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Old 2004-07-15, 02:34   Link #1
Join Date: Apr 2003
Kana support for US FF11

A way has been found to use kana with the US release of FF11 -- sort of. What it turns out is that if you install the Japanese Playonline client, you are then playing the Japanese version of FF11 -- all menus, text, etc. is written in Japanese then. This is because Playonline acts like a go-between (its a virtual machine) for the game and the OS. So the upside is you can type in Japanese, the downside is you better be able to read a pretty good amount of Japanese ;p is where you can get the JP client, but I would advise anyone who can to mirror the file download to cut the guy a break

Given Square's semi-obvious disdain for the American market, I think hell would freeze over before they added kana support to the US client.
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Old 2004-07-15, 03:11   Link #2
Join Date: Feb 2004
woah this is so tempting, I so wished I can read japanese. ^^ If I install this I wouldn't be able to read the quest or the story. This is a nice one tho. Who is this guy who find out about this? ^^
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Old 2004-07-15, 10:47   Link #3
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Yeah, this has been circulating various message boards for some time now. The most obvious use seems to be WRITING proper Japanese, instead of having to use Romanized Japanese when communicating with JP players. A lot of the JP players refuse to party with people who can't communicate in Japanese ("JP only", "I don't speak English", a common sight in search comments).
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Old 2004-07-15, 11:19   Link #4
Join Date: Apr 2003
Yeah there tends to be that discrimination sometimes. The translator does a good enough job IMHO that it shouldn't matter. My only guess is they assume the non-JP players don't know how to play their class well or something. Of course that doesn't go for all JP players, many will still group and if you are a good player then word will spread that you know what you're doing even among the JP players I would think.

The silliest part of this would be replying to them that you don't know much Japanese yet all their translator words would be Japanese for you too ;D
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