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Old 2004-06-28, 18:36   Link #1
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Favourite Naruto Episode [Anime]

Note: This thread is for the ANIME Naruto. There will be NO spoilers beyond episode 89(or the most current anime fansub around). Try to keep manga discussion out since it is beyond the anime and a spoiler could easily slip out.

If you MUST say something about the Manga or compare it, PLEASE by all means use the spoiler tag. No matter how minor the spoiler seems, if it's past episode 89(or the current avaiable anime fansub) use a spoiler tag. If insure, don't mention it, I'm sure there are many manga threads to voice your opinion.

So.. Let's begin!

Me personally I created this thread for 2 reasons.

#1. No new Naruto for a while so let's reminese.

#2. As much as I'd like to keep all 89 episodes on my computer, I only have a 37 gig hardrive! lol. So I actually plan on re-downloading a couple suggestions from this thread. If i could, I'd like to get all the intro songs in there. Yes I could get the OST but I'd like the video and the episode to go with it.

So let me start-

Episode I believe it was 16. Someone else mentioned it. It was during the fight between Haku vs Naruto and Sasuke. First I enjoyed it because you got to see more of that rivalry between Naruto and Sasuke. At first Sasuke seemed like the better of the two but when Naruto snapped and the power of the Nine-Tailes exploded within him! Oh man! It was one of my fave episodes. I wonder how the strenght of Naruto at that point compares to now? It look's like more chakra was being used then but I do hope he's evolved stronger than he was at episode 16.
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Old 2004-06-28, 19:39   Link #2
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If I see even one spoiler tag in this Anime thread even as a joke to mess around, you will be banned. Leave this as an Anime thread only. You have been warned.
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Old 2004-06-28, 19:50   Link #3
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fav eps

I have two that are my fav of all time. One was eps. 78. I loved it when naruto showed the fruits of this labor. He showed all the developments that he as gained from his training.

My Other fav. was the naruto vs. Neji (I forgot which eps that was, 60something) I liked it when neji did that move on him and closed all his pours. Then like you all know naruto used the nine-tails chakara. My fav was the reaction that everyone had. Naruto finally proved that he wasn't just a second or third-rate fighter.
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Old 2004-06-28, 19:57   Link #4
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I would have to say my favorite episode was 50, when Lee used the Primary Lotus. I think the episode was well drawn, (It varies. It's never bad, but this was quite good) and I think Lee's willingness to give up his life for his dream made his character even deeper.

I also really liked the line Neji had, about the gods not allowing someone who can only attain a pyrrhic victory to advance.
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Old 2004-06-28, 20:58   Link #5
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My fav episodes in no particular order.

1) Forgot which episode but it was when Sasuke fought Orochimaru.

2) Main fight between Itachi and the jounin. Nice action all through, nice showing of the mange , and ended with beautifully excecuted Gai dynamic entry ^^

3) Episode 50, 50, 50, 50, 50, 50 appropriately titled. "AAAH Rock Lee! This is how a man should be" Watching lee lose it and everyone else stare in amazement was great. Lol even Kakashi took off his eye covering to get a good look at Lee with his Sharingan.

4) Neji vs Naruto. Episode 64. I just loved how Neji kept surprising Hiashi. There was a lot of emotion in that episode.

5) Episode 81. Man that was a deep episode. Sarutobi's funeral. The animation was very different. Everything looked serene and peaceful. Even Naruto's eyes looked different.
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Old 2004-06-28, 21:12   Link #6
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well the first episode when he gets introduced and yo find out about him and his bond with iruka it still manages t make me somewhat emotional

the one with the tree climbing when he takes to haku and think he's a girl and when he and sasuke come in together at night after training.

and the one where all 9 rookies are in the room with all the other ninja to begin the chuunin exam
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Old 2004-06-29, 11:18   Link #7
Yummy kakashi thighs...
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my fav epsidoes in no particular order

1. the zabuza vs Kakashi fight. (the first fight) because kakashi was soo sexy and he looked soo cool with his copy skills. When I saw that I was like, GIMME A PIECE OF THAT!! and plus, the way naruto attacked Zabuza to get kakashi out was soo crafty it was sexy!!!

2. the second zabuza & haku vs Sasuke, Naruto, and Kakashi. When Naruto truned Kyuubi I was like "HOLLY CRAP!" and when Sasuke got the sharingan I was like.. "" and when Zabuza killed those guys with the kunai in his mouth, I was scared for life. then the ending was just sooo sad...

3. the Sasuke and Naruto vs Oro because Naruto was soo brave it was like "in your face sasuke!" then when he got bit, it was like.. "oh no! foreshadow!"

4. Hinata vs Neji... why? because Hinata was actually a powerful girl. I liked her after seeing her fight with neji.

5. lee vs Gaara... damn.. when I saw Lee dropped those weight I was like... then when he opened those gates, he owned me Lee

6. Naruto vs Gaara.. the look on sasuke's face was priceless!!
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Old 2004-06-29, 11:35   Link #8
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The Lee vs. Gaara episodes. Best style of animation. The most comical moment, Lee drpping th gates was like WOOW, and the opening of the gates was spectaculair.

And of course the episodes in which both Sharingan and Kyuubi awoke.
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Old 2004-06-29, 11:47   Link #9
Velvet Nightmare
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My fav episode would be the battle between Naruto and Neji...
both of them gave thier all in this (very emotional)
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Old 2004-06-29, 11:48   Link #10
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There's a few that I like, the episode with Haku protecting Zabuza and then Zabuza going into a frenzy to kill the one who hired them.

I like the episode with Hinata vs. Neji, the episode with Naruto vs. Gaara, when Naruto summons Gamabunta.

I like the 89 episode, where Shizune makes a cool move ^^;
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Old 2004-06-29, 15:47   Link #11
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Originally Posted by Naruto_Tensai
My fav episode would be the battle between Naruto and Neji...
both of them gave thier all in this (very emotional)
Same here, I remember watching this episode over and over. Just love the fight.
I think all episodes from the chunin examen was awsome.
Got too love the fight between sasuke and gaara also

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Old 2004-06-29, 17:10   Link #12
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Some of my favorite eps:

Episode 8/9: First battle between Zabuza and Kakashi and Naruto and Sasuke working together to free Kakashi

Episode 16: Berserker Naruto is just to cool

Episode 19: Very emotional, almost made me cry

Episode 30: Sasuke vs. Oro ruled

Episodes 46/47: Hinata vs. Neji, they both rule!

Episodes 48/49/50: Lee vs. Gaara, coolest fight in Naruto ever

Episode 61/62: First Neji showing off, then Naruto showing off

Episode 64: Shikamaru is very funny in this one

Episode 78: Naruto kicks ass in this one
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Old 2004-06-29, 17:12   Link #13
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Dude, u need more space because all the episodes rocks =)
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Old 2004-06-29, 19:07   Link #14
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one of the beginning eppys where Naruto plays a trick on their teacher - Kakashi and the chalkboard eraser falls on his head. love the way sakura hides her true emotions of mischief
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Old 2004-06-29, 19:18   Link #15
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Episode 2

Naruto was just so cool all the way through that episode.
First, he makes us laugh with that ridiculas face he pulls for his profile.
Second, he beats the third with sexy no jutsu.
Third, the way he still gives Konohamaru a good bitch slapping, even though he is the thirds grandson.
Fourth, he beats Ebisu with harem no jutsu.
Fifth, he give Konohamaru some really good advice, and the way he says his name (aknolaging him) that was so cool, I just loved Naruto after that.
Its hard to put into words why this episode was so good, you should really watch it again.
The end is very moving, and Sarutobi* see's all this and realizes that Naruto is starting to grow up.
But don't get me started on the whole crystal ball thing, I was gonna start a thread about it lol.
I mean if he can see whats going on through this ball then why....huh... er... arg...nope im not even gonna go there!
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Old 2004-06-30, 09:39   Link #16
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I have more than one favorite episode as well. I find myself watching these episodes the most:

Episode 29 - This is the episode where Sakura and Sasuke are introduced to Kyubi without knowing so. Naruto beat the crap out of Orochimaru's snake. The looks on Sasuke and Sakura's face as Naruto displays his power are priceless.

Episode 50 - The Episode that made Rock Lee for me. Not only did his gate openings rocked, but to have Jounins like Kakashi and Gai respect you just have me watching this episode continuously. I mean, Kakashi pulled the eye out with Rock Lee, he respected this kid that much. Along with the action part of all of this. I felt something when he stood up to continue fighting unconsciously, proof that there is no quitting in Rock Lee whatsoever.

Episode 61/62 - [Ep 61]HAKKE 64-SHO!!! Not sure if I got that one spelled correctly. This is the episode where Neji does that crucial attack to close up Naruto's chakra holes. The MF E. Honda of Naruto LOL. [EP 62]Naruto's response to that attack was priceless. No one could believe that Naruto still had chakra to spare.. And the kyubi transform mode thingamajiggy was nice also.

Sorry for the long detailed description, but just letting you know why I think these are some of the top episodes in my opinion that are worth grabbing. I guess the best thing would be to see which episodes are mentioned the most in this thread. Also gave you a description and made sure to find the correct episodes because it would suck to grab the wrong episode and try a couple of times before finding the correct one. Happy hunting!
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Old 2004-06-30, 09:49   Link #17
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i think mine was episode 48-49 (i don't remember which) when Rock Lee removes his weights and started pummeling Garra's ass... then when the gates open, i was completely drooling.
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Old 2004-06-30, 12:38   Link #18
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one of my favourites was episode 45

naruto was fighting kiba when he farted. i still can't stop laughing when he does that. it's priceless
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Old 2004-06-30, 12:48   Link #19
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Shikamaru v. Temari.

Best fight so far. He's such a useless character up until that point. When he finally does something worth noting it's like, "Huh? Where did that come from?" A guy who can come up with 200 different ways to beat you while you're attacking him.

I like the episodes where the bit charcters shine. Their fights are really unexpected. You KNOW Naruto's going to win. The other people...sometimes they win, sometimes they the 3rd.
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Old 2004-06-30, 13:08   Link #20
Aj, is there any1 better?
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Of course first of all the Zabuza/Haku episodes and the fight between Rock Lee and Gaara when Lee drops opens the gates
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