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Old 2004-07-06, 14:40   Link #41
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Aaah, lousy ending?
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Old 2004-07-11, 17:17   Link #42
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the ending is okay in my opinion. it was hanging there but somewhat reassuring that the main obsticle is overcomed.

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Old 2004-08-04, 19:37   Link #43
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The Girls are hot... hahah hehehe ^_^
My fav is Nozomi.. yes yes HA HA HA
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Old 2004-08-18, 13:03   Link #44
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To let you know:

Pretty Face manga, Volume 5 Chapter 41 has been released today by #Akatsuki-Manga.
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Old 2004-09-23, 00:56   Link #45
Ambience Blue
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So I randomly picked up this manga through A-M, and for some wierd reason, it's quite amusing. After three volumes now, though, I'm really starting to look for a clear-cut ending... It's true that a whole host of new characters has been introduced, but I find myself somewhat reluctant to wait on them for development and drama. All the same, it's an interesting read, and the art can be awesomely cute at times.

Btw, I know Akatsuki has been keeping up on the project. They released ch. 42 not long ago. Any there groups still working on it? (Possibly at a faster rate than AM?)
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Old 2004-12-22, 17:51   Link #46
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Pretty Face

does anyone know where to find pretty face manga past chapter 45
i've had trouble locating it
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Old 2005-01-02, 21:12   Link #47
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Originally Posted by azndude8
does anyone know where to find pretty face manga past chapter 45
i've had trouble locating it
Chinese sites have the entire manga translated... unfortunately I don't know if I can post it.

But look around and you should find something.
(and then a chinese-> english dictionary will be useful)
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Old 2006-07-21, 17:01   Link #48
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Originally Posted by Yebyosh

Which was why the mangaka ditched this ending. He too realised it will turn quite a lot of people off and it is quite cliched as well, though he still considered it.

Read it when it is available in any form It is not really tragic as I was initially led to believe from some of the other posts. Rather it was quite an open ending with a definite closure (you'll know what I mean when you read it). Safe to say is that it allowed the Gaiden to be drawn after the conclusion and the possibility of a short second series (which of course seems unlikely since the series ended like what? 2 years ago?) but to me, I felt it was an adequate or nice end to the story.
I'm a personal fan of genderbender manga. I like ranma and gotten into Cheeky angel. If anybody knows gender bender out there please tell me there english names. I can see how that ending would work because when the accident happen, the family changed names and the younger brother became the younger sister at the same time the father being Dr. manabe means He first finished his youngest then was working with his older child(the reason the youngest child was because they wanted new lives after tragedy so to make that more realstic he became a she so people wouldn't recognized his old self.) So basically Randoh's father chose for Randoh if he would be a girl or not.
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Old 2006-07-24, 03:53   Link #49
Rainbow Candy
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i've read all the manga....its really good! i can't actually tell you where i got it form though cos it was my brother who downloaded it
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Old 2006-07-24, 12:39   Link #50
Cookie monstah!
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yea the manga is pretty good

but if you are a guy, you probably feel disturbed about a guy having a girl's face lol
(i did get disturbed for a while, had to get used to it)

you going to laugh, then cry because it finished =o
too bad there is no sequel T_T
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Old 2006-07-28, 15:45   Link #51
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Thats why fanfiction writers like myself can make a sequal to the story.
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Old 2006-07-31, 04:31   Link #52
♪♫ Maya Iincho ♩♬
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It's a good manga overall. Even though it has no story line once so ever,
well, that's that. Though it get 10/10 for total comedy though.

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Old 2006-08-04, 15:44   Link #53
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anyone know what the mangaka is drawing now?
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Old 2006-09-28, 22:17   Link #54
I am mowing clowns
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I just started reading this and I love it so far!
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Old 2006-09-28, 22:31   Link #55
~Night of Gales~
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Originally Posted by shaselai
anyone know what the mangaka is drawing now?
Mx0, a new series serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump. 21 chapters released as of this week.

It follow the misadventures of a teenager who unexpectedly entered a magic academy involving the use of magic cards following a series of unfortunate and fortunate events. There's one catch though...He can't use magic!!

It's the usual YasuKano materials, so the usual antics from Pretty Face from the fanservice, comedy, overall craziness, shonen action can be found in Mx0.
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Old 2006-09-29, 02:15   Link #56
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heh, some chapters of pretty face really got me laughing. It would be great to have a sequel but the chances of that happening are quite slim
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Old 2006-10-02, 14:40   Link #57
wandering star
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haven't read it yet... but this manga is a bit controversial? let us read and find out..
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Old 2007-10-18, 00:14   Link #58
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I found this at the borders and started reading it, seem ok so far

but if you've read towards the end, I need to know before I continue on

Spoiler for Speculation about ending!:
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Old 2007-12-11, 03:27   Link #59
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Wow what a weird manga, yet it's strangely entertaining. A bit dissapointed with the ending but the girls are really nicely drawn.
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Old 2007-12-13, 02:59   Link #60
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*sigh* well i just finished reading this but sad to say that it really was quite short.

Though I hope this can be continued somehow with a sequel but as everyone said before, it can't. Although Mx0 isn't as bad, I'd also like to see more stories from some of the other characters too since they were kinda left out. Oh well... loved the series

I wish it would have gone a little longer though... this truly was funny
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