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Old 2004-06-27, 07:31   Link #1
Master Ran
The Invincible Dawn
Join Date: Apr 2003
Flame of Recca PS2

I just bought one.
Its kinda like an interactive game. Pretty basic unlike the fight till you drop Naruto:Narutimett Hero or the Gameboy Advance FoR.
I'm on the Final stage but I have to defeat the boss using all FoR characters without losing to finish the game.

But the OP Song/anime was so damn kewl. I'm like hoping that this came from Flame of Recca season 2. yeah right....

Anyway, i can't seem to find a walkthrough or even a translation faq for this game.
Anyone has seen one?

The manga has ended, i know the ending of course but it would have been nice if they continued the anime. I guess it was not that popular to want a season 2.
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