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Old 2003-12-06, 07:36   Link #21
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Join Date: Jun 2003
all in all, good job ToTan. Keep up the good work. Hope you get hands on other upcoming new series too
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Old 2003-12-06, 09:23   Link #22
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Join Date: Jul 2003
Wow. This episode was a work of art. It's fitting so much of it takes place in a museum and around sculptures and paintings.

Were the names of the paintings and sculptures put in there by the fansubbers or were they done in English by the animators? If someone fansubbing it actually knew the names of all that stuff... Wow

But some of the transitions in this episode were great. We go from Jan interrogating the guy in the bathroom and saying "Two Reasons...First Reason...Second..." then we go to Fillipo saying "Two Reasons...First...Second" in a conversation with Rico... Just a great transition.

BTW, I hope Gunslinger Girl is getting money from the Italian board of tourism, cuz this episode makes me wanna visit Florence
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Old 2003-12-06, 19:04   Link #23
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It's pretty obvious the fansubbers put in the names of the pictures. First, because it's written in English. It would have been written in Japanese if the animators put them in. Second the font is exactly the same as the subtitles and it is very easy to tell that they were overlayed.
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Old 2003-12-07, 04:39   Link #24
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Pretty nice episode. And yes, as others said, this time ToTan got a much clearer sound. I don't have anything wrong with the translation, I can understand enough of what they're saying and I don't have a very high standard for fast subs coming out, what I want to know is the story and such, not super-accurate translation or kickass karaoke or what not....

By the way, Triad's #7 is out.... oh, and news: the next episode will be pushed back ANOTHER week, yes AGAIN, because of some pause in broadcast... so it will only be out 17th Dec. in Japan.


EDIT: Just a leetle stuff on the next episode... not much really.

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Old 2003-12-07, 10:35   Link #25
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Toronto
ToTan's subs are pretty amazing, considering the speed at which they release the ep's.

I was originally collecting Triad's subs, but as of now [ToTan] my pick.

(oh BTW, is ToTan doing anything other than GSG?)

(Also, are you planning to release ep.1-3 as well? Cuz if not I'll just burn my Triad versions. =D)

thx [ToTan]
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Old 2003-12-07, 11:29   Link #26
Join Date: Nov 2003
Beauty of an episode. I think I get too much of a kick out of seeing small girls fire huge rifles. Suspicious freudian impulses...
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Old 2003-12-07, 17:23   Link #27
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small girls with fat @SS guns.....such a great combination. :'')''''
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Old 2003-12-07, 17:35   Link #28
mono no aware
Join Date: Nov 2003
reminds me of episode 13 of noir ...
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Old 2003-12-07, 17:48   Link #29
getting in comps' heads
Join Date: Jan 2003
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ToTan is concintrating on GsG, so we can do a fast job, and hopefully a quality one too. We may be fast, but it's not like we've done 24 hour releases like some groups have in the past. We will do something else when GsG ends of course, and in the future we may do 2 projects at once, but that's still up in the air...

Yes, we will be doing 1-3, and then redoing 4+ as well, into bilingual subs, since much of our group is Czech, they will be mastroika with Cz&Eng subs. (still divx & mp3)

Glad to hear the possitive feedback!
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Old 2003-12-07, 18:06   Link #30
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Join Date: Nov 2003
on Totan's sub:
in the beginning of ep 7 they had this women singing in the background. The 2nd phrase is "but it took convincing"?
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Old 2003-12-07, 19:00   Link #31
ToTan slave :)
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Location: Czech Republic
Originally Posted by LoneDust
on Totan's sub:
in the beginning of ep 7 they had this women singing in the background. The 2nd phrase is "but it took convincing"?
Yes, exactly. You can check it there -

And as CompShrink already said... Yes, current plan is to release eps 1-3 together with the rest of the series after the series ends. All episodes with corrected errors etc. in matroska format with cz/en subs.
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Old 2003-12-08, 11:43   Link #32
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Location: Finland
I liked this episode, Jan was also nicer to Rico. There are similarities to Noir (like almost total lack of morals, using little girls as assasins), but so much is different (like most of the people is alive in the end of episodes) that I don't think GSG as a Noir-copy.


Animation was good, it truelly made those paintings and statues look realistic. I want to visit Florence too.
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Old 2003-12-08, 13:04   Link #33
Belldandy Fanboy
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I couldn't stop laughing when Christiano bitch-slapped Glielmo for pulling out his cell in a museum.
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Old 2003-12-08, 14:02   Link #34
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Originally Posted by Kensuke
I liked this episode, Jan was also nicer to Rico.
I think Jan was actually nicer cuz they were in public.
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Old 2003-12-08, 14:08   Link #35
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I don't know about the animation. IMHO, it's not as good as first couple episodes. Oh well, I still enjoyed it. A lot more action than the past episodes
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Old 2003-12-17, 21:01   Link #36
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Post Gunslinger Girls' Psychology *possible spoilers*


I just wanted to start a Gunslingers Girl thread where we can talk about a specific issue which greatly interests me without the use of spoiler tags. We can also add to this thread as we watch more episodes. I'm up to 7 right now.

The question here is this: How much of their behavior is due to brain washing, and how much came from themselves? If some of their actions are genuine, what could possibly be their motivation?

From what I can tell the girls have several traits that's more or less in common, and all these I contribute to brainwashing:

1. Absolute obidience to their big brother's orders

2. Fearlessness in face of danger

3. Lack of conscience when it comes to killing

4. Lack of past memories or emotional attachment to their past/family

However I do find the girs have their own motivation, I believe:


Aside from the brainwashing, she has total love and devotion toward Jose. She will do anything to please him or protect him. I don't believe this came from brainwashing, but from within herself. I do think her memories are erased but she is aware exactly what's happened to her body. As a little girl in love things like her past and the whereabouts of her family is not as important as making Jose happy. Plus Jose has repeatedly rejected using more "Rico"-like conditioning on Henrietta, thus I think aside from what I wrote above, Henrietta is her own person.


I think she's the most emotionally wrecked and brainwashed girl thus far. She appearantly do remember her family and her past, but think nothing of it other than she really prefer having a working body rather than being sick and dying all the time. I suspect this rationalizing is actually due to brainwashing. She seemed to be trying to seek out her trueself, but Jan, her big bro, I think used extra conditioning on her to erase her humanity. In episode 7 she again showed a lot of heart... it seemed that Rico is constantly fighting her conditioning and trying to become herself again. She is the most interesting character to me right now. I secrely hope she will one day put a bullet in Jan's head.


Triela is the most emotionally well-adjusted girl in the bunch. She also remembers her past and about her parents, and knows very well that she's a killer working for the gov't. She's even capable of independant thoughts and action, and even lying to her handler! Since she's been in the Corp for 6-7 years now, they probably trusts her enough to lower their brainwashing and treating her more like a regular agent. From the way her big bro treated her, I have a feeling that he's really seeing her more like a co-worker rather than a "little sister". I think Triela knows and understand very well that she's a special trained killer and totally accepted her life as it is. There maybe a sub-story involving her parents with the Corp, so she maybe doing it for them. I'll be waiting for her story to develop more.


All we know thus far is that she has lost her handler and won't listen to anyone else, thus relegated to the role of ur basic lab animal. Emotionally, I think she has been re-conditioned after the death of her big bro but he has etched something deep inside of her which she won't forget, but she has no memory of him. Seemed like a closed book but I hope for something more. That episode was a tear-jerker for me.


Know nothing of her right now. May not be introduced to the storyline yet. Will update as we know more.


Just want to add some comment about them. Aside from Jose, I don't think any of them sees the girls as human being. Sometimes it's hard for me to believe a group of folks who are supposed to be the good guys can do these things to these innocent girls. I guess they must have rationed that if not for the CORP, the girls would have died, and in doing secret killing for the goverment, the girls were being patriotic and paying back the gov't at the same time. Still, sometimes I find it hard to believe that. If they were a secret mafia outfit with design for crime, then maybe I would have bought it more.

Hopefully we can generate some discussion from fans of this fantastic series. I'm sure all of you have your own theories. Please do share!

My hope for the end of the show: The girls band together and DESTROY the Corp, and run away to another country to live the rest of their lives without brainwashing. I hope they kill everyone except maybe Jose, since Henrietta will probably kill everyone on the planet before she allow Jose to be hurt. Boy that will kick ass.
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Old 2003-12-17, 22:39   Link #37
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O.O ................. im to lazy to read everything but claes's story was saad.
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Old 2003-12-18, 00:32   Link #38
Afflicted by the vanities
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tl, dr.

Learn to define and spell mo
Shii (formerly known as ashibaka)
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Old 2003-12-18, 01:00   Link #39
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One word about the organisation:
They are EVIL, they all have to DIE!

Well, at least they definitly arent good guys. Remember Episode 3? Assasinatin a innocent politician only because a "godfather" was annoyed by him? They are no better than the Mafia, "protecting" their country/people as long as they have the right to decide who lives and who dies...
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Old 2003-12-18, 02:34   Link #40
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Originally Posted by abubo
My hope for the end of the show: The girls band together and DESTROY the Corp, and run away to another country to live the rest of their lives without brainwashing. I hope they kill everyone except maybe Jose, since Henrietta will probably kill everyone on the planet before she allow Jose to be hurt. Boy that will kick ass.
I hope that happens to, but with a twist. I think Jose is the only adult that would revolt against the organization. If he does revolt, then Henrietta would naturally be with him. So far the only other girls that seem capable of revolting would be Claes and Triela. Claes has no allegience to anyone at the organization, and she probably loathes the scientists that treat her as a lab rat. Triela has already showed hints of rebellious behavior. Rico, sadly, is too brainwashed to know any better. She would never go against Jan's orders. If the rebellion occurred now, then it would be Henrietta, Claes, and Triela against lone Rico. I really do hope the ending pits the girls against each other, and doesn't end with everybody living happily ever after.
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