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I also enjoyed the Ah My Goddess Movie as well. I connected very strongly with Morgan's character. I can relate to that feeling of emptiness and yearning very strongly. I felt the movie was rather interesting and share other poster's sentiment that this was a strong emotional departure from the TV series. I wonder if they shall ever make another such movie? Different plot and different story from the manga can be quite interesting.
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Originally Posted by ainin View Post
How can you say that????
Keiichi is still so young and he don't even have a good job.
How can he afford children?
By the way,
if they have children, the story will not be so interesting.....
Just imagine Belldandy having a child......
It's sooooo weird!!!
Maybe, but we all know Urd would love the extra practice
My opinion, is they should have released another season or two, instead of cramming it into a short movie. There is way too much left to go over in detail than jamming it into a one time movie. Even though a lot was mentioned, I would entertain the thought to give more information on each series of events. Still a good watch though. The Entire Series is in my top 5 of all time favorites.
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