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Old 2004-06-25, 08:59   Link #1
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Top 5 most overrated anime? (no flames pls!)

What's you top 5 most overrated anime ever? IMO there are

1) Love Hina: As one of the people who read the manga first I was extremely disappointed by this show. The anime is VERY different from the manga, and for most of the parts it is changed for the worse. Annoying new things were added (like those old men and that Kentarou.

2) Chobits: This show does has its moments, but in the end I feel that it just tries too hard to be something deep and in the end the show felt apart. By the time I am watching ep15 I was rolling me eyes and wondering why I am still watching this show.

3) Mahoromatic: I guess this is the show that introduced me to the mediocre Gainax that I hate so much. The show started off quite well but it went downhill very quickly. Shikijo-sensei is VERY annoying, and when she appears every episode the show becomes difficult to continue watching. Not to mention that this show has a horrid Gainax ending; worse than most of their other endings.

2) Onegai Teacher: In fact, I didn't like Onegai Twins too, but that's beside the point. OT has a very weak plot IMO and the whole show has very little funny moments. In fact, if not for Ichigo I would say that the whole show has no funny moments at all. And Mizuho isn't so hot either.

1) Last Exile: I wouldn't say that I didn't enjoy this show. What I would say is that the hype surrounding this show is just over-the-top and undeserving. The plot is mediocre, the characters are weak (the whole show could have gone on without Claus and Lavi existing) and overall the show is nothing really impressive. The animation is indeed quite impressive, but that's all. I would say that Scrapped Princess, released the same time as Last Exile, is far superior to this show.
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Old 2004-06-25, 09:46   Link #2
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well this thread will be very prone to flame... anyway

Last Exile - the first half is great, while the second half totally ruined what's great in the first half.

Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien - the show is a good j-drama type of series, but too many people think it's the best of all things...

Grave of the Fireflies - I think this movie is okay, but I don't understand why people say it's very sad, and I think it's nowhere near other Ghibli classics like Nausicaa or Mononoke Hime.

Love Hina - the manga is somewhat great, the anime is not.

Gundam Wing - umm.... the worst Gundam ever IMO, with the worst cast of characters...
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Old 2004-06-25, 10:07   Link #3
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I mean not to flame, but mearly to question. i honestly would like answers to something that has been plauging me since the first thread of this kind.

why all this "overrated" bullshit? do people honestly give a shit what other people think when they consider watching anime? some of the rarest and unpopular shows i've come to love. some of the most common and widely popular shows i've come to consider boring. i don't judge a book by how many people have bought a copy. i don't judge music by how many people request it on a radio station. WHY ALL THIS ATTENTION TO OVERRATEDNESS???

if something sucks, it will suck regardless of how many people reccomend it. are anime fans truely so shallow as to say that need somebody elses opinion on what they like?
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Old 2004-06-25, 10:57   Link #4
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1) Wolfs Rain - It was still really good, but everyone had hyped it up so much it wasn't as good as it was hyped up to be. It was still really good, dont get me wrong! I didnt like the opening music tho, it was well annoying.

2) Kai Doh Maru - was pants

3) Voices of a distant star - Coz it was 20 and only lasted 30mins

4) Last Exile - everyone said it was really good but it was borin

5) Jin Roh - It was so borin I stopped watchin half way through and cant remember much about it.
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Old 2004-06-25, 11:19   Link #5
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1. Neon Genesis Evangelion - Okay, this is a no brainer. It's a stupid show with stupid characters fighting against stupid looking things, and there's stupid
Everything is stupid.... But somehow, it's the best anime ever.... I don't get it.

2. Naruto - Everyone is going absolutely nuts over this show, and I can't for the life of me figure out why. Seems like another action anime to me, nothing too special about it.

3. .hack//SIGN - It's an anime about an MMORPG. Who cares? I watched it way back when. I was impressed by the music and bored to tears by the story and characters.

4. Jin-Roh - I just couldn't get into this one, despite how everyone was always telling me how great it was.

5. Dragon Ball Z - This is just too self-explainatory.
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Old 2004-06-25, 13:35   Link #6
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ooh, this is easy

1. Cowboy Bebop- let me preface this with the fact that I've only seen Bebop on CN. If it is loads better uncut, let me know. I just don't see the attraction though. It is terribly episodic- I like anime for the very reason that it typically ISN'T episodic. And the episode themselves didn't seem to be compelling. The opening by Yoko Kanno is pretty cool though.

2. Trigun- I just don't understand why this one is rated so highly- seems relatively straightforward/cliche

3. Dragonballz- Ok, so I enjoyed Dragonballz as a gateway anime. However, it pisses me off when I go to the store and see 50 kazillion dvd's of Dragonballz and few enough of everything else. It simply receives too much attention in the U.S. when there is (now) much better stuff out there.

4. One Piece- I've watched up to episode 43 of One Piece and I'm starting (heh) to see a pattern. Go to new place, meet new characters, flashback, cry, fight, repeat. Naruto does something similar, but it seems to be a much staler routine in One Piece. Things seem to happen in exactly the same order every time. I like most of the main characters, but most all of the side characters are just freaking annoying.

5. well, I'll stop at 4. Don't hate me Trinity, I'm just the messenger.
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Old 2004-06-25, 14:20   Link #7
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Originally Posted by HoboGod
do people honestly give a shit what other people think when they consider watching anime?
Yes, they do.

My humble list:

Neon Genesis Evangelion: although it's an excellent show, I don't think it deserves all the praise it gets.

Gundam Wing: too many whiny emo kids.

Rah Xephon: low quality soundtrack, low quality character progression, innane plot. The animation is good, but it can save this show. The similarities with Evangelion don't help it either.

Love Hina: too much damn fanservice.

Shinkon Gattai Godannar: Mecha's and hentai are like like corn and peas. They both taste good, but when you mix them up it all goes bad.
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Old 2004-06-25, 14:31   Link #8
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overrated is such an overrated word to the point that it's stupid...
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Old 2004-06-25, 15:05   Link #9
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Originally Posted by Mark0rz
overrated is such an overrated word to the point that it's stupid...
.................................................. .....
.................................................. .......
............................................rriiig gghhhttt
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Old 2004-06-25, 16:02   Link #10
Blue Dawn
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This is my personal opinion....I don't find overrated animes bad, I just find then garnering more attention from equally as good, if not better, series/movies/ovas/mangas/whatever..

5) DB and it's Incarnates - It's not a bad series but the fact that it is one of the first to oversaturate the American market with bad dialog and slashed story, it's given the wrong impression to people about other animes.

4) Love Hina - I find it overrated, it is very different than the manga, but I still liked the anime just the same.

3) Naruto - The fanboyistic nature of this series scares me, I found nothing special about this series and I couldn't even finish watching it. It was so non-descript that I don't even remember the story and it's only been like a month since I stopped watching.

2) Gundam series - Much like DBZ and the like, this has really started to turn into the same exact story just rehashed and made to look better than the previous. There's nothing really special about it anymore and it's moved so far away from the original theme that I cannot sit down and watch it.

1) Akira - Oversaturating the market and overhyping an anime that, while it being good, doesn't do much on helping the watcher understand WTF is going on. Not 3 years ago I remember seeing 5 commercials for the DVD on TV within a 10min period, before Akira there was no such thing as an anime commerical. I do appreciate the fact that it helped mainstream anime to the US market, it just wasn't a compelling enough movie to watch.

On the other-hand, I somewhat agree that KGNE is overrated, but I also feel it's underrated for the same reasons. It's a great drama and a lot of people (myself included) have placed it as the best, but it's also go a unique story that is rare for anime. The fact that, as I said in another thread, KGNE spoiled me is why I think of it as such a great anime, while I neglect other equally good ones. So it's my ying and yang when it comes to that
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Old 2004-06-25, 16:34   Link #11
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Full Metal Alchemist
Scrapead Princess
kimi ga nozomu ein

Last edited by Rikichi; 2004-09-03 at 17:42.
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Old 2004-06-25, 16:37   Link #12
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Originally Posted by HoboGod
why all this "overrated" bullshit? do people honestly give a shit what other people think when they consider watching anime?
if something sucks, it will suck regardless of how many people reccomend it. are anime fans truely so shallow as to say that need somebody elses opinion on what they like?

I posted this in another thread, but I think it fits your question:

Originally Posted by Radd
Any "top whatever" list is a poll of opinions. Opinions are based on many things.

"Does this have any real merits that appeal to me?"
I believe this ranks very low for most people, as far as their priorities for deciding what they "like" and what they don't.

"Is this popular with others?"
Mob mentality is a very real phenominon. Much of our culture and society is based on this principle. If something gains popularity with enough people, others will join in simply because they are led to believe that it is "cool" to like it. On the other hand, some people will choose to dislike something, despite any merits it may have, simply because the person in question wants to stand apart from the crowd. Further muddying this principle, there are those who will see a growing number of people disliking a show because it's popular, and then they throw in with that crowd because they want to be an individual, but only if it's just like everybody else.

"Was this created by someone who has done other stuff I've ranked highly?"
For some people, there are those who can do no wrong. Perhaps there is a creator that made something they really, really liked. Many will tend to praise everything they do, regardless of how well the actual product is. The same goes for franchises. Look at Star Trek, all the shows are very different and I would argue show a huge gap in quality levels, yet there are those that will stand by all things Trek.

"How old is this?"
Sadly, there are people that will refuse to like anything older than some arbitrarily set date in their minds. Some grow out of this, others don't. Some people only like the hip and trendy flavour of the week. Let's face it, if Naruto was made 20 years ago, it wouldn't have nearly as many fans right now, even if the animation was identicle. It would be old hat.
Then there are those that will only like old anime, and claim quality has gone down considerably since some magical "golden age" that really only ever existed in their own heads.

All this is why lists don't interest me. You could make a new thread on this forum called "list 5 anime titles completely at random!" and it would serve just as much a purpose as any "what's your top 5/what's the 5 worst" threads out there. This is also why I take every review I read with a heavy grain of salt, and won't accept any opinion unless the reviewer gives me a solid viewpoint so that I can relate to their angle. If I know what a reviewer's priorities are, then even if they consistantly write reviews that I disagree with, I can get an idea from them on whether or not I will like something they reviewed.
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Old 2004-06-25, 18:12   Link #13
Mahou Shonen
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Love Hina

Princess Mononoke-Don't get me wrong, Miyazaki is my GOD, and this is a very well done film, but it wasn't as...ummm...'magical' as his other films.

Tenkuu no Shiro no Rayputa- It's my least favorite Ghbli film just really drags, and, while it's a fun ride GETTING to the Castle, when they actually get there, all the 'magic' is gone...

Kino no Tabi- I really liked the first few eps, but still, It just doesn't work for me...

Utena- It's just too shoujo-y, and most episodes could be 15 minutes long if it weren't for those dramatic falling scenes, where they take at least 1 1/2 min. to actually FALL. Yeah, it's imaginative, but I would've liked it better if it wasn't so dramatic. I really liked the first, well, 7 eps!

And, well, I actually think Saint Seiya is pretty overrated also...I mean, it's not that bad, and the story is imaginative, but it's kinda tiring seeing the whole 'I kill you, but you 'come back to life' and kill me, but then I 'come back to life' and I..ugh. I know some people will hate me for that..

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Old 2004-06-26, 08:00   Link #14
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LOVE HINA- The manga was so much better....i was very very dissappointed with the anime...
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Old 2004-06-26, 08:46   Link #15
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1- Naruto
2- Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien
3- Full Metal Alchemist
4- Monster
5- PlanetES
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Old 2004-06-26, 10:22   Link #16
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YuYu Hakusho-I enjoyed the series very much,but it wasnt' as good as they all had made it out to be.(*they all=General anime-watching public*)
Gundam SEED-Again,it has a very good storyline and plot,but they could have done better with the amount of money they put in the series.
Beyblade-'Beyblade is like a coin flip,except it takes ten minutes to find out the results'
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Old 2004-06-26, 13:58   Link #17
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I think lots of anime is over-rated....

Love Hina : Yes I know that at first I saw the anime when it first came out and I thought "wow, this series is absolutely gorgous." Then Tokyopop released Love Hina (complete with shitty translation). Regardless of the bad translation it is still far better than the anime. The manga is genuinely funny, it doesn't have all those crappy added characters, it has much better character designs (I think Naru and the whole cast looks far better), and most importantly it has continuity compared to the anime which feels random.

Cowboy Bebop : Yeah I know it is stylish, has good animation, and sucked many american fans into anime. It is still overrated. The series is roo random, there isn't a main storyline that appears until episode 6, and it doesn't flesh it out until the end of the series.

Revolutionary Girl Utena : I love the style of the series and it has great thematic elements that is unique. The story is weak overall and the ending just plain sucks.

Shingetsutan Tsukihime (Lunar Legend Tsukihime) : I loved this series so much when it first came out. It uses forshadowing and many other story elements to make it one of the most absorbing animes I have ever seen. In the end the story was overly ambitious for a 12 episode series and it left many plot holes and didn't resolve many issues. The ending was crappy, half assed and felt tacked on.

Maburaho : I don't even know if this had any buzz of any kind, but this series just sucked ass. It was a piss poor harem comedy, at least the crappy Love Hina anime had some funny comedic moments. The lead character is a boring unlikable runt who is undecisive. At least with Ai Yori Aoshi, Negima, Oh My Goddess, or Love Hina (I am referencing the manga's now) have likable lead characters.

Naruto (both anime and manga) : First off, I will say that I love Naruto, but I still think the series is a tad overrated. It has storyline, emo-style moments, and all that stuff. But it has been done before, and other stories have done it even better. I would point out Kenshin (especially the manga which is devoid of filler) has done what naruto is doing, but they did a far better job with a more likable characters, more evil twisted bad guys, awesome choreographed battles (naruto's action sequences, especially the manga is one big mess), better storylines, and bigger plot twists. Of course, I think most of the hardcore naruto fans are newbies that just got into anime and don't have other, more superior series as kenshin as reference. Naruto is not the end all be all anime/manga series, there are better shonen actions series out there.
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Old 2004-06-26, 14:03   Link #18
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Now, my own top list of overrated anime, and my reasoning, but first it is important to note that just because something is overrated does not make it bad. In fact, many overrated shows are actually quite good, it's simply that the hype far exceeds the actual merits of the show at one time or another. Also, nearly all shows that become overrated often become underrated at a later point in time, when their popularity has waned with the short attention span crowd that overhyped the show to begin with. After a period of popularity, the group in which it has become popular to hate the percieved mainstream becomes the mainstream itself. Afterwards, few shows recover to be seen by most with a view untainted with mob mentality.

5. Akira - Quite simply, one of the three most well animated feature length movies of all time. No easy feat considering the other two movies both have 'Fantasia' in the title. The technical accomplishment with this movie is simply astounding. No other anime has had this level of animation grace the visuals no matter what marketing department lays claim to "the next Akira". This, in itself, is not opinion. Those with an eye for animation and artistic detail should appreciate that, even if they dislike the style of artwork, and the storytelling presented with the animation.

The story, on the other hand, suffers from "the book was better" syndrome, in a very big way. Trying to squeeze the Akira story into a a single movie of average length just wasn't cutting it. It's not diffiuclt to understand the movie, though some character motives aren't as clear as they were in the manga, and the story was actually rewritten to fit the length of the film. Still, it had more substance than the 'Ghost in the Shell' movie, which had far less manga to try and squeeze into a movie.

Still, though the movie was fairly good (excellent animation, with a not too shabby story), hype got ahead of itself and declared the movie the pinnacle of anime. Like has been mentioned, commercials everywhere for this movie which itself had become synonymous with anime. Anime fans of the time were like a lynch mob, you couldn't go outside without running into someone demanding you watch the film.

If I were writing this list at that time, it would be number one. However, as mentioned above, any significant period of overhype leads to a period of time where the show in question is dragged through the mud. Akira suffered that for many years, and it still lingers to the present.

4. Dragonball Z - The very definition of tournament shonen. This series is like shonen boiled down to it's purest components and done up in style. Increasingly epic in scale, with a large cast of interesting characters, unexpected plot twists and dramatic deaths at every turn it's no wonder DBZ became popular.

Still, hot on the heels of the much more interesting original Dragonball series, and featuring fights that were so drawn out as to become laughable, and (let's face it) this sort of testosterone fest just isn't created with elegant prose, deep, meaningful themes, and well developed (personality-wise) characters in mind, so to become the mascot of all of anime kinda leaves out a lot of what many like about anime to begin with.

That's not to say it wasn't an enjoyable series. It was, at least up to Frieza, maybe as far as up to Cell. Just, not in ways one would want to rank it among the most well written tales of our time. Yet, as it was brought to television, it wound up the centre of more hype than Akira had ever gotten. The show creator himself apparently got tired of it, and wanted to end it far earlier than Bandai and their steel trap contracts would allow. That's a pretty difinitive sign that a show has overstayed it's welcome.

Then, same as Akira any others, the show fell into that period of time where it became cool to hate it. It's still in it. I would also put this show on my top 5 underrated shows list. It's simply not as bad as many like to claim these days. In fact, the majority of people that like to bash the show now, were almost all huge fans a few short years ago. Still, for the same reasons that DBZ rose to popularity, other similar shows have taken up the mantle and will repeat the cycle.

3. Neon Genesis Evangelion - When a show's entire marketing scheme is based around the slogan "Greatest Anime of All Time!", it's hardly in doubt that it's being overhyped. Eva is good. Eva is really good. I was definitely swept up when it first came through. I even claimed it had bested Macross as my favourite anime for a short time.

Still, NGE is the Independance Day of Anime, just with better developed characters. It relies on three things to keep you on the edge of your seat. First, that you don't know how it's going to end. The tone of the show tells you almost immeadiately that the "good guys" winning is not a foregone conclusion.

Second, the mysteries and mythology surrounding the show's plot. Who is Seele? Why where the chosen pilots chosen to begin with? Why does Unit 1 keep going berserk? Where do the angles come from, and why are they trying to cause Third Impact. Wait a minute...are they actually trying to cause it at all?

Third, violence. Lots of it.

The characters, while well developed, are not very likable. They're not supposed to be. The story being told could not be told with a lovable cast of crazy characters.

The story is nice, but again it relies on those mysteries. Once the mysteries are solved, the actors unmasked, and the lights go on there's little left aside from a monster of the week show with a less than lovable cast and lots of violence.

Then came the movies. The anime fandom rose up with a cry of anguish at the end of the tv series. "Dear God NO! Not an ending that makes us THINK!", they cried! So Gainax decided to charge the fans more money to take them by the hand and walk them towards a big violent climax that added little to nothing to the story except a huge gaping lack of integrity.

So even after the hype of the series had faded from my interest, I find myself bombarded with hype for these violent action scene movies that carry few of the good traits of the tv series, yet are proclaimed to be "the real" end of the "incomplete" series. Idjits telling me just how "neccessary" the movies are to get the whole story. Thanks.
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2. Gundam Wing - Gundam Wing never reached the heights of overpopularity that Eva did, but it still ranks higher on my list for one single reason. Eva had merits. It was a good show. There was reason for it to be put in the position to become overrated. Gundam Wing just sucks. There are no merits to this show other than overdone mecha that lack class or style, and thin, cookie cutter stereotypes blatantly pulling from UC Gundam's large cast of characters.

The entire show harkened back to 80's US cartoons, it was a commercial. Gundam Wing was created to sell model kits for Bandai. The character motivations were the most laughable part of the show, especially in the way they tried to make it seem like it was deep and meaningful. Pseudosociological BS is what it was. Contraditions are an easy way to makethe masses think someone is complex.

The characters, to say they lacked developement is an understatement. These characters actually became less developed as time went on. Endless Waltze took that opposite of developement even further, making it an absolute anguish to watch for anyone who looks for character development and plot in an show.

The story development. Well, I think the infamous "strategy" episode speaks for itself.

"We need a strategy!"

"We do not need a strategy! We will fight them and win!"

"Ha, ha! They cannot win this time without a strategy!"

"We cannot win this time without a strategy!"

"We do not need a strategy! We have our Gundams! We will fight them and win like always!"

"Ha, ha! They are doomed without a strategy!"

"Oh, no! We are losing!"

"We need a strategy!"

Duo presses a button.

"GASP! They have A STRATEGY!"

Gundam Wing had absolutely nothing going for it other than an appeal to the lowest common denominator. The characters were flat, dull, uninteresting stereotypes. The plot was laughable, and got moreso throughout the series and into Endless Waltze. The mecha were uninspired. Guns everywhere and huge shoulders, put a Gundam head on it and we have something that will appeal to the 14 year old boy in all of us.

1. Mobile Suit Gundam -- The most popular anime of all time, perhaps. Moreso in Japan than America. Still, popular everywhere. Bandai cranks out tons of model kits for Gundam every year. MGS practically created the "realistic mecha/war story" genre we know today. Amuro Ray undoubtedly inspired Shinji Ikari (Boy piloting Dad's robot, but doesn't really want to). Gundam has tons of spin offs, practically a new show every other year. Most of those shows are practically retellings of the original MGS story with little variation, yet the franchise remains incredibly lucrative for Bandai and others associated with it.

Yet, being the first does not make you the best. I'd take any Kawamori-approved Macross series over any Gundam series pretty much any day of the week. There's definitely other shows outside of that specific genre that I'd rate higher as well, such as Leiji Matsumoto's works.

Gundam, surprisingly enough has not fallen into the usual trap of popularity. It has never been "cool" to hate Gundam. Not even Wing. And it just keeps going. Aa new Gundam, either in the Universal Century timeline or a random Alternate Universe Gundam like Wing, G Gundam, or Seed. Where Macross merchandise has been few and far between over the years, with nearly decades of no new Valkyrie toys in sight, and a limited variety of those that are released, every single Gundam gets a toy, several in fact. Model kits, action figures, PVC figures. Gundam model kits are Bandai's bread and butter.

Of course, MS Gundam isn't a bad show. The show itself is horribly underrated in the States, just because teeny-boppers want the shiniest new object and tend to pass over older looking animation no matter how well written the story is...unless it's comedy. Still, it launched a franchise that shows no signs of slowing down.
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Originally Posted by Radd

4. Dragonball Z - The very definition of tournament shonen. This series is like shonen boiled down to it's purest components and done up in style. Increasingly epic in scale, with a large cast of interesting characters, unexpected plot twists and dramatic deaths at every turn it's no wonder DBZ became popular.

Still, hot on the heels of the much more interesting original Dragonball series, and featuring fights that were so drawn out as to become laughable, and (let's face it) this sort of testosterone fest just isn't created with elegant prose, deep, meaningful themes, and well developed (personality-wise) characters in mind, so to become the mascot of all of anime kinda leaves out a lot of what many like about anime to begin with.
Well, In Japan there was no distinction between dragonball and dragonball z, the series was just released under the name "dragonball". I would like to say though that the first 16 voumes of the 42 volume series, the line where americans try to distinguish from Dragonball to Dragonball Z is some of the most addictive manga's. If you have never had any experience at all in the dragonball world and then read the first 16 volumes of Dragonball, more than likely it will be put on most people's "10 greatest manga's of all time". That is what bothers me, the first 16 volumes of Dragonball is easily one of the best that you can read, it is humerous, charming, has a large cast of characters, well drawn, beautifully choreographed batte sequences (I am talking manga here). If you compare it, independent of the 26 volumes that follow it (dubbed Dragonball Z in the USA) it is a far superior series.

Latter the series loses it's charm, it loses most of the humor. It loses the adventure aspect of the storylines and turns into one big mess.
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