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Old 2004-07-09, 23:49   Link #1
Join Date: Jul 2004
Serious Discussion.. What do women really want in men?

in my opinion, i think women look for:

1)Money... gotta have money, women want comfort in life...
2)Confidence.. not arrogance, is the key to success... or so i hear lol
3)Looks.. gotta have looks because no matter how good a guy's personality is, if she isn't at least somewhat attracted to you, then it isn't going to work out... unless you're super rich that is...
4)Personality.. i put this last on purpose because if you got the 3 qualities listed above, you're good to go!!.... that is as long as you're not mentally challenged, have some psychological defect like bipolar, or some other crazy neurotic disorder.

OK, i know you guys think this makes women look really superficial, but damn, it's true.. or at least from my experience.

what do you guys think?
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Old 2004-07-09, 23:54   Link #2
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2003
Girls want jerks. Be the 3 Us

- She calls, don't pick up. She tells you to do an errand, forget about it.

- She complains? Ignore it.

- Be spontanious, random and not such a tight ass.
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Old 2004-07-09, 23:57   Link #3
Join Date: Dec 2003
Me. Straight up. And this is modesty talking. And the beers. Talking. So Yeh.

1. me.

2. me.

3. me.

see the pattern?
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Old 2004-07-10, 00:11   Link #4
Lord Chairman God King
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Location: Do you really give a damn?
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Girls want someone:

1. With a Nepots complex (AKA. Scaring away n00bs, pointing out every flaw they make, in short making others feel shame.)

2. Cash, cause money's great. I want some money.

3. Not me. I'm insane!

Also, they have to look like a pimp. You're nothiing if you don't have the legendary Pimp Stick, or if you can't get one et a gun instead and shout:

This is my BOOMSTICK.

It's just cool to do that, and also good for a laugh. Plus you need humor. That's opinional, though.
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Old 2004-07-10, 00:14   Link #5
Join Date: Mar 2004
Age: 30
No amount of money, good looks or confidence can beat the ability to make me laugh.
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Old 2004-07-10, 00:20   Link #6
r00t for life
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Replies somehow don't feel serious Anyway I think you can list what women GENERALLY want in men, but sometimes it's just something about you. I mean some women like men who brings them flowers, others want money for present. There are so many different kind of ppl out there...No matter how you look, no matter if you're disable or poor...there is always some1 in this world who can fell in love with you and that's a great thing.
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Old 2004-07-10, 00:23   Link #7
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2003
Originally Posted by PriestessKikyo
No amount of money, good looks or confidence can beat the ability to make me laugh.
You're a girl!?!?!?

And all this time I thought you were a guy. Hahaha man this is funny.

Doesn't having a lot of money make you laugh though? You can have that abnoxious one. and cover your mouth with a fan. go HA HAH HA HAH as you stroll past all the poor people.
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Old 2004-07-10, 00:23   Link #8
Loves Kaori
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Singapore
Age: 32
i think they look for men with...

at least average look
ability to entertain them

i failed these 3 -_-
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Old 2004-07-10, 00:33   Link #9
Grouky Freak
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Well, in general terms (of course everything varies from one to the other) I'd say :

- Height (a man has to be taller than his woman, otherwise they don't feel comfortable)

- Confidence (as far as I know, the number one quality to have, and I lack it totally...)

- Looks (of course looks do count for something, as does style...)

- The ability to make them laugh (Don't know why it's so important to them, but well...)


I'd also tend to they that within their early teenage years, girls tend to like jocks and stupid but manly guys. Most of them do grow out of this, alas some do not, but well, you need a bit of everything to make everyone happy .
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Old 2004-07-10, 00:57   Link #10
Join Date: Jul 2004
Originally Posted by PriestessKikyo
No amount of money, good looks or confidence can beat the ability to make me laugh.
ok what if they could make you laugh, but they are poor as hell, or ugly, or have no confidence then you woudln't want them either right? case closed /gg
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Old 2004-07-10, 00:58   Link #11
Join Date: Mar 2004
Age: 30
Originally Posted by aahhsin
You're a girl!?!?!?

And all this time I thought you were a guy. Hahaha man this is funny.

Doesn't having a lot of money make you laugh though? You can have that abnoxious one. and cover your mouth with a fan. go HA HAH HA HAH as you stroll past all the poor people.
First you refer to ChibiDusk is a "she" when it says male in his profile. Then you think that I, whose username is made up of the words "priestess" and "kikyo", who has a really really girlie sig, and who's posted various photos, is a guy.
You're hopeless, really.

PS: he's the only one who thought that right? ...right@!!!

Originally Posted by msgpoisoning
even if they could make you laugh but if they are poor as hell and ugly with no confidence then you woudln't want them either right?
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Old 2004-07-10, 02:05   Link #12
Gomen asobase desuwa!
Join Date: Nov 2003
Age: 37
Rather than putting such a great topic to a dead end as it seems to be going, I'll start off something that may open the subject to debate.

First of all, love has been with us ever since humankind has existed over thousands of years. Let it be through any religious analects or on the course of human history (which ever - you decide), love is a human intuition based on emotions - for better or for worse - to attain a certain goal, or be it a passing in the age process.

Sociologically, women are more attracted to men who are able to offer them security. While this may come to surprise of many males - sociological studies show that women are more profound in higher amounts of jealousy attaining from men giving other women goods than their man having sexual intercourse with another woman. Of course, this study is still open to dispute as I cannot provide subtle information none other than a Sociology course work that I had taken back when I was a university student (which I hated but need for my general requirements).

But let's say that this textbook which I awfully hated is based on credible research from a standard generalized pool that falls within the bounds of a factual table. Then, the points that several members of the female sex has made on this board is somewhat credible - women look for a person that can provide the greatest security in the opposite sex. What is security in the modern capitalist world? Those who have, or have the highest possibility of acquiring, wealth.

In Japan too, the aspects that most women look for men are the "three highs:"

A. 高給 (kou-kyuu) - high wealth/salary
B. 高学歴 (kou-gakureki) - high education
C. 高身 (kou-shin) - high height

Now let's analyze this a little bit saying that the above mentioned research of women looking for security is true.

A. High wealth/salary
The more money you have, chances are that you are able to provide a stable and secure job to provide for the woman and [perhaps] a family.

B. High education
The higher the education one has, the higher chances that you will be able to attain that higher income which leads to security.

C. High height
Perhaps this maybe an innate attraction that humans have that the higher you are, the more stronger you look to fend off enemies. Perhaps this is something that has been passed on throughout the course of human society due course of religious history and/or evolution (once again, you decide). But then again, I am not a biologist.

So let's put off the above rationalizations aside for a moment.

One aspect of human nature is survival. Not that I am a Social Darwinian, but it is true that several aspects of our human world is about surviving through life. And of course, the ones that are most capable of surviving in a capitalistic world is those who has the money - which do provide an immense amount of security.

But what if this was not a capitalist world but rather a chaos ridden third-world country. What kind of man would a woman want to be with? How about in a country where the notion of capitalism doesn't even exist - an ardent Communist society such as North Korea? What kind of man would a woman want to be with? Money? No.

If you think about it, money is only a tool that provides security.

Reading back throughout my post, I realize that that is the term that I have used several times repeatedly (and shamefully, redundantly).

So, according to my rationality, it is not really the money, the education, the looks, the height the women are looking for a man - it is something that those aspects can offer for the women - security.

Now I open this thread to further discussion.
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Old 2004-07-10, 02:15   Link #13
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: The Fields of High Attus
Age: 28
I far from represent the opinions of most girls, but let's see...

If you mean "what women want in men", then I suppose you mean "what qualities you want men to have in order to have a good relationship with them". In that case to me I don't differentiate between men and women. Humans are humans, and just because you're a man doesn't mean I expect something different...

I base good relationships on mostly things like shared interest (So that both of us have something to talk about), shared/similar experiences (The best relationships I've had are long-standing ones.), mutual acceptance and understanding (Despite you not agreeing with the other person's actions, you don't harp on about it and let it be. That sort of thing.), and maybe looks because I'm still stereotyped in that sense. I don't like it but I can't help it; it just seems easier to talk to people who don't look a certain way...

EDIT: kj1980, that was a very insightful and good post. I never really thought about it, but it is true so many women do want security in relationships with men. I'm pretty sure that is valid at least to the extent of Asian societies...
Even in an all-girls Singaporean school of supposedly high caliber education, what I notice from many girls is that they still want guys who won't make their life go crazy. Particularly, they want men who can do the housework and look after babies and things like that.

I think this is because of the great importance of career to my generation of females (or even earlier).
Many women in Singapore suffer largely from this problem with balancing work and family - and this leads to many classmates saying they'd rather not even marry or have solid relationships if this is going to cause career problems.
This importance placed on career, I think, arises from women beginniing not to rely only on men for money and thus security but rather having to do their own work to secure themselves and therefore be independant.
Thus career is a very very important thing to secure their life (Just as it is for men: can't survive in today's world very well without a job, usually) and their priority is working (security), not having a relationship.
So they want men who can let women have their security - and that means not making women do all the housework and so on (Because that prevents them working and thus leads to no security)...
Thanks for the fish

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Old 2004-07-10, 02:18   Link #14
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Girls don't want guys that spam the same topic on different boards.
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Old 2004-07-10, 02:38   Link #15
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I prefer guys who are drawn and/or animated, but..

Sense of humour, and not hiding the fact that you're a pervert.
We all know you are, so just stop trying to act like you aren't staring at our boobs.
Honestly, don't take us for fools. We know what you're thinking. Really.

Looks are a bonus, but not everything. Oh, and be nice. If there's one thing that I love, it's seeing a guy be nice to his little sister.
It shows that he might be a good father one day. I'm probably never going to get married though. Screw that.

I hate n00bs. Period. I like a few people on this board, I guess..
act like you are here in real life, and you'll get some girls. XD
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Old 2004-07-10, 02:45   Link #16
Join Date: Dec 2003
As far as a answer with the most scientific backing and credibility goes ... kj1980's is right on.

It's actually amazing how similar it is to an article I read a while ago. The wording is different but the message is right on.

All I can add to that is that women are also looking for the best possible future for their children. A wealthy educated man would be best suitable for her ...

This thought process is almost subconsious, like instinct.

So PK ... Slade's going to make you laugh and you're going to appreciate it ... but when the party is over and you have to go home with someone ... Billy Gates would be the lucky man.
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Old 2004-07-10, 02:53   Link #17
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Actually, that is true. Like I said, it's important for us to feel safe in a relationship. That includes financial safety, physical, emotional, ect. It's the most important.
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Old 2004-07-10, 03:39   Link #18
Asuki-tan Kairin ↓
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I think there are 2 aspects of safety. First seems to be the materialstic aspect (The idea that this would be the only reason decrates men somehow to tools, on the other side same goes for men who seek the pretty housewife -they decrate them somehow to tools that way-)...
There must be a second aspect, because what is the use of the greatest materialistic security, if the personality is not able to handle social interacting, or is too focused on him/herself.
On the other side, there is no law that tells how to balance a realtionship. I assume everything is possible (some kinds of relationships more likely than others).
So there is one(2) question I want to ask: Isn't that very hard to find a partner that fullfills all the needs someone has thought up? Aren't people sometimes thinking to much about it (interpreting too much into it)?

(I hope my bad english did not mess up the content too much *g*)
Folding@Home, Team Animesuki
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Old 2004-07-10, 03:46   Link #19
Blue Dawn
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This would be a very ambigious question/debate...for not everyone's going to be answering the same way.

Personally, I feel that women want a sort of security in a relationship...they want to know that someone will be there if they need them. They want to know that their significant other can protect them from what is needed to be protected from (which, in itself, is also ambigious because not everyone needs protection from the same things).

Women want to have a future in a relationship, they want to know that the relationship isn't just there for 'being there', but to know that it's something concrete and will be there, in hopes, forever.

Overall, I think it all winds down to security for all women, albeit different types of security, like MidoriShinobi says, emotionally, financially, phsyically...all of these are probably topping most female lists.

Of course, there are the ones who want other things, such as wealth and ego-stroking lifestyles...also ones that want to take charge of something. This is all a very hard to answer question.

I can tell you this of my fiancee...she wanted security in our relationship. She wanted to know that I was going to be there when she needed me and even when she didn't. She wanted to know that I loved her on every level. She wanted someone who could brighten her days. And she wanted someone that should could enjoy being with...according to her, this last decade has shown her all of that and more.
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Old 2004-07-10, 05:18   Link #20
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Sense of humour, and not hiding the fact that you're a pervert.
I admit it! I'm a lowly, perverted male that ALWAYS checks the boobs first! Well, maybe after checking the butt -priorities first.

"What women want?" Bleh, like that would matter. More importantly, you should ask "What men want?" Women should live between the bed and oven, so everything else is just useless speculation about something unnatural.

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