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Old 2004-06-30, 17:14   Link #1
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When Akari's and Hikari's singular form came to earth before, they had a different body right? Also, when they transformed they could of been male instead of female right?

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Old 2004-06-30, 19:59   Link #2
Loves Kaori
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Eh! You have a point there! But please don't spoil the fun XD

There were females because the light stream went through Ryou's and Takeru's head and the light knew that they wanted females ^^
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Old 2004-07-01, 00:51   Link #3
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well the studio thought about that, and what you think is more appealing for anime fans GUYS or GIRLS??

think about the toys and all the items they will sell and the profit they have to make
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Old 2004-07-01, 02:35   Link #4
Ambience Blue
Fate/Stay Delight
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Besides, it's way easier (and more profitable) to show a nude chick climbing out of a cocoon than a nude guy doing the same.

Takeru: OMG! RUN! **flees**
Hikaru (masculinized): Wait, Takeru! Our names almost rhyme!
**Lonely and in despair, Hikaru destroys the world**

Doesn't make for a very long series lol!
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Old 2004-07-01, 05:29   Link #5
Meticulously frivolous
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lol, when the light screened Ryou's head, i kind of feared a guy would come out, he acted kind of gay at the start. That and why is ryou's girl a little kid? what does this say about him? Plus, he tried to kiss Akari in the end, like a "adult kiss"...
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Old 2004-07-01, 18:01   Link #6
Zetsubou shita!
Join Date: Nov 2003
And have you thought what would have happened if Hikari was ugly as hell??

Takeru: OMG! It's a MONSTER!!! **flees**

Just the thought of it while watching the first episode made me laugh
(On second thought, maybe it isn't something to laugh at)
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Old 2004-07-02, 23:15   Link #7
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this is sick...
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Old 2004-07-03, 06:09   Link #8
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Is it just me or I saw a girl that looks exactly like Aoyama Motoko in Love Hina, who is highly skilled in japanese sword fight...
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Old 2004-07-04, 02:59   Link #9
Meticulously frivolous
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Age: 31
If Hikari was ugly, i wouldnt watch the amine, i wouldnt want to see a ugly girl hover down a tree...
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