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Back From The Dead?
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MarketPlace (another one of Chibi's Damn Projects!?)

This is a 2-D game, nothing special
Will I EVER stop?

Some of you, very little, may remember my project FinalDusk. I explained a mini-game where you could rent out a place and build it into a shop...well...I've elaborated that idea! Yes, I made a spin-off which is called "MarketPlace" (it's not the final name, please give me better names!!). I am 100% doing this, because I know I can do it and I know I can make it work. (reason why I don't complete my projects is I'm a procrastinating perfectionist...makes life hard)
Anyways, for those of you who have no idea what im talking about, let's just get on with what this game is going to be!

MarketPlace (RPG/LifeSim) is a game where you can build your own shop, sell items, hire and fire employees and live the life of a shopkeeper/traveller. You could describe it as Harvest Moon-ish/FF Tactics.

Basically you start out at a customization screen, I'm planning to add multiple area maps you can choose where you want to build your shop. Probably have 4 maps to choose from, each having positive and negative items. Each map varies in landscape: mountains, seaside, forest, etc. And from each area you have the chance to sell different items (At first! After a while and some certain requirements in the game you can get access to every item and it doesnt matter on what location you picked).

The second customization screen is about your character. I want to make it so you can Gender, Hair color, Eye color, Weapon Choice, and Job (sort of like the FF jobs). You can enter a customized name and we will provide a couple if your not that imaginative .

The third will be companions. You can have 2 other travellers with you. Again you can customize them just like the hero, only there jobs are pre-defined as well as their weapon choice. Their sole purpose really is to help you in the RPG Item collect system.

Once you start, you have to first set up your shop. Go inside and access the Builder's Menu where (in the near future) you will be able to Hire/Fire different people, Set Item prices, Put certain items for sale, remove items from sale, add additions onto the shop, and add/remove additions onto the map itself. Along with a few other features that MAY be added. At first you have no items, and only start out with 500g, not much to do but hire one simple employee for 1h. The main purpose here is to take your companions out into the map and explore different places, collecting items, and then selling them in your shop for various amounts of gold. It's very fun later on, trust me, this is just the "introduction" if you will.

So to ellaborate on what I plan to have:

Three-member party to explore the world with, defeat enemies and collect items. There may be some story invovled with these characters, without character development it wouldn't be much fun...would it?

Collect common items easily, Go to a certain part of the map and enter that area (Example: a forest, a mountain, a lake, etc) and then when you see something you think might be useful go up to it and press the action button. If it is sellable, it will be added to your "shop Inventory".

Collect Rare and Exclusive items by taking part in "events". While exploring you may find ruins, or a secret waterfall cave, something just out of the ordinary. Partake in it, solve the puzzles and collect the rare item at the end which can be sold for quite a lot. Each Exclusive item raises your 'shop level by 1".

Shop Level, this is the level of your shop and relates to nothing much really. Whenever you sell 25 items (must be over 500g each) it raises a point, or whenever you find an exclusive item ir will go up a point as well. These points can be traded in for "locked" upgrades. It'll take a while to unlock them all.

Employees are key to your shop. There are many types, each one does a different job. Some are even needed to unlock additions and such stuff. Like if you want to plant flowers outside your shop, or open a little garden shop additon, you first need to hire a couple Gardeners. Once you have the required amount you will notice a message, and it unlocks the feature on your Builder's Menu.

Battles. While exploring the world for items, there are many battles with monsters and even shop competetors...(wait, we HAVE those? oh yes, this shall be fun). They only drop domestic items such as potions and ethers for your characters, but soemtimes rare monsters drop the occasional "fur" or "tooth" which can be sold or forged into another more valuble item.

Vehicles. Hire a part-time shop keeper first so you can go explore the world without needing to shut-down (close) your shop for a period of time. There are boats which can take you to island, and across seas to various other maps (where it IS possible to create new shops). There is even an airship late into the game which can take you to an air-island, a whole other world with new shops, items and monsters. As well as a submarine which does the same, only underwater.

Other shops. Can you sell more items then the other shops? Each map you DIDN'T choose will now have it's own shop which grows at varies rates depending on your actions.

Additions. Found an item you CAN'T sell? Yet you know its sellable? Well your games not wonky. Some items require certain addtions to the shop "upgrades" if you will. Like flowers need a garden upgrade which requires a Gardener to be hired.

Customers. Customers rate your shop, in a way. They have the near-identical heart system as Harvest Moon: BTN. Only they are affected by prices, selection and prettiness (if you will ) of your shop. If your shop is ugly and has a poor selection of only herbs and rocks, cusotmers won't budge from that black heart. Yet if the shop is well-upgraded and offers rare exclusive items such as Gold-Plated armor, Dragon fangs, Tigerlilly's, and Chimera Fur, then they will surely raise heart colors even if just a bit.

Well, thats all Ill say for now. Of course, feattures may be removed or changed.
Any opinions or anyone willing to help?
(made in rpg maker, yeah...leave me alone I already tested the basics and it works just fine )
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