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Old 2004-08-11, 14:59   Link #101
Join Date: Dec 2003
Originally Posted by angelic_halo
excuse me just because you don't know how to read what i wrote that doesn't give you the right to be so mean to me.
i do not agree that naruto would be the fourth because if he is some one like Jiraiya would have bound to have noticed that naruto and the fourth's chakra is the same.
i say this because when Jiraiya taught naruto how to control chakra he says that everyone has their own different chakra and he would know the difference.
Also i'd like to point out that if naruto is indeed the 4th hokage then why does he vandalize the hokages rock faces
moreover naruto should be a genius and ace the ninja academy without failing 3 times... n he shouldn't fall into the obvious traps that kakashi sets up for team seven's training, because it was the 4th who taught kakashi and kakashi just teaches in the same method that he was taught in.
In conclusion i'd like to point out that at the beginning the 3rd hokage knew that they were going to use naruto (the newborn baby) as a container for kyuubi. So if naruto existed at the same time as the 4th hokage how could naruto b the hokage?
What in the name of god are you on about?

Arti quote me next time no point in making things up. It's all there. Easier to quote too, less typing. thnx.
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Old 2004-08-11, 15:24   Link #102
Join Date: May 2003
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anyways... 94 ended with naruto puttin a rasengan through kabutos chest... unless kabuto does a kawarimi.... i doubt that itachi is a person that likes to take a rasengan to the chest

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Old 2004-08-11, 15:31   Link #103
5th Hokage
Join Date: May 2004
hmm.. Naruto could be the 4th, if the 4th had sealed himself with kyuubi's and that could make him go back to a baby that looks like 1 or 2 years old. Thats why Naruto learns so fast the 4th's techniques... NOT

Kabuto isnt Itachi, if it was then it would be such a waste of story.. sorry
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Old 2004-08-11, 17:31   Link #104
Senior Member
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Originally Posted by Don Roberto
WTF? How did this topic come back? Do I sense a revival?
The revival of the stupid statement :P
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Old 2004-08-11, 19:08   Link #105
Tai Psycho
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Oh my god, people. Give the guy a break!
All he did was stating his thoughts, and for that you don't need to make fun of him and his thoughts.
Everyone has their own thoughts, for christs sake.
And what he said was, that it is a possibility that Kabuto is Itachi, and he hoped he was wrong. I find his theory believeable, but I am not sure.
Even if I was a big fan of Itachi, I wouldn't have gone all;
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Old 2004-08-11, 19:25   Link #106
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Why Itachi would want to follow Orochimaru is beyond me. Good points you have presented there but don't you think they are just coincidences? It's like people have been comparing Naruto with Yondiame, about how they are father and son.
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Old 2004-08-11, 19:30   Link #107
Searching for the Cure
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I find it hard to believe that he would be Itachi. However i think its very plausible hes a spy from the same group as Itachi, to watch Oro.
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Old 2004-08-11, 19:38   Link #108
Don Roberto
President of Euroslavia
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Okay, this thread is just going to repeat itself, with someone coming up with a ver unlikely theory, then someone pointing that out (perhaps not in the most tactful way) then someone saying they should've been nicer, then a reply to that, with random injections of people wondering how this thread is lasting. If you look at the original 4 pages or so, you will notice the pattern. If you look at the page and a half or so that came with its revival you will notice the pattern happening all over again. I ask, that we please leave this topic alone, or have it closed. As to prevent the madness from happening all over again.
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Old 2004-08-11, 20:02   Link #109
Searching for the Cure
Join Date: Dec 2003
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It happens in any thread that gets really big. Really no way around it unless you start a new thread, which you arent supposed to do
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Old 2004-08-11, 20:58   Link #110
Join Date: May 2003
I think this thread has existed long enough.
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