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Old 2007-06-16, 09:46   Link #181
Part-time misanthrope
Join Date: Mar 2007
I dont know the exact ability of Moria but it I just got an idea I stole from Ninja Scroll :P
There is one guy who can move in the shadows actually hiding him perfectly in them as long as you dont know that he is there. The shadow fruit would allow you to move around in the shadows as long as the place where you go in and where you want to go out are connected by a shadow. Of course you can move quiet a long distance in the night.
I havent thought about offensive moves but maybe he can extend the shadow to either bind the opponent or attack with some shadow blade.
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Old 2007-06-21, 14:07   Link #182
Master of The Sword
Join Date: Dec 2005
Yami Yami Fruit, Goro-Goro Fruit or Mera-Mera fruit.
Those 3 appear to be the most destrutive of the lot.....shown so far
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Old 2007-06-23, 21:34   Link #183
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2007
Ushi Ushi Fruit Model Giraffe totally or Gomu Gomu

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Old 2007-06-26, 02:28   Link #184
one piece rules!
Join Date: Jun 2007
Hmmm... ... ... ... i wanna a devil fruit that can memorise all the devil fruit powers that the consumer see, but can only use lvl1 ability, u know, so as nt to be overall powerfull.
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Old 2007-06-26, 04:57   Link #185
CP9 Apprentice
Join Date: May 2007
Mr4 or whatever that bomber-man's number was..His devil fruit was awesome but he was such a disgusting character with all these nosepick bombs -.-
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Old 2007-06-26, 18:55   Link #186
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Location: M.U
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just get a god-god fruit gives u the ability to use all the devil fruits(all levels) and immortality XD
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Old 2007-07-05, 07:50   Link #187
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2007
i wish i had the gomu gomu fruit that would be so awesome being able to stretch and then either the fire that ace has or ice that Ao Koji has
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Old 2007-07-06, 14:32   Link #188
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2007
If u ask me. I wud want 2 Goro Goro no mi. Becuz those moves r so cul or maybe even...
I dont noe. i just like GoroGoro OK
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Old 2007-07-07, 05:55   Link #189
The Korean Hybrid
Join Date: Jul 2007
Ace's or Smokers.
Maybe one similiar to the powers of Enel/Eneru
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Old 2007-07-09, 17:32   Link #190
Cipher Pol nr.9
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Location: No way, <--supposed to be an R in there but i forgot where:P
Age: 27
just a thought, if u had the lightning fruit...
and an EMP (EectroMagneticPulse) was launched... wouldn't that infect you in some way?

besides with the ice power to ao koji<---correct? you could save the planet from global warming or make an ice castle for youself and the slaves
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Old 2007-07-11, 02:43   Link #191
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2007
I Want Money Money DF Tehehehehehe, So I'm a rich man in the OP WORLD, Then Married With NAMI SWAAANNNNNN

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Old 2007-07-11, 02:52   Link #192
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2007
I Tought Smoke will lose by Aokiji, U Know, CO2 Will Be Frozen at Extreme Minus Temperature

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Old 2007-07-11, 12:08   Link #193
Pirate King
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Location: Grandline
Luffy's power might be handy and he's strength! More gears i hope!
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Old 2007-07-12, 03:43   Link #194
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2007
I think that Yami Yami No Mi is one of the most powerful logia type I cant see any weak points, BlackBeard use just only one attack to defeat Ace the Mera Mera no Mi and when Ace fight with smoker they were the say level
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Old 2007-07-18, 15:51   Link #195
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2007
I think a mizu mizu fruit would be cool
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Old 2007-07-18, 23:06   Link #196
Join Date: Jul 2007
Location: HappyTown, USA
i would want that ice power like Ao Koji has that would seem sweet!
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Old 2007-07-23, 19:22   Link #197
Kazekage Q
Join Date: Feb 2007
Location: Florida
Originally Posted by iKumdo View Post
Me thinks...... you have very little creativity. I mean sure it's overly powerful, but you have to admit, it sounds very stupid. If you're going to say all that, why don't I give you a great fruit.

The Man Man fruit. You gain the combined power of all the human beings of the world. So if one man, on average, can hit with a force of 100 kgs, the man man fruit allows you to hit with 650 billion kgs of force. Pretty crazy? Think of all the crazy stuff you can do with the combined strength of everyone on earth. If one man has the libido to go twice in one night...

(Man Man is an iKumdo copyright protected character, please do not steal the idea. Expect to see him in theatre soon alongside Spider Man 15)
I like this one

If I have to pick a Fruit it would be this one.

But would it mean you speak with all the combined voices (Like really loud?) or you could copy any voice (And be a really good singer?)
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Old 2007-08-28, 18:26   Link #198
33million Humming Brook
Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: Ask me no questions and ill tell u no lies
Age: 24
you guys have to think realistically maybe in the one piece world u would get a strong fruit and go on a killing spree but would u really do that in real life. for those of u without a conciense in todays world we have weapons to take down most devil fruits, emp for enel or rubber suits, huge fire hoses for ace, nuclear bombs for shanks or mihawk or someone like them. so i would choose a fruit just to make everyday life easier. like the hana hana fruit, chop chop fruit or the smoke fruit. but luffys seems the best because i would never have the fear of gettin shot, punched, fallin of a high place and gettin hurt or seriously injured. plus ud be kick ass in a fight. or maybe the friut chopper ate to become incredibly intelligent and enlightened. the only problem i could think to eatin these fruits is the government or accidentally fallin in water
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Old 2007-11-23, 09:29   Link #199
Junior Member
Join Date: Nov 2007
Location: kokoro no naka ni imasu
mera-mera fruit...
so if i hate someone, i just burn them... ahahahaha..
in fact,, i love fire,, hehehe so mera-mera fruit is the best... *want to get burn?? XD*

well i also like hana-hana fruit,,, it makes my life easier though... i can grab anything without moving.. ^.^
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Old 2007-11-27, 04:28   Link #200
Junior Member
Join Date: Nov 2007
me two, i like mera mera fruit... i also got interesting about kuma's ability, his teleport, but i don't think this is a devil fruit...
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