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Smile Anime Picnic Gathering~

This isn't really a con, but I don't think it belongs anywhere else. Please move it if you must, and sorry for any inconvience.

Calling all Southern Californians! I'm looking for ideas and such for the very first Akibiyori! What is Akibiyori?

We're a group of anime fans (otaku, if you will) who are planning get-together picnic. We have no location as of yet, but a date has FINALLY been set (Saturday, October 30th 2004)

Here are some of our previous update posts:

Location - I've contacted several parks in the Anaheim area, all of them BEAUTIFUL parks, not just plain ones. I even contacted one that is an old court house. Hopefully one of them can accomadate us.

Date - I'm hoping around Halloween. Halloween is on a Sunday, so if no one wants to give up their Halloween... We'll do it on Saturday? If you guys have any suggestions, please tell me.

Events - I want to set up some games and such. Again, suggestions are appreciated! Also, it'll be a great photo shoot opritunity with some great scenery!

Food - I've contacted Pizza-hut and Subway about discounts when buying a lot of food for an event. If I don't get any word from them, or the price is out of our budget we might do a potluck. The potluck will have a few of restrictions for health risk reasons, because, I don't want people getting sick. We'll also have a "set" list of things people should bring if they want to bring food. I'll require all "home-recipes" to be registered with me, meaning.. all you have to do is tell me what you WANT to bring.

Buy and Sell- I'm trying to find comic and anime stores who want to bring some wares to sell, but either way we'll be having an auction. Bring in all your old anime, manga, cds, and memorabilia and we'll sell it off!

If you're wondering, this is completely non-profit. Anything we don't spend from this year will go for next year's Akibiyori.

Okay, as for my comment earlier about Registration, we've decided to sell the tickets for $10, this will pay for our food so that you all can enjoy free food at the picnic. If there is any reason you feel this price is too expensive, please tell me and we'll put it up for discussion. I, however feel it's resonable for all you can eat free food.

We'll also have some specialty japanese snacks, food, and the sort for sale.
Staff members are more than welcome to cosplay, we’re just going to have special badges or something so people know we're part of the staff.

Here are more updates for everyone.

Date - The date is set for Saturday, October 30th. Time hasn't been decided. We've decided to make this a "Halloween party" of sorts, but you are not required to dress up if you'd like to attend.

Sponsors - I've contacted Mile High Comics and Super Collector in Garden Grove, as well as several companies I saw online who are in the So-cal Area. These include J-list, Anime Plus, and Cartoon Passion. If anyone knows anymore companies, please tell me even if you don't think they'd sponsor us. It's worth a try anyway, right?

Events - A friend has suggested I get someone with musical talent to play some music. Perhaps an acoustic guitar player who can play anime/video game songs? Suggestions are appreciated. We're also bringing a boom-box and my collection of Japanese music. Hopefully it'll be enjoyable enough for the picnic-ers to listen to while they eat.

Staff - We're looking for people to handle some very basic jobs. These include passing out the badges (must have nice handwriting), Taking promo photos for the site (Digital camera required), Taking photos for guests (Guests provide the cameras), Auctioneers (for the auction), Quality Checkers for Auction, and so forth.

Staff members will still pay the required $10 fee unless they provide food for the picnic. Sorry, guys.

Food and Such- Here are a list of things we're going to need for the picnic, if you can provide these, please tell me via PM.

- Chips and Assorted dips
- Burger Buns, Hotdog buns
- 2-liter bottles of soda, 12 packs (Diet will also be appreciated)
- Bags of ice
- Several large Ice chests
- Tables (Important!!)
- Batteries for Boom-box
- Anime/Video Game OSTs, J-pop CDs (You WILL get these back)

(List will be on site and updated regularly)

Sales- People who would like to sell some candy, specialty food, and such can bring their own table and set it up. You will be required to show up two hours before the picnic. You will only have to pay a fee to help pay for our registration fees if we end up reserving a part of the park. Any money you make is free to keep.

Auction- We will have the auction later in the day, the money made is yours. Your items must be turned into a staff member prior to the auction for a quality check. If we decline your item, it was only because it was of poor quality, was broken, torn, missing pages, etc. Please bring good-quality items. You may set starting price.

Donations- Donations are appreciated before or after Akibiyori Picnic. Anything not spent during this year’s picnic will be saved for next year. We’ll take whatever you can offer, even if it’s just food or a few dollars.

Website- With luck, the website will be up by the end of July. If I get my *** moving, hopefully we can get it up next week.

Costume Contest- We’re going to have a best in show costume contest for attendees – ONLY if there are enough members attending. Hopefully, a sponsor will provide gift certificates to the winners if not we’ll find another prize.
Feedback is appreciated, Please PM or email me ( if you are interested in staff positions.
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