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Old 2013-06-08, 18:27   Link #1
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Anime soundtracks you consider tense/scary?

With all the anime out there, which ones did a great job of creating that tense/ atmospheric feeling through the soundtrack?

My choices-

Paranoia Agent- Even the OP is surreal and bizarre. And the OST is loaded up with tracks such as "Core" that really are quite unsettling sounding

Death Note- What can I say, they added tons of creepy tracks in Death Note. Alot of it is instrumental and dark beats and other pieces-

Perfect Blue- They music went great with the film mood. "Uchida's Theme" and "Nightmare" are some of the most uncomfortable and eerie music pieces I've heard in anime
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Old 2013-06-08, 22:30   Link #2
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Funny that I'm seeing a thread about scary music when I was just lured to listen to Aku no Hana's ED. I wouldn't be surprised if I have nightmares tonight.
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Old 2013-06-08, 22:56   Link #3
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I'd say Shiki's soundtrack does a pretty good job of that. Yasuharu Takanishi is pretty good at doing the suspenseful themes which certainly help in amplifying the sense of fear/danger that the series puts off.

Shion no Ou also features quite a few solid eerie tracks given the murderous backstory behind all the events that transpire. The composer, Kousuke Yamashita has been pretty stellar in nailing the overall mood and atmosphere and his compositions for some of the more recent anime are enjoyable as well.
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Old 2013-06-09, 05:45   Link #4
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Pretty much any series centred around serious theme or horror has very atmospheric and oppressing soundtrack, Tehxnolyze and Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni.
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Old 2013-06-09, 07:38   Link #5
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Old 2013-06-09, 09:35   Link #6
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The battle music in Kawai Kenji's score for Seirei no Moribito is one of my favorites. You can hear it during the opening sequence of episode three soon after the OP ends at 1:30. The driving figure in the cellos is especially powerful and creates a lot of dramatic tension. Also the director, Kamiyama Kenji, choreographs the scenes during the fight to fit the music (or perhaps vice versa). Notice how the musical phrasing pauses when the boy Chagum is full-face on the screen around 3:00. It gives the viewers a moment to catch their breaths before the action resumes.

Kawai uses cellos and basses to good measure in the other main "adventure" theme in Moribito. You can hear it during the river rescue scene in episode one, starting around 5:30.

Kamiyama also times events in this sequence with the music. Listen to how the music changes theme and then key as Balsa jumps into the water and disappears for a moment.
this episode
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Old 2013-06-09, 14:16   Link #7
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Just off the top of my head these come to mind:

Casshern Sins:

I really wish Kaworu Wada got used more because his blend of traditional Japanese music and the modern orchestra is so good for creating atmosphere and tensity. It's a key element in what makes the series it was composed for work so well I think.

Giant Robo:

One of the all time seminal works in anime music composition in my book. Masamichi Amano, another underutilized talent.

Shin Getter Robo Armageddon:

Recently rewatched this and during the whole scene where this track was playing I literally had a face. Yasunori Iwasaki, also hasn't had much work.

Char's Counterattack:

The now legendary (at least in Japan) Gundam flick probably has what I would describe as the most intense and foreboding soundtrack of any Gundam series as composed by then official Universal Century composer Shigeki Saegusa. He would return one more time to compose some new music for the Zeta Gundam compilation movies, but yet again it was a fleeting career.

The Big O:

Another series where the soundtrack really helps fit the mood of a city that has lost it's memories and is uncertain of it's past or future. Of the ones I've listed this is the only one composed by someone that seems to get frequent work in Toshihiko Sahashi. I also think it's his best work even if a case can be made for some of his tracks being outright lifted from English artists.
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Old 2013-06-09, 18:10   Link #8
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I second Death Note OST. I also think the Naruto Shippuuden OST has such tracks, escpacially if compared to the original Naruto OST which was more light-hearted. Actually some parts of Naruto Shippuuden OST somehow resemble the Psycho-Mantis-theme from Metal Gear Solid.

inb4: "naruto fanboy", which I am certainly not.
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Old 2013-06-11, 02:34   Link #9
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All the music in Another is really unsetteling to me. Sounds creepy all the way through.
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Old 2013-06-26, 20:07   Link #10
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Believe it or not G Gundam has compositions related to anxiety.

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Old 2013-06-30, 12:51   Link #11
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Naruto: Shippuden - Kokuten

A beautiful battle entrance theme for Sasuke.

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Old 2013-07-07, 06:45   Link #12
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There's no doubt ..Aku no hana ED * I can't find an english subbed*

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Old 2013-07-08, 04:53   Link #13
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Spoiler for Vivaldi winter, Arrangement by Negishi Takayuki:

Spoiler for And now rock:

Spoiler for one of few not scary/tense:

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