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Old 2004-06-28, 12:50   Link #21
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Join Date: Jun 2004
sad that it ended...a bit too short maybe 2-3 more episodes would have been good...well anyway thumbs up!
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Old 2004-06-28, 13:06   Link #22
Team the box!
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I think it should have been longer just to put more depth into Ayase's part of the story. I felt bad for her at the end because I liked her as a favorite character, not because her story was deeply emotional. It could have been if they tried, though.
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Old 2004-06-28, 14:04   Link #23
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Originally Posted by Itlandm
It is Snoopy after all. He is a jerk, but he is a honest jerk. And he performs a useful service to the community, so we all like him anyway.
You know, I don't think I've ever had an argument that didn't end with someone calling me an asshole and me agreeing with it. That doesn't say very much for anime fans. I'm still waiting for someone to be honest and say "I hate you, you're an asshole, but I'm gonna read your shit anyway because I'm a hopeless loser." Granted, I'm only an asshole to foolish leechers, so if you were to talk to me while I'm in a good mood without asking any stupid leecher questions you'd find I'm rather personable and nice.

Now, basically, I think the story's main flaw is actually in Seiji. He's too... impressionable. And he's a fool. Normally the fool character in these kinds of stories works because he's an honest fool or a fool who's faithful to his one true love. But Seiji isn't that character. He's just... blind to everything. The situation defines Seiji's actions. If he's with a hot chick walking down the street doing nothing special and the hot chick is hitting on him with all her might, he doesn't think twice about it, but if the hot chick is sleeping on his couch with her shirt hiked up, then she's the most gorgeous thing he's ever seen in his whole life. When he first sees Midori, he acts normal (runs around screaming "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!?" Like any normal guy would), then when she confesses he gets all googly-eyed and shits himself, and from that point on you knew he had totally lost it. It's just plain wrong. It fits the character, but the character doesn't fit anything else. And as my main complaint is that he falls for Midori over Ayase, I believe he is the reason I started to stop liking this series.

Also, I'm a firm believer that Ayase was designed specifically to be the best choice for Seiji (ie, the perfect match personality-wise), yet she was to be thrown aside for his 'faited partner'. If you search through the SC forums, you'll see that I made this big rant about it around volume 3 of the manga like 8 months ago.
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Old 2004-06-28, 14:05   Link #24
京都 ikitai~
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: massugu
Originally Posted by thund3rcat
Predictable but good ending nonetheless, Midori (big version) is so less annoying but will mostly likely turn into the hand version as their relationship progress. 7/10 anime, 13 episode was the perfect length for it, I don't know how many more times i can stand the ultimate turn off "Seiji-Kun,Seiji-Kun."
I'm just glad they didn't "end" with the usual shonen romance anime cop-out where the male lead suffers from terminal indecision and things go on the same as they have before to leave open the possibility of a second season. Although I can't believe Seiji didn't at least tell her he liked her, Midori deserved a reply after having the guts to tell him that in her normal form. And since they're together at the end anyway why not have him say it?

I agree about the length, I think 26 episodes of Midori saying "Seiji-kun, Seiji-kun" over and over would have killed me. Midori is just way too single-minded, it makes her character two-dimensional. She reminds me of Aoi-chan from Ai Yori Aoshi, another character I don't like. It was also painful watching Midori's mom suffer knowing that Midori's perfectly happy as Seiji's right hand and wishing things could stay that way forever--it just made her character much less likeable to me. In the end, I think the anime could have been better, but at least it wrapped everything up at the end.
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Old 2004-06-28, 14:20   Link #25
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yay good ending! I loved it. Why cant konomini could end like this?
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Old 2004-06-28, 15:15   Link #26
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Location: Halifax, NS, Canada
Age: 36
As interesting as the finale was, it was far from being really good.

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Old 2004-06-28, 16:22   Link #27
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#1) I'm happy that there's a finality. I think the Manga has been stretching it out too much.

#2) The ending was destined to happen. We all knew it would be Midori and Seichi.

Those two points aside, I really preferred Ayase/Seichi I think they're a much better match.

If there is a season two it could be Kouta No Hibi since the dude is totally in love with Seichi
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Old 2004-06-28, 16:54   Link #28
Senior Member
Join Date: Apr 2004
although midori is his destined partner as it was mentioned before, hayase deserves more part in the ending. imo midori is obsessed with seiji but hayase truly loves him. and another point hayase will be a useful comrade against big sister for seiji and they could be perfect couple. too bad for hayase.
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Old 2004-06-28, 16:56   Link #29
Team the box!
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Originally Posted by harrmd
For starters, Seiji never did anything with that scarf Midori made for him, after the last episode where Midori went through the trouble of making it, and the Seiji finding it again in this last episode they could have at least had him wearing it.
One of two reasons you didn't like the ending was because he didn't wear a scarf?
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Old 2004-06-28, 17:06   Link #30
shush! I was only helping
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All i have to say is im so dissapointed with the end they could of had like 2-3 more eps, and ive come to the conclusion nothing can beat kimi ga nozomu eien...
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Old 2004-06-28, 17:38   Link #31
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It sure was a cute ending... One of the better actually
It's said that the series is finished though...
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Old 2004-06-28, 19:10   Link #32
Lord of Majik Chickins
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I thought it was good enough, any longer it woulda gotten stretched and spoiled.

Yea, i thought seiji shoulda said i love u back, but then again, seiji is a stubborn SOB, but i think it ended on a good note. I like that type of ending a lot, shows everything short and sweet.
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Old 2004-06-28, 19:35   Link #33
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I just watched it and i'm like yay and wahhh at the same time
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Old 2004-06-28, 21:01   Link #34
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Location: South East Asia
Originally Posted by CowMix
Actually, he may be swinging both ways in the manga. In the anime, he's straight as an arrow.
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Old 2004-06-28, 21:47   Link #35
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Yeah, a couple more episodes would be nice, but you can't do that with a television series. There are time slots to be filled. One can always hope they release a few OVA later, but otherwise they would have to drag it out to 26 episodes and you know that would be a whole different series.

You think Seiji-kun should have said "I love you too" instead of "I know"? I am not sure. He said all she needed to hear. He may not even have known his own feelings for her, except that he kinda missed her. Was that love or just habit? He may not even have known himself at that time.

As for the LOVE scarf, if he had been wearing it that day, Midori would still not remember and she would think he had gotten it from someone else. This could have made her lose hope; she had a hard enough time confessing as it was. Not to mention there would be a lot of explaining to all he met. There is no way he could wear that scarf. Mad dogs don't wear LOVE scarves!
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Old 2004-06-28, 22:05   Link #36
kawaii.. I guess
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Originally Posted by snoopy
I'm still waiting for someone to be honest and say "I hate you, you're an asshole, but I'm gonna read your shit anyway because I'm a hopeless loser." .

you're a pimp snoopy <3
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Old 2004-06-28, 23:23   Link #37
Semi-retired Translator
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Originally Posted by snoopy
Also, I'm a firm believer that Ayase was designed specifically to be the best choice for Seiji (ie, the perfect match personality-wise), yet she was to be thrown aside for his 'faited partner'. If you search through the SC forums, you'll see that I made this big rant about it around volume 3 of the manga like 8 months ago.
Preach on, asshole brother!

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Old 2004-06-29, 00:24   Link #38
smiles with big mouth!
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the ending was very satisfying, but the series could have gone on for like probably A LOT more episodes before it ends
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Old 2004-06-29, 01:25   Link #39
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I loved the ending! I mean, it would have been a bad taste if Seiji ended up with Ayase. ...haha.... ooops

Yeah, she only noticed him after he saved her; she played the role of damsel in distress, and what she might have caught after that, was just nothing but a serious doze of infatuation.

I mean, they were classmates, and all she ever did was bitchslapped him with her preachings about being [a] egotistic/bully. Yeah, talk about judging a person basing solely on their reputation. Is to me, a sign of a weak character.

And quite frankly, compared to Midori, who has only glanced him from afar & has loved him for ages, rightfully deserved the grand prize.

Plus, I like Midori. She reminds me of Hinata from Naruto.

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Old 2004-06-29, 02:23   Link #40
Muir Woods
Disheartened and Retired
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Originally Posted by krusher
rin is da coolest...
Who hoo...another Rin fan! I'm relieved to see that I'm not the only Rin lover here. Anyways, I finally DLed and saw the last episode (I've been playing too much UT 2004)..., and I'll just spill my mind. I have to agree with some posters here that the season could be extended for reasons already posted. The ending was...whatever. Seiji really should of got with Ayase, so that Kouta could get with Midori. Come on, Kouta needs some (heterosexual) love too. But really, I don't care much about the romantic plot of the series. I watch the series for its comedic value, for its ability to amuse me. And I'd rather see a dragged out 52 episodes of Midori no Hibi with weak plot but amusing, than this. But that's just me. All in all, needs more Rin! She has become one of my favorite anime characters...damn I love her.

Now I finally understand what that fat cat is all about...the cat symbolizes Seiji! The cat is horribly unlucky with females, just like Seiji. did I miss that?

Apparently Anime Empire is "selling" fanart (by an artist in A-E) of Midori. I want to see Rin artwork instead...
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