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Old 2004-06-02, 08:16   Link #21
also known as K!
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Garnet Crow - "Yume mita ato de"
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Old 2004-06-19, 18:52   Link #22
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Originally Posted by GreenTze
I'm listening to a song by M-Flo featuring BoA. I believe it's called "Love Bug". Try that songs out. It has a pop-rap feel.
Yeah I like that song, but I'm not a BoA fan, I don't even like her Korean stuff, well a couple of songs. (Sara especially)

But for the whole R&B/Hip Hop/Pop feel no one does it better and more natural than C-kay (Crystal Kay) Well maybe Double, I love her music.......I love both

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Old 2004-06-19, 21:31   Link #23
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I'm listening to Shiki no Uta (Ending from Samurai Champloo). Its much better than the TV version and I'm kind of stuck on it.

Also Tune the Rainbow from Rahxephon movie is quite good as well.
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Old 2004-06-19, 23:02   Link #24
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"Voyager" by JAM Project

that song rox!
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Old 2004-06-21, 13:34   Link #25
Riza Hawkeye
RoyxRiza Fangirl!
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Shimokawa Mikuni - Sore ga, ai deshou
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Old 2004-06-26, 08:04   Link #26
Hail to the Sky~
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Definitely... definitely... get "kaze ga fuku hi" by Megumi Hayashibara.. oh man, that has to be THE best song by her... it's got such a great arrangement (double bass, piano, acoustic guitar, tenor saxophone, brush[?] drums, single and double tracked lead vocals, backup vocals, and very light synthesizer touches here and there...) Ahh, and it's such a soothing song you just wanna drift away~~
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Old 2004-06-27, 00:03   Link #27
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I don't know if this is soothing, but something that sooths me (even though it's a bit creepy) is the... I think ED for Please Save my Earth, composed by Yoko Kanno I think...Toki no Kioku.

Another one is Sakamoto Maaya's "Kuuki to Hoshi" from Chikyuu Shoujo Arjuna. Very very haunting but lovely.

What else... BONNIE PINK's It's Gonna Rain doesn't exactly fit, but it's got a very comfortable, easy feel to it (for me at least)

Buzy's Cosmos no Saku Goro ni is also somewhat calm or slow...

I second Mou Sukoshi (by Saori Atsumi) and Minawo's songs (Tenohira no Hikari <3 Their vocals might be a bit off but once you get used to it it's lovely. I would want to learn guitar just to play this song.)

Kuroishi Hitomi's Over The Sky (Last Exile ED) is.. okay, scrap that, it's not calming, it's somewhat uplifting and yet ethereal.

Er... what else, listen to the ED of Maria-sama ga Miteru, Sonata Blue. It's instrumental though, I don't know if you'd like it...

The ED of Le Portrait de Petite Cossette... Houseki by Inoue Marina, has a relaxing effect because it's soothing (but again, sad...)

The ED for Gatekeeprs, Kyou kara Asu E by Matsusawa Yumi is also relaxing and calm.

Princess Tutu's ED, watakushi no koi wa chiisai keredo, by (the late) Okazaki Ritsuko, is also a strong recommendation... I love this song, it makes me feel very laid back and at peace with myself.

Also, the ED from Chrno Crusade, Sayonara Solitaire by Chiba Saeko.

Melody Ni, the ED from Strange Dawn would be nice but I hate the singing...

(In bold are the ones I suppose fit the best.)

And hey, even if the original poster doesn't reply, it was an useful thread for me. Possibly other people too.
Thanks for the fish
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Old 2004-06-27, 01:36   Link #28
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Originally Posted by apr
Go out and grab "Find the Way" sung by Mika Nakashima. It's very pretty.

Of course, there's a gazillion other songs you should listen to, but that one has very nice lyrics especially. It's used as an ending song for the series Gundam Seed, if that helps you look for it.
Good choice, good choice!

I haven't heard a prettier song in a long time...
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Old 2004-06-27, 20:13   Link #29
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I recommend "There will be love there" by The Brilliant Green, and there are a ton other equally great songs so check them all out if you can.
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Old 2004-07-01, 11:21   Link #30
smiles with big mouth!
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noir- Canta Per Me. makes me feel very laid bak
macross plus- Voices
outlaw star- Tsuki No Le (i believe that was the name). this song is very laid bak as well.
fushigi yuugi OVA 3- Chijou no Seiza.
ビ-グル - 코코로 도서관 OP (if anybody can read that XP). i find this song VERY nice... can nebody translate that? i think it's like "kokoro" or somthing like that
morning musume sakuragumi- Sakura Mankai. it's not too relaxing, but its very good still.
cowboy bebop-Green Bird. its a nice minute and 52 seconds of singing

thats all i can think of now
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Old 2004-07-10, 15:23   Link #31
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sry posted in wrong window
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Old 2004-07-10, 18:10   Link #32
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Join Date: Jul 2004
m-flo f/ melody. & Yamamoto Ryohei - Miss You
m-flo f/ AI & Hinouchi Emi & Rum - STARSTRUCK~"The Return of the LuvBytes"
m-flo f/ CHEMISTRY - Astrosexy
m-flo f/ BoA - the love bug

ayumi hamasaki - Dearest
ayumi hamasaki - NEVER EVER
ayumi hamasaki - Evolution
ayumi hamasaki - M
ayumi hamasaki - Hanabi
ayumi hamasaki - Hanabi ~eps.II~
ayumi hamasaki - memorial address
ayumi hamasaki - No way to say
ayumi hamasaki - Surreal

if you like happy-go-lucky stuff try Moring Musume and the H!P << lots of songs from them but to lazy to name them all ^^;;;

some other random songs:

melody. - believe me
ORANGE RANGE - locomotion
Lead - night deluex
SweetS - Growin' into shining stars
BoA - my name (korean)
Amuro Namie - Put'em up
Dragon Ash - Grateful Days
w-inds - night flight
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Old 2004-07-10, 22:12   Link #33
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Location: Vancouver, Canada eh?
Age: 31
Ayumi hamasaki
Megumi hayashibara
Mr. Children
Namie Amuro
Hikaru Utada
Rina Aiuchi

I have lots more, but I can't find my songlist
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Old 2004-07-10, 23:53   Link #34
Uchiha Itachi
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Luna Sea, X Japan.
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Old 2010-10-04, 19:11   Link #35
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Do As Infinity's fukai mori and kimi ga inai mirai are really good.

ayumi hamasaki's no more words.

no rain, no rainbow by home made kazoku is really good.

nagareboshi by home made kazoku is good.

if you like boa try listening to every heart.

try sphere some of their stuff is ok, though mainly more of a pop group, they do have a song or two that are more jrock-ish.

aika featured on inuyasha is good if you like really really soothing instrumentals. i don' remember who composed it or what orchestra performed it.

try v6's change the world.

try dream's my will (there are several versions of this song; try 'em all).

diamond by alan is really good.

ai takekawa's tooi michi no saki de is really good.

if you want to download some of the music mentioned above you may be interested in the following sites: < free regitration required for use.
check the inuyasha and inuyasha kanketsuhen (final act) catagories on keiichi for a lot of the above songs.
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