

- Da Capo
- Tenshi no konamaiki
- ST luminous Mission High School
- Mermaids Forest
- Star Ocean Ex
- Ufo princess warukyura (both seasons)

And a nice oVa I just watched with some great action scenes is Triangle Heart (thought perhaps it would be a sappy love triangle or something though others said it wasn't, now I agree its a good watch check it out)
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Old 2004-05-07, 14:02   Link #3
Senior Member
Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: God forsaken middle of nowhere, Texas
Hmm, there a lot of new series, just off the top of my head;

Dark and edgy-
Bakuretsu Tenshi

Midori no Hibi

Kenran Butoh Sai
Peacemaker Kurogane
Full Metal Panic Fumoffu

PlanetES- near future sci fi, more story and character driven
Shingetsutan Tsukihime (if you havent already seen it)

If you had some specific genre you were looking for, we could probably narrow it down a little more. There is a ton of stuff availible right now.
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Old 2004-05-07, 18:18   Link #4
Mad Yoda Steez
Join Date: Feb 2004
Age: 35
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Thanks already! I love some new recommendations. I have also seen Peace Maker Kurogane and loved that too (thanks Arwyn ) I think that i will go with Inu-Yasha for now, but please make some more recommendations! I am not only in to the popular stuff as some of the things I have seen suggest ;-) , but I am definitely going to record all of these thoughts for later use

(if this posts twice, sorry, I forgot to fill in some blanks!!!)
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Old 2004-05-07, 18:54   Link #5
Join Date: Feb 2004
I'm surprised you like Future Boy Conan, not many people apreciate that show. It has a good story too. ^^

Here is another show that's not quite popular but has a good story:

- Popolocrois Story

I also want to sugest Princess Tutu but it just got licensed. Feel free check it out when it's out on DvD tho. It's a really good series. I really recomend it since you enjoy Future Boy Conan and Secret of Cerulean Sand.
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Old 2004-05-07, 23:41   Link #6
Join Date: Jun 2003
Since you like Naruto and One Piece I think you should check out Hunter x Hunter. It's really great if you like those shows.
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