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Old 2004-07-13, 23:08   Link #1
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"Fansub Groups" Forum Suggestion

I've noticed that you don't like it when people discuss fansub quality or do fansub comparisons for series in their discussion threads that are in the main Fansub Forum. Instead, I've seen it said that they need to go to the Fansub Groups forum to make such threads.

In my humble opinion, the way you have the description for the Fansub Groups forum

"Fansub Groups
Forum for discussions with and about fansub groups."

makes it seem as if this isn't the place to be discussing such things eithor.

This is just a sugestion, but perhaps the forum title or description could be reworded to include these types of threads. Perhaps something like "Forum for discussions with and about fansub groups and fansub quality and comparisons."

Like I said this is just a suggestion as the way the description reads now it makes it sound like these types of threads are unwanted as the forum is only about the GROUPS and not the actual fansubed anime itself which if that is the case than perhaps fansub quality threads should perhaps be allowed in the general Fansub forum.

Anyways, just my two cents to try to help make things better.

Keep up the good work!
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