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Old 2003-11-19, 10:07   Link #41
Kenji Ikari
Lazy Fansubber
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: California
Age: 31
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It would be impossible to name all or even most of my favorites, though some of the newer ones off the top of my head are:

Full Moon wo Sagagshite OP1 (The Scanty - I love You)
Ultra Maniac OP1 (Kagami no Naka)
Gunslinger Girl OP (The Delgados - Light before we Land)
Sugoi-Yo! Masaru-San OP ( Penicillin - Romance)
Gungrave ED (Scoobie Do - Akaneiro ga Moeru Toki)
Shingetsutan Tsukihime ED (Fumiko Orikasa - Rinne no Hate ni...)
Mermaid's Forest ED (Kayoko - Mizu Tamari)
Avenger OP & ED (Ali Project - Mirai no Eve, Gesshoku Guran Ginyoru)
Green Green OP (Satou Hitomi - Guri Guri)
Ikkitousen OP (Move - Drivin' Through the Night)
Divergence Eve ED (Nagasawa Nao - Pump Up) name a few.
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Old 2003-11-21, 07:48   Link #42
Inactive Member
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: USSR
Inuyasha OP EN all seasons
Naruto wind; Rock; season 2 OP - 25 epiz.
Love Hina EN OP
Chobits OP
Trigun OP
Hikaru no Go OP (1 season)
Pita Ten Op
Popotan Op En
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Old 2003-11-21, 11:39   Link #43
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Down Under
Gundam SEED op/ed all
Stellvia of the Universe op
Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi op/ed
Ai Yori Aoshi op
Love Hina Op
Kenshin Op
Love Hina Again Op
Full Metal Panic! Op
Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu op/ed

those are some of my favs...I have others...
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Old 2003-11-22, 13:55   Link #44
~ Got Love? ~
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: New Jersey
Age: 38
FLCL op/ed
Berserk op
PMK op/end
Naruto all except 2nd ed
Inuyasha all
KareKano op/ed
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Old 2003-11-22, 15:57   Link #45
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Middle of Atlantic Ocean
Age: 36
My favorite are:

Ah! My Goddess - OP & ED
Blue Gender - OP
Escaflowne - OP
Evangelion - OP
.Hack Sign - OP
Rahxephon - OP
Ultra Maniac - OP & ED
Utena - OP & ED (All)

I like many more, but I almost never fast forvard through them
so I would have to say they are my favorite
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Old 2003-11-23, 09:11   Link #46
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2003
I'll try and avoid those people have already mentioned..

Bubblegun Crisis 2025 - Ya Know
Condor Hero - Yuu
Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventures - Dual
Escaflowne - Yakusoku wa Iranai
GTO LA - Poison
Kodomo no Omocha - Ultra Relax
Macross 2 - Hush of 200 Million Years
Revolutionary Girl Utena - Rinbu Revolution
Sorcerer Hunters - Whats up Guys?
Stellvia of the Universe - Ashita e no brilliant road
UFO Princess - Itoshii kakera

Rurouni Kenshin - Heart of the Sword
Full Metal Alchemist - Kesenau Tsumi
Gate Keepers - Kyou Kara Ashita e
Green Green - Aozora
Kodomo no Omocha - Panniku!
Loki Ragnarok - Believe in Heaven
Macross 2 - A Promise
Ranma 1/2 - Equal Romance
Stellvia of the Universe - The End of the World
You're Under Arrest - Thank You, Love
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Old 2003-11-23, 10:12   Link #47
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: _
Age: 31
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one more to add to my previous list:
ayashi no ceres OP - scarlet
ayashi no ceres ED - One, cross my heart.
vandread OP - justice, trust
vandread ED - himegoto, yes together
rurouni kenshin - 1/3 junjou na kanjou (siam Shade)
]Gensomaden Saiyuki - OP- For real, Still time
saiyuki reload - OP - wild rock.
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Old 2003-11-23, 13:09   Link #48
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: The Fields of High Attus
Age: 27
Ok, I am VERY pissed, I typed up a very nice long reply and it got gobbled up. URGH.

Here we go again...
^ - like for only a special reason
* - I really like
Rurouni Kenshin
Kimi ni Fureru Dakede^
Heart of Sword*
Fourth Avenue Cafe^
It's Gonna Rain*
1/3 Junjou na Kanjou

Ayashi no Ceres
Cross My Heart

Justice^ (most people hate this)
Spacy Spicy Love* (this is one of the compressed ova ops IIRC)

Ride On Shooting Star

Ranma 1/2 (I didn't watch te whole show btw...)
Omoide ga Ippai*
Platonic Tsuranuite
Equal Romance
Don't Mind Lai Lai Boy*
Lambada Ranma* (Its not really a song per se, but funny)

FMP Fumoffu (I never watched this actually)
OP (?)
Sore Ga Ai Deshou

Gensoumaden Saiyuki
Still Time^

Kibouhou^ (This almost was not going to be posted)
Kakuteru* {Cocktail}

Uchuu no Stellvia
Asu e no Brilliant Road

Shin Hakkenden
Kitto Onaji Hoshi no Naka De

Kimi o Nosete*

Neko no Ongaeshi
Kaze ni Naru*

Sakura Taisen
Geki! Teikoku Kagekidan*
Yume Miteiyou^

Futatsu no Spica (CD not out yet)
Venus Say*
Miagete Goran Yoru no Hoshi o

Last Exile
Cloud Age Symphony^ (Please save me from this, its so trance-inducing.)
Over The Sky

Strange Dawn (Pity I only watched 1 ep of it)
Sora E*

Groove Adventure Rave (I actually didn't really like the anime...)
Butterfly Kiss

Asu no Egao no Tameni
Kyou Kara Asu E^

Gatekeepers 21
Haoto* (Ahahahaha.)
Ima Egao ga Areba^

Gunslinger Girl
Light Before We Land* (!!!)

Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien
Precious Memories^
Rumbling Hearts
Hoshizora no Waltz

Chikyuu Shoujo Arjuna
Kuuki to Hoshi* (!!!! Why didn't they play this more?! I want to dl this btw.)

Princess Tutu
Watakushi no koi wa chiisai keredo^

That's all I can remember for now. I think I vaguely remember that I liked the ending for Powerstone. o_o I can't remember... I have bad memory... Anyway, this post better not be swallowed...
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Old 2003-11-26, 13:11   Link #49
Junior Member
Join Date: Nov 2003

Full Metal Panic
Full Metal Panic ? Fumofuu
E's Otherwise
Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito (OP) I hate the series
Last Exile
Vandread 1 and 2
Fruit Basket
Samuria Deeper Kyo
Angelic Layer
I'll let you people know if I remeber any more...
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Old 2003-11-27, 04:55   Link #50
本當に愛してるなら, "鰻食べる?ってきかないで
Join Date: Nov 2003
hm........ I just did "top 5 anime OST"..... oh well....... here we go again....(like this one better..... got more options: you can list more than 5 :heh )

-Initial D "Rage your dream" was my fav* "deep impact/ blue" ar...... cant remember.......
-Inuyasha Op and ED (lov this series) esp "deep forest"
-Fullmoon 1st Op
-gumdam wing~waltz? "white reflection" and "rythem emotion"
-getbacker 1st OP "hurricane...." and Ed
-Fruits basket OP "FOR"
-Hikaru no go OP and Ed
-Asagiri no Miko OP
-OP from Gravitation was pretty good.. "silent emotion?"/ "a new world"
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Old 2003-11-27, 07:39   Link #51
Junior Member
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Englewood, CO
Age: 32
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some of my current favorites are:

onegai twins OP
stellvia of the universe ED (the one with the red.. not the one thats lame)
chrno crusade ED
stellvia of the universe OP
saishuuheki kanojo ED
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Old 2003-12-01, 09:55   Link #52
Junior Member
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: Sweden
My favourites are

Hajime No Ippo Second op. Shocking Lemon - Inner Light
Naruto Second op. Asian Kung-Fu Generation - Haruka Kanata
Hajime No Ippo first op. Shocking Lemon - Under Star
Naruto first outro. Akeboshi - Wind
Escaflowne op. Yakusoku wa Iranai
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Old 2003-12-01, 11:52   Link #53
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Ontario, Canada
Age: 31
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Trigun OP
Naruto ED1 (wind, amazing song)
Hikaru no Go OP ED 1 (first ending song is amazing)
Get Backers OP1
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Old 2003-12-03, 01:21   Link #54
Hao Asakura
Newbie arimasen
Join Date: Apr 2003
Location: Animesuki
It is really hard to believe that no one here ever mention D.N.Angel's songs.
I like the OP song True Light (especially the acoustic version). Also the ED song for ep 24 and 26:
ED for ep 24: Caged Bird
ED for ep 26: Michishirube (!!Best slow and touching song ever!!)
Note: All these songs are performed by Miyamoto Shunichi. What an incredible tune of voice he has. Btw, this guy is also the voice actor of Shani (Gundam Seed - one of the drug trio)
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Old 2003-12-03, 03:01   Link #55
Internet God
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Stop spamming from my closet!!!!!
Age: 30
I'm lazy so I'll just post the two I like at this moment.......
FMA Ending
and Noir beginning
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Old 2004-01-07, 07:31   Link #56
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: Australia, Sydney
Age: 27
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Hmm... Every one has mentioned every 1 that i liked but there is 1 that i really likes : Mahoromatic Season 1&2 OP&ED.
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Old 2004-01-07, 12:59   Link #57
Junior Member
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: University of Michigan
Age: 31
Just like everyone else, I'll post a few off the top of my head ^^:

Inu Yasha (2nd op) - I Am
FMA (1st op) - Kesenai Tsumi
Hikaru no Go (3rd ed) - Days
Noir (ed) - Kirei na Kanjou
Sailor Moon (Stars ed) - Kaze Mo, Sora Mo, Kitto
Gundam Seed (3rd ed) - Find the Way
Gundam Seed (2nd ed) - River
Battle Athletess Daiundoukai [aka BAV] (op) - Tsubasa
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Old 2004-01-07, 16:45   Link #58
Wishing for an anime life
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: Seattle, WA
My favorites (Kind of a repeat)

Well, since we're talking about OP's and ED's, this is kind of a repeat. But here they are (In alpha order by series)!

Let me be With You - Round Table & Nino (OP)

Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventures
Dual! - OP

Full Metal Panic
Tomorrow - Shimokawa Mikuni (OP)

Gatekeepers 21
Ima, egao ga areba - (OP)

Shaft Drive - Takasaki Akira (OP)

Gundam Seed
Invoke - TM Revolution (1st OP)
moment - vivian or kazuma (2nd OP)

Iketeru Futari
Fall in You - Kimura Yuki (OP)

florescence - Fujiwara Miho (OP)
flower - Fujiwara Miho (1st ED)
Kaze no Tadoritsuku Basho - Ayana (2nd ED)

Martian Successor Nadesico
You Get to Burning - Matsuzawa Yumi (OP)

Onegai Teacher
Shooting Star - KOTOKO (OP)
Love A Riddle - KOTOKO (2nd ED)

Onegai Twins
Second Flight - KOTOKO & Satou Hiromi (OP)
Asu e no Namida - Kawada Mami (ED)

Uchuu no Stellvia
Asu e no Brilliant Road - Angela (OP)
Kirei no Yozora - Angela (1st ED)
The End of the World - Angela (2nd ED)

Trust - Salia (OP)
Justice - Kudo Aki (2nd Stage OP)
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Old 2004-01-08, 02:03   Link #59
Junior Member
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: Canada
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I like most of the songs from the anime I've watched:

Hunter x Hunter:
OP #1 - Ohayou
ED #1 - Kaze no Uta
OVA OP #2 - Pray
OVA ED #2 - Popcorn

Fruits Basket:
OP - For Fruits Basket
ED - Chiisana Inori

Fushigi Yuugi:
OP - Itooshi Hito no Tame Ni
ED - Tokimeki no Doukasen
OVA OP #1 - Yo Ga Akeru Mae Ni
OVA ED #1 - Ashita no Watashi wo Shinjitai
OVA OP #2 - Star
OVA ED #2 - Yume sumthing sumthing..
OVA OP #3 - Chijou no Seiza
Insert - Wakatte ita Hazu

OP #2 - Haruka Kanata
ED #2 - Harmonia
OP #3 - Kanashimi wa Yasashisa Ni
ED #3 - Viva Rock

Hikaru no Go:
OP - Get OVer
ED - Bokura no Boken (?)
OP #2 - I'll be the One
ED #2 - Hitomi no Chikara
OP #3 - Fantasy
ED #3 - Sincererly ~ever dream~
ED #4 - Days
ED #5 - Music is my Thing

OP - Tenshi no Yubikiri
ED - Yume no Naka E

Ranma 1/2:
- Friends
- Love Panic
- Ballad of Ranma and Akane
- Akane's Lullaby
- Lambada Ranma
- Absolutely
- Positive

Cardcaptor Sakura:
OP - Catch You Catch Me
OP #2 - Tobira no Akete
ED #2 - Honey
OP #3 - Purachina
Movie #2 ED - Ashita e no Melody

Gensomaden Saiyuki:
OP #1 - For Real
ED #2 - Alone

Ah! My Goddess:
OP - Your Hear My Heart (?)
ED - Celebration

Blue Seed:
OP - Carnival Bable
ED - Touch and Go

To Heart:
OP - Feeling Heart
ED - Yell

OP - Cruel Angel's Thesis
- Tamashii no Rufuran

Ayashi no Ceres:
OP - Scarlet

Gundam Wing:
OP - Just Communication

Gundam Seed -
OP - Invoke
ED - Anna ni Ishho Datta Noni
OP - Moment
- Akatsuki no Kuruma

Marmalade Boy:
- Saigo no Yakusoku
- Moment

Tokyo Underground:
OP - Jounetsu

OP - Kopperia no Hitsugi
ED - Kirei no Kanjou
- Canta Per Me
- Salva Nos

Sakura Taisen
OP - Geki! Teikoku Kagekidan

OP - Yakusoku no Iranai
Movie ED - Yubiwa
- Hikari no Naka E

Saber Marionette J:
OP - Successful Mission
ED - I'll be there
- Hesitation

Revolutionary Girl Utena:
OP - Rhinbu Revolution
Movie Theme - Toki ni Ai Wa

Azumanga Daioh:
OP - Soramimi Cake
ED - Raspberry Heaven

Dragon Drive:
OP - True

Dragon Ball GT:
OP - Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku
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Old 2004-01-15, 10:44   Link #60
Fin Fish
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: Hungary
Age: 30
Bubblegum Crisis OVA OP-s and ED-s
Card Captor Sakura OP-s
Angelic Layer OP, 1st ED
Fushigi Yuugi ED
Ayashi no Ceres 1st ED
Digimon OP-s, ED-s
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne 1st OP, 2nd ED
Serial Experiments Lain OP
Neon Genesis Evangelion OP
Hellsing OP, ED
Dragonball Z 2nd OP
Uchuu no Stellvia OP, ED-s
Chrno Crusade OP, ED
Gundam Wing OP
Gundam Wing Endless Waltz OP
Meitantei Conan OP-s, ED-s
Tenshi Muyo OVA 1-2 OP-s and ED-s
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