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Old 2016-01-19, 08:00   Link #261
Maddo Scientisto
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Originally Posted by SPARTAN 119 View Post
There are three (four at a stretch) that I have seen, actually, of course, since backwards time travel is, to the best of human scientific knowledge impossible, so authors can make shit up (convenient):

1. Time travel essentially resets the universe, allowing the actions of the traveller to steer events into a new direction.

2. Time travel essentially creates an alternate where the time traveller intervened in whatever manner they chose to.

3. The retroactive nature of time travel- because it already happened, the time traveller was in the past all along, and thus, they must have failed in whatever he attempted to change it.

Basically, if Erased follows the first rule, Satoru can save the Kayo and mom from this universe.

If it follows the second, Satoru created and/or transferred his conciousness to a new universe with a new Kayo and a new mom who may survived depending on his actions.

Erased cannot follow the third, as Satoru has succeeded in saving lives through time travel past (at least apparently).

The fourth possibility is some sort of hybrid of the alternate universe and retroactive rules, as seen in Steins;Gate, in which new timestreams can only branch off at certain points otherwise, it time travel is retroactive. Personally, I think this one is a bit weird- shouldn't any event that could go one of two or more ways create a branch- so the number of branch points are essentially infinite. But whatever, its all writers making shit up anyway.

Or, alternatively:

I think the Steins;Gate point of view made sense. Multiverse theory was born because quantum theory implies that many outcomes for measurements are possible, and multiverses allow all of them to happen at the same time. Of course it might as well be that a tiny change in an electron in my right finger now will result in a world war in 100 years or not - chaos theory, butterflies and hurricanes and all that - but do we really think it's always going to be like that? It makes sense some changes will just end up being inconsequential. What Steins;Gate poses is that the multiverse landscape works like what in chaos theory is known as a "strange attractor". Think of a very rough, uneven surface full of bumps and valleys. There's a marble on this surface. Going back to the past you can place the marble in different starting points; however the marble will then roll into the nearest valley. What happens is that occasionally a tiny movement of the marble might result in it rolling into a different valley (small changes leading to big consequences) but in other cases it will roll in the same exact place instead and randomness and entropy basically erase any effect of the change. That's what the "divergence" meant in Steins;Gate: you had to change history just enough that the marble could roll in a different valley.
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Old 2016-01-19, 18:13   Link #262
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Didn't like the OP song at first, but it's slowly growing on me. Fitting animation, too.
I already liked the ED from the PV and it didn't disappoint. Nice style from the Shinsekai Yori director.

Yuuki Aoi lending her wonderful voice to Kayo is such a perfect match.

Overall episode 2 was very nice. The letterbox format is fitting and there were some great transitions. I wonder if the oven being displayed in full screen when Satoru entered the house was a slight production error or another hidden hint.
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Old 2016-01-20, 10:14   Link #263
Squirrel Master
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I'm not sure if I said this already but this is shaping up to be my favorite anime of the season and probably one of the top one amongst all Anime I've seen.

It's way too soon, but if they keep this up, it will be.
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Old 2016-01-20, 11:06   Link #264
Waiting for more taiyuki!
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Originally Posted by Marina2 View Post
Are these two guys really the same person?

Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?

Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?

From the way they dressed, they look like different person. It is possible that Man2 is Man1 in a disguise but why would he went around in his casual cloth while looking for a prey but go to kill someone in a suit??? Maybe the culprit has an accomplice?
It's all about the context of the situation.

Because the little girl would find a guy in casual ware approachable, he got his prey. Also, he wouldn't raise any suspicions from the adults with him walking around with a kid. Just out on town with his kid.

A guy in a business suit would be coming home late from work. Again, not really suspicious.
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Old 2016-01-20, 11:56   Link #265
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Moreover its pretty certain its the teacher.
Comparing all the shot's + the scene with the teacher, you can clearly see that its pretty much the same hairstyle AND chin.
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Old 2016-01-20, 14:54   Link #266
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Originally Posted by AC-Phoenix View Post
Moreover its pretty certain its the teacher.
Comparing all the shot's + the scene with the teacher, you can clearly see that its pretty much the same hairstyle AND chin.
It does look that way, but could it be that simple? It actually feels like the story wants us to suspect the teacher.

By the way, I noticed that Satoru's classroom follows the same strange arrangement that you can see in "Assassination Classroom" where you have alternated girls-only and boys-only columns.
It's even funnier that he tried to sit next to a boy, where a girl was supposed to be

That apart I can't help but being bothered that there was no mention whatsoever of Satoru's father and while Satoru remembers that two of his classmates went missing, there is no mention whatsoever of who was the second victim other than Hinazuki.
Oh and then there's the checkov's gun in episode 1. That note that Satoru's mom checked, but we never saw what was written in it, that then fell on the floor and that was picked up by Satoru, who put it in his pocket before reading it, and he never had a chance to actually look at it because he found his mom dead and then he suddenly found himself wanted by the police and then he jumped back in the past...

I have the feeling that he will jump back in the present before the whole thing is solved, there's just too many things left hanging there.

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Old 2016-01-21, 12:01   Link #267
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Well...I want to read manga...but I won't...(for now).
Spoiler for Episode 3:
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Old 2016-01-21, 13:06   Link #268
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Episode 3:

Another great episode. So we know where Kayo's injuries came for the time being.

Damn it, I hate her mother. Seriously, beating on her own daughter?...
As usual, the class tries to pick on Kayo until Satoru came to her help. I'm glad to see Satoru standing up for her. Wouldn't be surprising if Megumi had it all planned out from the beginning.

The chemistry between Kayo and Satoru is still very appealing as they connect and grow closer. Loved the way the used the music as well (dat Yuki Kaijura). The ice skating part felt nostalgic. Overall good stuff.
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Old 2016-01-21, 13:06   Link #269
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- Episode 3 -

Amazing, just amazing episode.

Started in a very interesting way with Satoru trying to get more hints about Kayo's death - like the day when she was murdered for example - and then suddenly everything changed with the scene with Kayo almost naked in the backjard with all her body wounded thanks to her mother, that was really painful to watch, the rage is there because that's not fair for any kid. Then if that wasn't enough the same bit** beating Kayo again and trying to hide her own crime, she deserves to die.

The good thing is how Saturo defended Kayo all the time in the classroom and helped her to get out of that horrendous life for a while, with that scene of the 2 wolves running in the snow, that really melts my heart.

The last scene with the reacher and the kid makes me think something dangerous is coming, also I found the teacher very suspicious.

In my opinion this show already earned the AOTS award.
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Old 2016-01-21, 13:45   Link #270
kari-no-sugata II
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Ep 3 is excellent again. Lovely end to the episode despite all the problems along the way.

Of all the characters so far, the teacher is the most suspicious though it's very subtle.

Is Kayo's mother really the one beating her up or is it that guy? Both of them? They both complicit in child abuse at least.

I dunno what the future holds but it would be kinda cute if Satoru gets his mother to adopt Kayo and they then pretend that they're twins since they have the same birthday
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Old 2016-01-21, 13:52   Link #271
Les Pays Bass
Join Date: Jun 2011
I can only wonder what the teacher and Kenya were talking about.
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Old 2016-01-21, 14:11   Link #272
User of the "Fast Draw"
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Yeah that scene at the end was suspicious as could be. Though might be too obvious if the teacher is actually involved in this. I mean certainly a teacher would be a good position for the killer to be in. Have access to records and addresses. This one especially knows that Kayo is a vulnerable child who would be an easy target.

Anyways that mother is certainly the scummy parent of the season. Beating or at least involved in the beating of her daughter, treating her like garbage, and basically drowning her. Even if they can stop the killer from going after her....will she last long enough to be saved by the system?

Anyways, a strong third episode for the show. It is fun seeing the ups and downs of the relationship growing between Satoru and Kayo. The guy overthinking things in the race and just causing more problems than he would by winning. Understandably pissed at what he's finding out and not having much power to deal with it.

And wow no shocker that Yuuki did end up arrested. Sadly just the kind of person that would be seen as the obvious culprit and focused on heavily. The way he communicated and knowing at least one of the victims probably just added to that. Not the first person charged with a crime they didn't commit. Though what a hellish time for him ending up not only in jail, but on death row as a killer of children...Satoru has his work cut out for him in terms of avoiding this guy also becoming a victim of the killer's actions.
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Old 2016-01-21, 14:45   Link #273
AS Oji-kun
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The way Kayo's mother talked about how she would be blamed for the abuse followed by quick pan to the guy (probably boyfriend rather than husband) seemed pretty strong evidence that he is the abuser and the mother the accomplice.

Wasn't that structure that Kayo was lying in just around the corner from Satoru's house? I'm a bit surprised he didn't talk to his mother about it. Some parents might not believe such a tale from a ten-year-old kid, but I don't think his mother would be one of them. At least he could suggest that she talk to his homeroom teacher about Kayo.

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Old 2016-01-21, 14:55   Link #274
Kaoru Chujo
Yuuki Aoi
Join Date: Jul 2004
Almost too good. I could hardly stand the post-beating scenes and the tension of wondering just what terrible thing will happen next.

Yuuki Aoi continues to be amazing as Kayo, but the actor and actress playing Satoru adult and child are both working for me, too.

By the way, the mother is certainly worthy of blame, but I put most blame on that husband/boyfriend, sitting there smirking and asking that she leave some ice for his drinks. I suspect he is the one who hits Kayo (as SeijiSensei also thinks), and even if he isn't, I suspect the mother is hitting her as his agent or to please him. We shall see. I also agree in finding it odd that Satoru doesn't mention anything to his mother, when he is willing to speak to the teacher. He is, after all, an adult in the form of kid (at least partly).

But I worry that whatever Satoru does will not end up saving her, or will even put her in harm's way.

And certainly it is reasonable to also feel some suspicion of the teacher -- and even of Kenya. This is feeling like a descent into hell.

Hopefully my emotional state will recover in time for me to watch next week's episode, lol.
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Old 2016-01-21, 16:18   Link #275
Wandering Soul
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Kayo has really had it hard. Satoru has to save her from more than just the killer. She won't last long even if the killer is taken care of.

The tree scene was beautiful. It is also a great moment in Satoru and Kayo's growing relationship.

Another great episode.
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Old 2016-01-21, 16:55   Link #276
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When I was watching this episode I noticed the teacher in a lot of the shots were in the shadow covering half if not all of his body. He was also kind of creepy to be honest though he seems to be looking out for Kayo and helping MC a lot as well.

Very enjoyable episode and still.very on point with the direction and execution. God this feels almost like rather than a TV series.
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Old 2016-01-21, 17:51   Link #277
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just seen the first episode and all i can say is... HOLY SH&%. i haven't been this impressed by a series since AOT. this is a must watch.
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Old 2016-01-21, 17:56   Link #278
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laughed when satarou made the girl that tried to bully hinazuki cry
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Old 2016-01-21, 18:12   Link #279
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Is it actually exaggerated I spent some tears of happiness during the Christmas Tree scene? That was really beautiful.
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Old 2016-01-21, 18:18   Link #280
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Originally Posted by HandofFate View Post
laughed when satarou made the girl that tried to bully hinazuki cry
That girl probably had the hots for him, so she got jealous his eyes were all on Kayo. (And together with their mutual animosity)

Now, I just realised the year 1988 was a little special. Are they going down that path?

The last scene IS dangerous. Now that the feels have been built up, I expect the ride to pick up in the next ep.
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