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Old 2006-08-18, 21:17   Link #1
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Intelligent tricky constructed songs?

The Ending song for Nana. This is what I hear in ENGLISH words. ( I didnt do the whole song )


'travel to the moon,
give me warm memories in that cold dark room,
dive in more, in my ear,
cause she know he got it ironed to be not for
like another lover. say it gonna look at men,
whats its in the end im old and ....


ok before no need to cry, ill let you hear the sentence before and its almost all there. Think about it.

I dont want to spell it all out but it in
full engish appears to be a love song of her love for him to the max.

Im just wondering if any one else noticed this or any other songs that appear to be Dual language where as words are constructed in One language mostly but if you sit back and listen you can hear a whole new meaning as the words all SOUND ENGLISH.

(any one understand?)
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Old 2006-08-19, 14:09   Link #2
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I know what you mean.. kinda like hearing what you want to hear when you don't understand the language. Having learnt Japanese for a few years and being used to listening to strings of kana, I tend to catch the meanings more often than not. I wonder what you hear in nonsensical lyrics like in some tracks by Kajiura Yuki
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