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Official Kimimaro Discussion Thread [Manga]

Bascially, the first theory on Kimimaro I want put up is about his family/clan origins. I shall use my theory to exploit his clans' origins as far as I can.
It was mentioned by Orochimaru, that Kimimaro was the last of his clan, who were annilated when they wanted to go against the Mist. I think, that bascially their clan had to have some issues with the Mist government to have roused up their entire clan enough to go against a government, in my opinion that issue would be most likely to have been their bloodline, as Haku had stated before, it seems that Bloodlines are a form of taboo, in the Mist, thus it is very possible that they faced hostilities, brought on by the other citizens of the mist. But like I have stated above, they must have faced quite the number of unfair treatment to have gone up against a whole organistion, the Mist.
Or did the clan rebel at first, not because of 'racial hostilities' but because of personal greed? The greed to rule over the Mist, and this ended with their eradication? No. Simply because the defination of 'rebel'
Spoiler for defination of 'rebel':
does not match with the second theory. (I'm trusting the translator on this one)
These theories on Kimimaro's origins thus help us to arrive at the conclusion that their clan (Kimimaro's clan) came from the Mist originally, and they didn't like the government's rules. (The part of the conclusion on Kimimaro's clan not liking the government's rules comes from the defination of the word 'rebel', which my theorys on Kimimaro's clan holds a crucial key.)
EDIT:Another point of perspective on this matter(theories on Kimimaro's clan origins) is if the clan (Kimimaro's) indeed rebeled because of unfair treatment or hostilities. As Orochimaru had mentioned before, Kimimaro's clan had longing for bloodlust, it is possible that they attacked a government personel deliberately and thus were branded as rebels by the Mist. (Thanks to devilzabuza for another insight into this matter)

My second theory is based on my own perceptions of Kishimoto-sensei's symbolism on Kimimaro. My theory is based on the fact that Kimimaro has two dots painted on top of his forehead. The origins of the dots (in real japanese history) are as follows: Drawn from the Heian era, Kimimaro has the mayu (eyebrow) mark commonly found on the noble class (who used the formal "maro" to refer to themselves).
This (the origins of the dots on Kimimaro) will form the foundation for my next theory, that Kimimaro is royalty, his immediate family as well, or even his clan. (The other being Kishimoto-sensei's use of symbolism on his charcaters). If this theory is to be relied on, we then would have a clearer picture of what caused the 'extinction' of his clan. They were royalty, from the Mist, considering that bloodlines are taboo in the Mist, they were mistreated and had unfair rules enforced onto them, then one day they got fed-up and decided to take their army (In ancient japan,rich familys/clans could afford their own army and samurai,seeing how the world of Naruto, being a japanese/ninja-oriented society, I thus draw refrence) and attack Mist. They failed and Kimimaro was found by Orochimaru.

The second part of this post are my theories on his illness. (At least most of it)
Bascially, I think, that it is most possible that his illness is only confined to his clan/bloodline. It is possible that maybe his clan lost due to their weakened strength because of the illness? It is incurable, that is for certain. It is possible that another reason for their clan's loss in the revolution was because of their dewindling power. Because of the incurable illness many of their comrades died, some, proberbly, not even fighting a single battle.
Another theory on this illness is that maybe it was introduced by the Mist's government as a means of defending themselves and also a means of defeating Kimimaro's clan.

My theories on why Kimimaro joined Orochimaru's side.
Bascially i think he faced the same emotional problem as Sasuke did when his (Sasuke's) clan was murdered,'They died because i was too weak to protect them',etc.This then leads to some psychological similarities between Kimimaro and Sasuke. I think Kimimaro's motive to join Orochimaru was almost the same as Sasuke's. (I'm refering to the motive of becoming stronger) It is showed that he shows deep admiration for Orochimaru, and respects him alot, more then you normally would between a master and pupil. (Don't think dirty...) The main question here is 'why?', why does Kimimaro respect him so much, even though he is only a master to him? I think this occurance happened because Orochimaru had saved Kimiaro once before, and Kimimaro acknowledges him as a a powerfull master, and Orochimaru as a person himself- this i think is what fuels Kimimaro's respect for him. I think that Kimimaro respects Orochimaru for his ideas, mind-set, etc.

To sum this up, I would like to say that I made this thread to discuss Kimimaro and hopefully, you, the 'repliers' would find flaws in my theory and thus, improve on them. Only when we look back upon our past mistakes, and take charge of them can we move on.
Until Kimimaro's origins are revealed, let's have fun.

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meh who cares, he's dead meat now. he's "EVIL" cause oro took him in. he was like haku.
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i sadly feel that this thread will wither and die as kimmimaro is dead and he wasn't in the manga for long..........
anyways i feel that his clan invaded because.... they felt like it oro says they only find their true selfs in battle^^ so i guess they're just battle fanatics fighting killing ppl wounding ppl............whacking ppl
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kimimaro is the son of Marrow & Spike from X-men!
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