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Old 2003-11-07, 04:34   Link #1
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what happen to prince of tennis

Edit by Mod: There have been many requests (intentional or unintentional) asking when the next episode of Prince of Tennis is going to be released, or if the fansub group has stopped fansubbing the series. Since there isn't really an answer to such questions (and the fact it's very rude to pester fansub groups in this way), we request people not to make such inquiries.

If there are any posts making such requests, then they will be closed, deleted or simply merged into this generic "Where is it?" thread. Remember:
  • Fansubs are provided for free. Therefore the fansub groups owe you NOTHING. Which means you have no right to demand anything.
  • Fansub groups should be able to take as long as they feel necessary to release the next episode.
  • Fansubbing takes time. It's not an instant process. It's amazing it usually only takes a few days for some anime, but don't complain when it takes longer. Remember, fansubbers have a life too.
  • Before something can be fansubbed, it actually has to air first in Japan. So it's not very smart to ask why there aren't a whole lot more episodes yet.
  • Most important of all: Be Patient!
Please read the forum rules...
  • Do not ask for when stuff will be released
    Do not ask when episodes will be released. They'll be released once the fansub group is finished with them. All your whining will do is irritate fansub group staff and make them leave the scene. And that will mean even slower releases or none at all. So just have some PATIENCE. Threads which break this rule will be deleted.

Now we return to the original post...

it's been a long time since prince of tennis 95 is out
does anyone know what happen to anime otakus?

Last edited by xris; 2004-07-03 at 09:14.
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Old 2003-11-07, 04:36   Link #2
Don't panic.
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Originally Posted by Sa1nt
it's been a long time since prince of tennis 95 is out
does anyone know what happen to anime otakus?
You might want to read this topic.

(actually, any browser is fine to me as long as it doesn't use IE's rendering engine...)
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Old 2003-11-07, 07:57   Link #3
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Unhappy Is AO Really givin up Prince of Tennis?

Is Ao really gonna give up POT like wad ppl says????
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Old 2003-11-07, 08:00   Link #4
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Unhappy Pot

I just wanna ask if AO is really givin up Prince Of Tennis?
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Old 2003-11-07, 08:08   Link #5
Just call me Ojisan
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Originally Posted by Hummu
Is Ao really gonna give up POT like wad ppl says????
Please do not repeat post in different forums (I've now merged the two threads).

Also, please do not ask if a group is going to stop a series or not.

If they do, they will announce it on their website or on IRC. And if they do ,that's their decision, be thankful that they have produced so many of these fansubs for us already!

Closing thread.
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Old 2003-11-09, 20:54   Link #6
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Prince of Tennis

I'm kinda...lost. but is prince of tennis licensed or has the fansubbing been stopped overall?? Oo
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Old 2003-11-09, 21:50   Link #7
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They are just taking their time.
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Old 2003-11-10, 01:38   Link #8
Fushigi Mystery!! @_@
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Don't you people know by now not to ask when things come out? Aiya.
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Old 2003-11-10, 02:12   Link #9
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hey you took my word DrWho. aiya.hehe. aiya.people need to read those rules or atleast that one rule.

you should read the Do NOT ask when the next episode will be released! thread.
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Old 2003-11-10, 02:26   Link #10
cho~ kakkoii
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Originally Posted by kouri
I'm kinda...lost. but is prince of tennis licensed or has the fansubbing been stopped overall?? Oo
When you get into the main page, there is a link that list licensed animation..If the animation you are looking for is not there than it is most likely not licensed..As for your other question, you can get lots of people mad just by asking it..If you still want your answer you can go straight to the source by using the IRC channel..
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Old 2003-11-11, 04:51   Link #11
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prince of tennis 96

can anyone download prince of tennis 96.
i cant seem to download it. when i click on the link
i hear a sound and no window appear.
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Old 2003-11-11, 05:05   Link #12
Just call me Ojisan
Join Date: Jan 2003
Location: U.K. Hampshire
Here are some suggestions.

i) Find a forum appropriate for your post, do not create a thread in the first forum you come across. You appear to have a Download problem, so posting in the forum for Fansub Discussion is inappropriate!

ii) Once you find the correct place to post, please supply us with some information. Telling us the URL of the torrent would be a start! Click on "the' link", what link? Hear a "sound", that's not exactly helpful...

iii) Since I suspect you are talking about the AnimeTorrent link, I suggest you go to their Forums and ask them as to what the problem is.

Oh yes, (iv). Have a read of the sticky by Flash_Squirrel, BitTorrent Step-By-Step, in the Downloading Help forum. That might help you.
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Old 2003-12-27, 01:58   Link #13
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prince of tennis discontinued?!?

Hi, i was wondering since its been a really long time since the last fansub episode of prince of tennis (tennis no ojisama) was released, so is A-O (anime-otakus) still working on this series? anyone know?
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Old 2003-12-27, 02:02   Link #14
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i heard that the episodes come out once in awhile.. O.O...i forgot where though
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Old 2003-12-27, 04:09   Link #15
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Take a look at this page and specifically the release dates:

Notice the gaps between releases.

3 weeks between 74 and 75
over a month between 75 and 76
3 weeks between 95 and 96

Point: it is WAY to soon to assume they've dropped it.
Fansub groups can take ALL the time they want to create
fansubs. If it takes a little longer than usual -- bare with it.

Anyway, see here for more info:

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Old 2004-04-04, 15:52   Link #16
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a-o prince of tennis 116??

Is anime otaku's still gonna sub PoT? or are they on some sort of break?
i saw 115, and it said 116 was an hour long..does it really take that long to sub an hour??
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Old 2004-04-04, 16:03   Link #17
Just call me Ojisan
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Welcome to the forums but you didn't make a very good impression for your first post.

First of all this forum, Fansubs is for discussing anime series currently available as fansubs. It is not meant to be somewhere to ask when the next episode is going to be fansubbed.

In fact, if you look in this forum, you will notice a sticky called Do NOT ask when the next episode will be released!, don't you think that's a bit of a hint.

Lastly, if you did a little work yourself, you will see that PoT releases are not that regular. Have a look at the series PoT page on AnimeSuki, from this you can try and guess for yourself when the next release is due. In fact recently PoT releases have been pouring out from A-O so just be thankful that a group is still releasing a series after 115 episodes. Have patience, 116 will be released when it's ready.
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Old 2004-04-06, 11:18   Link #18
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Did they stop Prince of Tennis?

I think i read somewhere that PoT was gonna end in March...does that mean the finished or stopped at ep#115?Or are the fansubbers at Otaku delayed or something like that....

Last edited by xris; 2004-04-06 at 12:44. Reason: Thread merged to save me typing the same answer as above
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Old 2004-04-07, 14:39   Link #19
sup bitches
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Prince of Tennis

anyone know where i can get episode 116-124 of the RAWS
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Old 2004-04-07, 18:25   Link #20
Just call me Ojisan
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Location: U.K. Hampshire
I suggest you read your previous post about raws.

But here's a hint. This is the wrong forum to ask, in fact AnimeSuki is really the wrong place to ask at all if you are looking for raws.
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