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Old 2006-12-27, 13:30   Link #121
psycho bolt
Join Date: Nov 2006
I want the power to see through things. ^^
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Old 2006-12-27, 18:23   Link #122
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2005
Eternal Youth, Regeneration and Immunity from Diseases
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Old 2006-12-27, 21:12   Link #123
seventh fonon
Join Date: Dec 2006
fly, makyohyosho, and super speed.
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Old 2006-12-28, 01:54   Link #124
Nani ?
Join Date: Mar 2004
Location: Emerald Forest ( yes its a real place. )
1.Immortality with the exception of suicide
2.Limitlessly powerfull telekinesis.
3.precision based Mind control ( meaning I could choose to simply change a few things and let them keep their will, or make the target into a complete puppet. )

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Old 2006-12-28, 10:50   Link #125
Champion of Obscurity
Join Date: Jun 2006
Location: Sweden
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1. Immortality, along with not feeling any pain.
2. Invisibility
3. Mind control
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Old 2006-12-29, 19:06   Link #126
Zu Ra
✖ ǝʇ ɯıqnɾl ☆
Join Date: Feb 2006
Location: Mortuary : D
My Otaku Wishlist would be

- Forcing Tv Tokyo to Broadcast here with Subs

- Convince kishimoto to kill Sauckay off

- Force Kazuyz to carry on with Saiyuki

- Also get my hand on many old anime series ( 70-80s )
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Old 2006-12-29, 19:42   Link #127
Absolute Haruhist!
Join Date: Mar 2006
Age: 30
1) Absolute control over matter, negating even quantum uncertainty.
2) Harness infinite energy.
3) Space/time transcendence, allowing me to travel between or across time, dimensions and universes.

These 3 abilities combined = the powers Haruhi-sama will have if she awakens, in other words, abilities only a god would have.
No longer a NEET so I'll not be online as often.
Ignore gender and kick sexuality to the curb!
I'm a big mecha fan, who keeps playing the SRW series.
When I say 'My god...', god refers to Haruhi-sama.

My art album updated 11th May 2013, Science.
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Old 2006-12-29, 19:51   Link #128
Join Date: Feb 2006
1) power to negate other powers
2) infinite winning abilities even if outcome is .001 to 99.999
3) multiple mind control at once

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Old 2006-12-29, 19:57   Link #129
Zu Ra
✖ ǝʇ ɯıqnɾl ☆
Join Date: Feb 2006
Location: Mortuary : D
3 non Oatku wishes

- Rule some 3rd world banana Republic off course as a dictator

- Observe seiyu voicing Hentai how do they fake it so well ?

- Control time so as to kill off dubbers even before they exsisited and for a lot many things
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Old 2006-12-29, 20:00   Link #130
Monarch Programmer
Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: Liverpool
Age: 36
Control time. But only to be able to go backwards. (Ya know to prevent misusage)
Current Anime - Attack on Titan
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Old 2006-12-29, 20:49   Link #131
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2004
Location: Currently AFK
hmm... I would go with

Full controll over my body, I mean totaly controll over what it does.
Example: stop bleeding after getting a cut on the finger or such.

Learn as I hear things

Become good at everything I want to fast
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Old 2006-12-30, 05:09   Link #132
Snape: "I hate Potter!"
Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: Australia
What I would wish for is

1. immortality (and i do not mean just not growing old but complete invincibility to the concept of death)

2. All the Knowledge and Wisdom of past present and Future.

3. The ability to teleport instantaneously to any place you wish, ANY place you wish!
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Old 2006-12-30, 21:27   Link #133
I'm a Senior Member!
*Graphic Designer
Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: The Bronx
Age: 25
1. X-ray vision

2. Immortality(eternal youth and can't die n stuff)

3. Godly sword weilding skills
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Old 2007-01-08, 21:59   Link #134
Junior Member
Join Date: Jan 2007
Age: 36
i was reading through this thread and it got me wondering...

wondering if anyone really considered the burden of having such powers...

well, putting aside things like as much money as you want (they say money cannot buy happiness, but it can allow you to suffer in comfort LOL), the other frequently mentioned powers make life a bit hard i think...

for example knowledge of everything... what is the point of living if you cannot learn anything new? i think in the long run it would be terribly boring...

immortality... well, i'm sure everyone knows thousands of examples when such a trait turns out ot be more of a burden for a certain character than a blessing... even if it's joined by eternal youth... you see all things around changing so quickly, it's hard to actually adapt and then not to mention everything dear to you withers and dies while you can just watch... and even if that does not move you much, you will probably be simply bored after some time...

not feeling any pain... well, maybe it's just a masochist in me... but i think without pain you cannot really appreciate the good things in life...

and every time people mention "seeing through things", "x-ray vision" and such i wonder if they want it all the time or just so they can turn it off if desired...

now having said all that, i must say i am not any better in my wishes... lol

first thing that came to my mind were the powers that Chevaliers from Blood+ had... no need for eating or sleeping, keeping the exact appearance they had in the moment of being changed, virtual immortality and regeneration - though i think they must have felt pain, at least that's what one might guess from seeing their facial expressions while they got all those wounds, hehe... the only problem i can think of in their case, or at least the most serious one, being loneliness i think... but there have to be some drawbacks to things, right?

so my wish would be to become a Chevalier... but then again they were all guys, so i think that's not quite possible... lol
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Old 2007-01-08, 22:39   Link #135
[- Caramelldansen Spam -]
Join Date: Aug 2006
1. The ability to create any object (preferably something hard)
2. The ability to wield any object with no restraint whatsoever (I would like to carry one of those huge anti-tank cannon guns and not break a sweat)
3. The ability to increase/decrease hardness, mass, strength, power of any object (Have a staple gun be able to take out an army of robots with a single clip)
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Old 2007-01-09, 02:33   Link #136
Join Date: Feb 2006
1. Super strenght (Which would come with ultra speed, able to use Naruto jutsus for example :lol
2. Infinite money
3. Cabable of reading peoples minds if I wanted to.
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Old 2007-01-09, 03:24   Link #137
Join Date: Jan 2007
One wish - Omnipotence.
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Old 2007-01-09, 14:23   Link #138
Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: Tartu, Estonia
Age: 30
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No money or immortality for me.
I just want complete control over space and time, which should give me everything i need.
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Old 2007-01-09, 14:43   Link #139
~ You're dead ^__^* ~
*Graphic Designer
Join Date: Apr 2006
Location: uk, England
Age: 27
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hmmm ~

1) female magnet sounds good :3
2) indestructible ~ so i can jump off buildings unhurt ~
3) super kick ass kungfoo skills (speaks for itself)

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Old 2007-01-10, 10:00   Link #140
Red-Winged Angel
A Fallen Male Angel
Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: Earth's Shadow
Age: 28
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(making myself human for this one)

Well here goes nothing:

1. Regeneration Immortality: can change what i look like (age wise), can feel pain but only to an exent, most of my emotions stay with me.
2. Ultimate Control: were i can control anything and everything (like time/space, people, atoms, etc.)
3. The power of Ki: The unlimited supply of it: meaning that i never get tired and that I can control it without even having to think about it. and yet i will have to train for the final accending.
I am a Fallen Angel to some, yet a demon to others. I fight for whom I believe is with helps my pain...
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