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Old 2006-04-16, 20:18   Link #41
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Another lefty for the list: Izumi Kaori from Gokujou Seitokai.
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Old 2006-04-17, 14:19   Link #42
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Saiyuki is full of iregularities in hands. Hakkai is right-handed, but Gojyo is left-handed. Sanzo is ambidestrous and Goku can do everything with every limb, even his feet!!!

My family is full of lefties, so I know quite a few things about the treatment they have and still receive. My Granny is left-handed, and she was looked upon as something very strange(think the first two decades of the 20th century).But they didn't force her to do anything with the right hand, nor did they scowl at her.

Then, after the Civil War, my aunt and my father were also left-handed, but they were forced to do everything with their right hands, and were brutally beaten up if they tried(it's a reflex) to do it otherwise.Nowadays, when they don't do anything-I am left handed as well- my dad writes with his right hand, even if he plays bowling, eats and generally does everything with his left.

Usually I don't find any disadvantage, except maybe when I try using tools.
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