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Old 2004-06-17, 14:27   Link #41
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I'd have to say the creator of GTO(I can't recall his name, or if it's even a him) and Akira Toriyama. I've always looked up to Toriyama, he's just one of those artists I really admire.
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Old 2004-06-18, 11:14   Link #42
Shi-Fa Staff
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Aoyama Gosho (Detective Conan)
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Old 2004-06-18, 11:27   Link #43
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i happen to like
Natsuki Takaya (fruits basket)
CLAMP (chobits, clamp school detectives, ray earth...)
Nobuyuki Anzai (flame of recca)
Rumiko Takahashi(Ranma 1/2, inuyasha)
and Yu Watase (fushigi yugi)
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Old 2004-06-18, 11:36   Link #44
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Many of my favorites have already been mentioned, artists like Rumiko Takahashi, Mitsuru Adachi, Azuma Kiyohiko, Osamu Tezuka and many more. However there are some that I haven't seen mentioned...

Leiji Matsumoto - The man has been creating amazing manga and anime stories for a couple decade now. Creating sprawling universes and histories of charaters and worlds ranging from the super sci-fi trains in space (Galaxy Express 999) to comedic westerns (Gun Fronteir). While each series and manga can be enjoyed by itself it can also be taken as a part of a huge universe, the Leijiverse! Needless to say, I love his works.

Ashinano Hitoshi - For about a decade now he has been working on one manga series with a dedicated following. His series, Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, is superbly written and executed. With a pace and feel no other manga can match, his work is truely unique. His characters are thoughtful and profound and it would seem that a great deal of time is spent so the character's expressions are perfect.
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Old 2004-06-20, 00:57   Link #45
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the one's that i can think about from the top of my head:

Obana Miho - Kodomo no Omocha, Neko no Shima
Yazawa Ai - Gokinjyo Monogatari, Tenshi Nanka Jyanai, Nana
Mizusawa Megumi - Hime-chan no Ribon, Naisho no Princess

my list hasn't been updated in the past few years. i havn't read any new mangas since 5 years ago. it's a shame, i know.
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Old 2004-07-10, 15:12   Link #46
The Black Dragon
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Akira Toriyama (a god)
Yoshihiro Togashi (Yuu Yuu Hakusho and HunterXHunter)
Kamijyo Akimine (Samurai Deeper Kyo)
Nobuhiro Watsuki (Rurouni Kenshin)
Masashi Kishimoto (Naruto)

erm i think that's it for now..
-- love of my life

-- current most favourite
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Old 2004-07-10, 17:41   Link #47
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Hirohiko Araki (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Steel Ball Run)

Nobuyuki Anzai (Flame of Recca, Mar, Rocket Princess)

Morita Masanori (Rokudenashi Blues, Rookies)
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Old 2004-07-11, 00:54   Link #48
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favorite - Rumiko Takahashi and Tsutomi Nihei
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Old 2004-07-11, 10:09   Link #49
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My number one of all time is Tanemura Arina!!! I love her art!!! It's so detailed and her stories are the best! Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne is my favorite story that she's done!

My number two would be Yuu Watase! Fushigi Yugii was one of my first animes and I adored it! Right now I'm reading her manga called Alice 19th. Another great work of art!

My number three is Yshizumi Wataru. Marmalade boy was a good story and I loved her most recent one called Ultra Maniac:P

And my number four is Natsuki Takaya! I completely adore Fruits Basket!!! I've watched the whole anime series twice now and I can't wait to buy the manga!!!
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Old 2004-07-12, 20:31   Link #50
smiles with big mouth!
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Originally Posted by Hassamu
I'd have to say the creator of GTO(I can't recall his name, or if it's even a him) and Akira Toriyama. I've always looked up to Toriyama, he's just one of those artists I really admire.
Creator of GTO is Tohru Fujisawa, and i second him

Also Masakazu Katsura is a great manga-ka. (video girl AI, I''s, DNA2)
I can't believe he only had gotten one mention so far!!
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Old 2007-12-04, 13:03   Link #51
I My Me Strawberry Eggs
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My favorite manga artists:
1. Kaworu Watashiya (Kodomo no Jikan)
2. Tohru Fujisawa (GTO, Rose Hip Zero)
3. Kou Fumizuki (Ai Yori Aoshi)
4. Hiyoko Kobayashi (My Wife is a High School Girl)
5. CLAMP (Card Captor Sakura, Chobits)
6. Kji Kumeta (Sayonara, Zetsubo-Sensei)
7. Q-taro Hanamizawa (REC)
8. Yu Aida (Gunslinger Girl)
9. Keitaro Arima (Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase)

Kaworu Watashiya- knows how to draw a very cute feminine and three-dimensional loli like Kokonoe Rin. And she has such a cool fashion sense for drawing cute dresses for Kokonoe and other lolis. Her in-depth storytelling is refreshingly hilarious as well. I like her particular use of out-of-panel surroundings.

Tohru Fujisawa- his fluid artwork style enhances the angsty and dark mood of the GTO and Rose Hip Zero. He draws very good facial expressions in depth. He also draws exciting, well-paced, cool action scenes

Yua Kotegawa- this artist's very underrated work called Arcana deserves recognition. Yua was able to draw a suspenseful but not-so-frightening and sometimes funny horror/mystery drama story. Characters' emotional attachments are portrayed well. I like how Yua Kotegawa draws the eyes of the female protagonist called Maki. Maki's eyes are very brightly enthralling and sometimes reveal emotion when she displays her mood.

Hiyoko Kobayashi- knows how to draw cute busty girls. I don't like bigbreasted women, but in Hityoko's manga Oku-sama wa Joshi Kousei, female characters' large boobs look anatomically well-drawn, shapely with pretty areolas and are in perfect proportion. Hiyoko's ecchi artwork in Oku-sama wa Joshi kousei is top-notch as well as gorgeous.

CLAMP- they know how to draw cute girls like Sakura, Tomoyo, Chii or Misaki. Their background artwork is pretty impressive, considering in the CCS manga that there are flowers surrounding the characters to stimulate some fort of fluffy, sweet feelings.

Kji Kumeta-sensei's detailed artwork in the manga Sayonara, Zetsubo-Sensei is amazing. I love how this manga-ka make the characters walk or stand out of the panels and decided not to surround the characters' enlarged visages within the confines of a four-corner panel. In addition, Kumeta-sensei's fashion sense is extraordinarily innovative. I've never seen a more definitive, cuter artwork of the traditional sailor-style schoolgirl uniform. I also like the artist's kimono designs in Sayonara, Zetsubo-Sensei.

Q-taro Hanamizawa's detailed artwork in the two manga REC and NAGI is pretty amazing. Hanamizawa-sensei's male and female characters are poilshed and well-drawn. In addition the artist draws not only very cute girls but also draws their equally cute chests and shapely figures.

Yu Aida draws amazingly lush landscapes in detail. The way Yu Aida draws the landscapes in Italy almost make you believe they look real. Aida's art style fits the cuteness and emotions of the loli girls like Henrietta, Rico, Elsa and Triela.

Kaoru Kawakata's art style was so full of details that you can actually see the wooden planks of a house in the manga Open Sesame. Kawakata-sensei also draws such a beautiful sunset in some of the chapters of Open Sesame. However, the way Kawakata-sensei draws facial expressions is rather unimpressive. The characters' facial expressions lack emotion and look fake enough to make you believe that they are acting.

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Old 2007-12-06, 08:39   Link #52
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I love Mayu Shinjo. Her art is SO beautiful. The men she draws are SOOOO LOVELY!
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Old 2007-12-06, 14:32   Link #53
Make Your Move
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I would have to say
1. Fred Gallagher (Megatokyo)
2. Kou Fumizuki (Ai Yori Aoishi)
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Old 2007-12-06, 16:18   Link #54
Busaiku Chama
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Easily Naoki Urasawa.
20th Century Boys, Monster, Master Keaton, Pluto, Yawara, etc. All wonderful works.
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Old 2007-12-23, 23:07   Link #55
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I like CLAMP, Rumiko Takahashi, Kōsuke Fujishima (Oh My Goddess, You're Under Arrest--wish more was in English, and I have grown to like Yukiru Sugisaki (DNAngel, Candidate for Goddess). Fruits Basket is the only work by Natsuki Takaya I have read, but I like it so much I would like to read others.

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Old 2008-01-12, 13:41   Link #56
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Naoki Urasawa. I believe this thread has already explained why he deserves the top spot of all Mangakas.
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Old 2008-01-12, 15:40   Link #57
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Authors I like for either their artwork or their scenarios:

- Asaki Masashi. I love the work he put with Ando Yuma into Psychometrer Eiji. At first I was getting GTO vibes with the artwork but it definitely evolved into something more. This is one of the series I hold dearest and that will always have a special place in my heart. Highly detailed, realistic. Excellent for a supernatural-tinged whodunit. Right up other series like The Kindaichi Mysteries but with psychometry rather than brainstorming. His latest series, Shibatora, is also quite interesting but I prefer Psychometrer Eiji for its depth and abundance.
- Sadamoto Yoshiyuki. He's the mangaka of the Neon Genesis Evangelion manga. Enough said. Or not. You can recognize his trademark character designs from afar even without the 'Y.S.' signature at the bottom of the picture - simply gorgeous and well-matched for the stories he works on (.hack / Neon Genesis Evangelion).
- Oogure Ito (Oh! Great). While his storytelling skills are questionable for those who aspire to become nitpicky readers, his art is one of the best I ever seen. His anatomic, technical and background studies are simply stunning. Seeing cars, engines or tools being disassembled for the sake of a breath-taking scene would make even the most maniacal technical artist cry in shame. You just can't get more of it. Also recommended if you like buxom ladies, panty shots and ecchi comedy. I'm still following Air Gear and Tenjou Tenge, although I have very little knowledge about his earlier works (hentai included).
- Hagiwara Kazushi. Same thing for Oh! Great. I'm not sure I really like the random directions Bastard!! has been taking in the much later (yet to be scanlated) volumes but the detail he puts into certain frames command utter respect. I can't even begin to imagine the number of hours he must have put while drawing certain scenes. It's dizzying.
- Hiroe Rei. You want fun, mixed with dynamic action, gunfights and a gritty, sarcastic reality? Look his way. While his art is nowhere as detailed as say, Oh! Great, it is excellent for his series Black Lagoon.
- Kaori Yuki. Dark, gothic and sadistic at moments but gifted with excellent shoujo-ish artwork, her stories draw you into mazes built from humanity's depravity, failures and twisted personalities. If you're into dark, gloomy stories where everyone is psychologically sick, then I suggest investing your money into her Angel Sanctuary series. I'd even reccommend Count Cain and its sequel Godchild but I didn't like the ending.
- Aoyama Gosho. Very simple artwork but formidable writing skills, especially when it comes to devising enigmas and plot turns. Although his pacing can be excruciatingly slow for his main series (which can't be helped considering the plot), he is sure to keep you occupied for a while. Detective Conan is, after all, one of the longest-running manga series still being published, along with Inuyasha or Hajime no Ippo.
- Fujisawa Tohru. Excellent humor, facial expressions and fascinating stories that, while certain to make you blow a gut laughing, can still make you reflect on the ordeals and flaws of modern society. Great Teacher Onizuka is a must-read, although his later works (Tokko, Reverend D, Kamen Teacher) leave somewhat to be desired.
- Aida Yu. Depressing, enthralling and realistic, Gunslinger Girls is one series I'm dead set on keeping track of, even if I know it most likely won't get a happy ending. His depiction of a politically unstable Italy and life at the Social Welfare Office are mesmerizing. If you like little girls with guns and gloom, then Gunslinger Girls is your new friend.
- CLAMP. The art is...special, yeah, but I'm particularly hooked on xxxHolic and the mysteries behind Watanuki. Although it appears fairly episodic, you can still see the main character evolve, just as more questions about his origins pop all around. It's like wine - the older it gets, the better it tastes. If you can stand the esoteric background and the long-limbed designs, then give it a try.
- Moriyama Daisuke. I love his action-oriented, well-drawn artwork. Simple but efficient, you can't help but admire the perfect proportions of his characters' bodies, as though they were born to perform the moves he confers to them. Just read World Embryo and you'll see what I mean. Not to mention that his story-telling skills have nothing to envy to his artistic qualities.
- Ji-Hyoung Song AKA Double-S. Okay, he's from Korea but don't let it deter you. You liked Black Lagoon but wish for a darker setting with a little more technology behind? Until Death Do Us Part will be your next meal. Action is outstanding, highlighted by a very realistic (and it keeps itself simple, to top it off) art. A must-grab if you have a particular liking for a blind swordsman pitted against a flock of gunmen, and a small girl gifted with precognition.
- Sasaki Shonen. Those who haven't read Shingetsutan Tsukihime, you know what you need to do if you dig horror stories mixed with action. His/her work for the manga adaptation of Lunar Legend Chronicles (Shingetsutan Tsukihime) exceed all expectations. If you thought it'd be an umpteenth, two-cent copy-and-paste adaptation, then you're dead wrong. It's one thrilling work, with very good art. Just buy it for the sake of Arcueid and Nanaya-mode Shiki.
- Fujishima Kosuke. I just love how he draws women, without overdoing their body assets or falling into blatant ecchi and fanservice. Although I don't read Oh! My Goddess as much as before, I still hold some fondness for his simple art and the vehicle drawings (he's a fan of racing vehicles after all) he makes. Well-suited for makes-you-feel-good, comedy manga.
- Kano Yukishiro. His artwork was made for reasonable ecchi and comedy, all the while being excellent on their own. For those who've liked the gut-busting situations in Pretty Face, Mx0 is the next stop. The faces his characters make when they're in a pinch or about to blow a vein are hilarious enough to make you suffer from lung collapse.
- Miura Kentaro. Need I even explain? His Western-looking drawings are sumptuous. End of story. The universe he created for Berserk is stunning in both depth, execution and aesthetics. You can look at each character's outfit for hours, marveling at the details he put into them. Looking for intense, large-scale fights involving a giant sword, magic and a haunted mercenary? Berserk will be your middle name. You just know it. God knows I didn't like the concept at first but when I picked up one book just to take a look, I simply couldn't put it down without wishing to know what would happen next. That's how I spent the entire night reading the whole series till the latest chapter.
- Urasawa Naoki. Flame me all you want, but I definitely prefer his scenarios to his drawings. Somehow the facial expressions have me cringing when I switch from 20th Century Boys to Monster - the same scowls and blank expressions all over. Little variation IMHO. But you can't deny that, when it comes to crafting an extremely circuitous story with completely unexpected plot turns, there is no one that can compete with him. A master storyteller, indeed.

That's about it, I think. I'll add more if I can find more.
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Old 2008-01-13, 06:36   Link #58
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Oh!Great:First of all,he is the one who has created my favorite manga,Majin Devil.And I like his drawing style very much.(Yeah...I'm fond of naked manga girls^^)

Ken Akamatsu:I've only read two series of him(Negima! and Love Hina),but I like what he does.His drawings aren't that beautiful,but the stories are quite attrative.And also,each character has a specific temper that makes me like each of them.

There are some more Mangakas that I like,but I've just developped my really favorite ones.
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Old 2008-01-13, 12:14   Link #59
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Mine were:

Yuu Watase: I just find her art way too gorgeous. I'm trying to learn her way of style.

Bisco Hatori: I don't know why I like her style, I usually don't prefer this kind of art but I find it very appealing and entertaining. It must the eyes of her characters....

Clamp: Especially Card Captor Sakura, Chobits and Shirahime-Syo.

I'm very picky when it comes to style so I only have a few Favorites.
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Old 2008-01-17, 08:51   Link #60
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Urasawa has detailed drawings from the way I see it, but indeed facial expressions don't really vary much, leaving some ambiguity in some cases, but I like his art style for the way he likes to express all the details, unlike many mangas I've seen with background details and such as blanks, he never does that. As well as the little little things he likes to hide within details which gravely aids his storytelling.
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